Handbooks and Guides to the Field


Necipoğlu, Gülru. "The Concept of Islamic Art: Inherited Discourses and New Approaches," in: Islamic Art and the Museum, ed. by Benoît Junod, et al. London, 2012. (av. online)


Islamic Art Historiography, ed. by Moira Carey and Margaret S. Graves. Special issue of The Journal of Art Historiography 6 (June 2012)

Discovering Islamic Art: Scholars, Collectors and Collections, 1850-1950. Ed. by Stephen Vernoit. London, 2000. (FA 376.59)

A history of the fields of Islamic art history and of Islamic art collecting. Emphasis on medieval Arab and Persian art, and on scholars writing in English or French.

Islamic Art and the Museum: Approaches to Art and Archaeology in the Muslim World. Ed. by Benoît Junod, et al. London, 2012. (FAL-LC N6260.I66 2012)

Islamic Art Collections: An International Survey. Ed. by Karin Ådahl & M. Ahlund. Richmond, 2000. (RFA 271.41)

American Collectors of Asian Art. Ed. by Pratapaditya Pal. Bombay, 1986. (AM203.138.1)

Milwright, Marcus. An Introduction to Islamic Archaeology. Edinburgh, 2010. (FAL-LC DS56 .M527 2010)

Der deutschsprachige Beitrag zur archäologischen u. kunstgeschichtlichen Erforschung Irans, Bd. 1. Bis 1945: eine Bibliographie. Ed. Leo Trümpelmann. Bonn, 1982. (WID-LC N7280 .T78 1982x)

History and Ideology: Architectural Heritage of the 'Lands of Rum.' Ed. by Gülru Necipoğlu. Special issue of Muqarnas, vol. 24 (2007). (FA 13.149 v. 24)

A critical examination of the historiography of Ottoman & Turkish architecture; see the review of this volume by Maximilian Hartmuth, in the Newsletter of the European Architectural History Network, No. 4 (2008): 36-9.

Grabar, Oleg. "Islamic Art and Archaeology," in The Study of the Middle East, ed. by L. Binder. New York, 1976, pp. 228-63. (RFA 10.55.7)

Essay on the history of scholarship and state of the field as of the mid-1970s;
references to particular authors and their work are incorporated in the text.

Grabar, Oleg. "Reflections on the Study of Islamic Art," Muqarnas 1 (1983), pp. 1-14. (FA 13.149)

Scanlon, George. "Islamic Art, Architecture and Archaeology," in Middle East and Islam: A Bibliographical Introduction, 2nd ed. rev. & enl., ed. by Diana Grimwood-Jones (Zug, 1979), pp. 92-109. (RFA 10.55)

An introductory essay with a concise and still useful classified bibliography introducing the literature of the field (for more recent scholarship, see Index Islamicus).

Hillenbrand, Robert. "Islamic Art, Architecture and Archaeology," in: Middle East and Islam: A Bibliographical Introduction: Supplement 1977-1983, ed. by Paul Auchterlonie (Zug, 1986), pp. 41-52. (RFA 10.55.2)

An update and continuation of Scanlon's bibliography; continued by:

An Introductory Guide to Middle Eastern and Islamic Bibliography, ed. by Paul Auchterlonie. Oxford, 1990. (RFA 10.55.9)