Tips for Searching Success

What to Ask

  • Who/what/where/when: performers, program, concert date and location, record label, etc. You may not need to know it all, but using this information as keywords makes your searching more efficient.
  • Target your search. Where might a performance or recording be reviewed: local or national papers? trade journals? popular or indie music magazines?

How to Look

  • Check the dates of coverage. Don't waste time searching in a database with reviews that are too old or too recent.
  • Limit before you search. If you can't restrict your search to reviews, try using "review" as a keyword.
  • Search multiple databases. There will probably be overlap, but each one contains a slightly different set of journals and newspapers.

Troubleshoot Your Results

  • Found a promising citation, but didn't get the full text? Use the "Get It" or "Check Access Options" link to check Harvard's collections for a copy: it may be in print.
  • Install the Harvard Library Proxy Bookmarklet to bypass pay walls and reload pages using Harvard's subscriptions.

Review Sources