Bibliographies and Periodical Indexes

Online Resources

Index Islamicus,1906–. Ed. J. D. Pearson. London, 1958

Indexes articles on Islamic subjects in Western languages published since 1906. After 1976, Index Islamicus began indexing monographs as well as articles. Book reviews have been included since 1993. For book reviews published during the decade 1982-92, see Islamic Book Review Index.

FRANCIS International Humanities and Social Studies. Paris, 1984–2015 

Provides indexing and abstracts of books and articles from over 4,300 European-language journals in the humanities and social sciences – especially religion, history of art, literature, and philosophy. FRANCIS coverage begins in 1984. For previous years, see Bulletin signalétique. Série 526: Art et archéologieProche-OrientAsieAmérique.

Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals 

Index to journal articles published worldwide on architecture and design, archaeology, urban planning, historic preservation, and landscape design. Indexes more than 2500 publications received by Columbia University's Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library.

Anthropological Literature. Cambridge, Mass., 1957

AL indexes articles in periodicals, monograph series, and edited works on non-Western archaeology, vernacular architecture, traditional arts, handicrafts, and material culture.

In-Library Only

Bibliography of Art and Architecture in the Islamic World. Ed. by Susan Sinclair. 2 vols. Leiden, 2012. (RFA 270.7).

A well-organized bibliography of books and articles on all aspects of Islamic art and architecture published from 1906 through 2011, covering publications in all European languages (except Turkish).

Creswell, Sir K.A.C. A Bibliography of the Architecture, Arts, and Crafts of Islam to 1st Jan. 1960. Cairo, 1961. (RFA 270.14.1; 2nd copy: FA370.2F). 1st Supplement: 1961-1972; 2nd Supplement: 1972-1980, with omissions from previous years.

A comprehensive bibliography of books and articles on Islamic art and architecture published from the 18th century through 1980. Covers publications in European languages as well as Middle Eastern languages. Many of the citations are annotated. Note that Creswell's Bibliography does not cover numismatics (for titles on Islamic coins and medals see the research guide for Numismatics).

Grube, Ernst. "A Bibliography of Iconography in Islamic Art." In: Image and Meaning in Islamic Art, ed. R. Hillenbrand. London, 2005, pp. 159-320. (FAL-LC N6260 .I43 2005).

Grube, Ernst. "Additions and Corrections to 'Iconography in Islamic Art' and 'A Bibliography of Iconography in Islamic Art'." Islamic Art 6 (2009), pp. 215-275. (FA 9.116)

Index Islamicus, 1665-1905, ed. Wolfgang Behn. Millersville, Pa., 1988. 3 vols. (RFA 31.60)

Indexes articles in journals and collective volumes, published from 1665 (the date of the first appearance of modern scholarly periodicals) until 1906, when Pearson's Index Islamicus 1906- takes over. Behn's Index Islamicus, 1665-1905 is especially useful for finding important 19th-century publications of primary sources and archaeological reports. Includes subject & author indexes. Note that the citations in Index Islamicus 1665-1905 are not included in the online database Index Islamicus, 1906- .

Index Islamicus Supplement 1665-1980. ed. Wolfgang Behn. Millersville, Pa., 1995. 2 vols. (RFA 31.60.7)

Bibliographic supplement of items that were missed in earlier compilations of Index Islamicus. Note that the citations in Index Islamicus Supplement 1665-1980 are not included in the online database Index Islamicus, 1906- .

Bulletin signalétique. Série 526: Art et archéologie: Proche-Orient, Asie, Amérique. 44 vols. Paris, 1970-1983. (RFA 130.29)

Classified bibliography and abstracts of periodical articles and monographs on the art and archeology of the Near East and Asia.

Architectural Publications Index (API). London, 1972–
→ in hard copy and as a CD-ROM database at Loeb Design Library.

Indexes architectural periodicals received by the Library of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA); emphasis on architectural practice, preservation, adaptive reuse, planning. Strong on publications from the U.K. and Commonwealth countries.

Bulletin critique des Annales islamologiques. Cairo, 1984- (RFA 10.55.5). Published in electronic form on CD-ROM, available on networked research workstations in the Fine Arts Library Reading Room.

Important review journal, with significant art-related content. Includes reviews in French, English & Arabic.

Répertoire d'art et d'archéologie: RAA. 29 vols. Paris, 1910-1989. (RFA 110.75)

Classified annual bibliography and abstracts of books and periodical articles. Répertoire  included a section on Islamic art from 1910 until 1964. After 1964, the coverage of non-Western art was taken over by Bulletin signalétique. Série 526, and is now available online through FRANCIS (but only from 1984 onwards). Meanwhile Répertoire continued to index studies on the influence of Islamic art on Western art and on areas of artistic contact, such as Spain & Sicily. Répertoire ceased publication in 1989. Since 1990, its coverage has been taken over by Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA), available online.