Finding Scores with Preferred Titles

In library catalogs, pieces of music are given added, preferred titles, so that one search finds every version of a piece. Preferred titles (aka uniform titles) are especially useful because pieces could have:

  • titles in multiple languages (Brandenburg Concertos vs. Brandenburgische Konzerte);
  • form titles and numbers (Sonata no. 3);
  • well-known but unofficial descriptive titles (Moonlight Sonata);
  • collective titles (Songs; Works).

This tutorial from the Indiana University Music Library is a good introduction to preferred titles for music.

Need to check a title or opus number? Oxford Music Online/Grove Music Online is a good place to start: many articles about composers include works lists.

Digital Score Collections

These collections are focused on musical scores and other music-related materials from more than one period; for links to many more, see Online Resources for Music Scholars.

Sheet Music Online