Finding Pieces in Collected Works Editions

Many pieces of music are published in anthologies, or in scholarly reference editions (often called a composer's Works edition), and it can be difficult to find them using only HOLLIS. Although no single source lists the contents of every anthology, several reference books and databases can help.

Use them by looking up the composer's name, checking for the title of a piece and the collections it's been published in, then searching HOLLIS for the titles of those collections.

Reading Works Lists in Oxford Music Online

To find a composer's Complete Works (a scholarly reference edition), search in HOLLIS using "Works" as a title keyword and the composer's name as an author keyword.

To locate a piece in one of these editions,consult the Works Lists in Oxford Music Online. Although a few sections of this video are specific to the McGill Library, the techniques within Oxford Music remain the same across institutions and we own most of the same scores: