Unless the placement of an illustration is known by title, volume and page number, searching for illustrations is not yet possible in the BHL corpus but is under review.

To search for illustrations, go to the BHL FLICKR page:


BHL partner institutions download images from books digitized in their collections to FLICKR where they can be curated. Not all illustrations are added to FLICKR since the process is only partially automated.


The Photostream includes all the images in the BHL FLICKR stream. In the photostream for BHL, you can search for topics and common or taxonomic names by clicking on the magnifying glass just above the images. Click on this magnifying glass and the search box at the top will show that the search is within BHL.  Make sure you are on the BHL photostream page or the search will be all of FLICKR.

An Album represents a book or a topic.




A search for gorilla:   [Note you can also search by taxon and “gorilla" is especially convenient because the taxonomic name and common name can be the same]

Select any image by clicking on it and you get a larger view, options to download at different resolutions and the full citation with links back to the BHL digitized book (third image) along with tags for the image.




A search for Harvard combines MCZ and Botany Libraries images:  

A search for MCZ

Creating a personal FLICKR account enables users to tag images.  Tagging with taxonomic names and other relevant information improves searching for everyone and allows the other sites (like the Encyclopedia of Life) to grab BHL images and re-use them. Detailed tagging  instructions, including advanced options, can be found here: