Turkish and Ottoman Art

Türkiye Diyanet Vakfı İslâm Ansiklopedisi. Istanbul, 1988– <2013>. 44 vols. published to date. (WID-LC MidEast BP40 .T87 1988x); also available online

An updated and expanded Turkish encyclopaedia of Islamic studies, published by the Turkish Religious Foundation, with original articles of a high scholarly standard. Includes many entries useful for art research.

Turkologischer Anzeiger (TA). Vienna, 1975– (RFA 10.46.5); also searchable online
(click on titles in search results to see full entries).

Annual bibliography of Turkish and Ottoman studies since 1975; includes articles, books and book reviews. Unlike many indexes, TA includes citations for works in all languages, including Turkish and Arabic. The printed edition of TA is arranged by subject and then by historical period; sections DJ-DJX in each issue cover cultural history and the arts. For an outline of TA (translated into English), see instructions for use.

Kornrumpf, Hans-Jürgen. Osmanische Bibliographie mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Türkei in Europa. Leiden, 1973. (RFA 10.46.5)

Classified bibliography of work in Turkish and Ottoman studies published between 1945-1970, incl. many titles not found in Index Islamicus or Creswell's Bibliography; special section on art and culture. Continued by: Turkologischer Anzeiger.

Ödekan, Ayla. Türkiye'de 50 Yılda Yayınlanmış Arkeoloji, Sanat Tarihi ve Mimarlık Tarihi ile İlgili Yayınlar Bibliyografyası, 1923-1973. Istanbul, 1974. (RFA 285.61.63)

Bibliography of the literature on archaeology, art history and history of architecture published in Turkey (in all languages) during the first 50 years of the Republic.

History and Ideology: Architectural Heritage of the 'Lands of Rum.' Ed. by Gülru Necipoğlu. Special issue of Muqarnas, vol. 24 (2007). (FA 13.149 v. 24)

A critical examination of the historiography of Ottoman and Turkish architecture; see the review of this volume by Maximilian Hartmuth, in the Newsletter of the European Architectural History Network, No. 4 (2008), pp. 36-9, available online.

Öztürk, İsmail. Geleneksel Türk El Sanatlarına Giriş. Ankara, 1994. (FA 6641.301.6)

Bibliography of traditional handicrafts in Turkey.

Glassie, Henry. Turkish Traditional Art Today. 2nd ed. Ankara, 2002. (FAL-LC NK1011 .G63 2002)

Encyclopedic, illustrated survey of traditional arts and crafts in Turkey.                                                

Turks: A Journey of a Thousand Years, 600-1600. Ed. by David J. Roxburgh. London, 2005. (FAL-LC N761.T87 2005)

And, Metin. Turkish Miniature Painting. 4th ed. Istanbul, 1987. (FA 3504.460.26.2)

A survey, especially useful for finding miniature paintings by subject.

Titley, Norah. Miniatures from Turkish Manuscripts: A Catalogue and Subject Index of Paintings in the British Library and the British Museum. London, 1981. (Fogg 56L84bo 1981)

Guide to one of the major collections of Turkish MSS; the subject index is invaluable for iconographic research.

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Blochet, Edgar. Les enluminures des manuscrits orientaux - turcs, arabes, persans - de la Bibliothèque nationale. Paris, 1926. (FA 1125.36 Folio)

The Sultan's Portrait: Picturing the House of Osman. Ed. Selmin Kangal (Istanbul, 2000). (FA 3504.460.40 Folio)

Fetvacı, Emine. Picturing History at the Ottoman Court. Bloomington, 2013. (WID-LC ND3343.8 .F48 2013)

Ottoman Painting. By Serpil Bağcı [et al.]. Ankara, 2010. (FAL-LC ND3211 .O7613 2010)

A History of Turkish Painting. Introd. by Oleg Grabar. Geneva, 1987. (FA 3504.301.6)

Well-illustrated survey, with an emphasis on the later period (18th–20th c.)

Derman, M. Uğur. Letters in Gold: Ottoman Calligraphy from the Sakıp Sabancı Collection, Istanbul. New York, 1998. (Fine Arts AM 379.297.1)

Derman, M. Uğur. Eternal Letters from the Abdul Rahman Al Owais Collection of Islamic Calligraphy, Sharjah. Transl. by İrvin Cemil Schick. Sharjah, 2009. (FAL-LC NK 3636.5 D47 2009)

Atıl, Esin. The Age of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent. Washington, 1987. (FA 502.460.10)

One of a series of catalogues of a major traveling exhibition of Ottoman arts.

Rogers, J.M. Empire of the Sultans: Ottoman Art from the Collection of Nasser D. Khalili. Geneva, 1995. (Fine Arts AM 345.114.3)

Atasoy, Nurhan, & J. Raby. Iznik: The Pottery of Ottoman Turkey. London, 1989. (FA 7641.541.1 Folio)

Atasoy, Nurhan. İpek: Imperial Ottoman Silks and Velvets. London, 2001. (FA 7368.41.301.26 Folio)

Ölçer, Nazan, and Walter B. Denny. Anatolian Carpets: Masterpieces from the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, Istanbul. Bern, 1999. 2 vols. (Fine Arts XFA7479.41.301.90 PF)

Altun, Ara. An Outline of Turkish Architecture in the Middle Ages. Istanbul, 1990. (FA 1904.440.20)

A concise survey of the major monuments in Central Asia and in pre-Ottoman Anatolia.

Karpuz, Haşim [et al.]. Anadolu Selçuklu Eserleri Fotoğraf Albümü = The Photograph Album of Anatolian Seljuk Works. 2 vols. Konya, 

2008. (FAL-LC NA 1363 .A52 2008)

Photographic survey documenting architectural monuments of the Seljuk era.

Meinecke, Michael. Fayencedekorationen seldschukischer Sakralbauten in Kleinasien. Tübingen, 1976. 2 vols. (FA 7647.600)

Catalogue of the tile decoration of Seljuk-era sacred architecture in Anatolia.

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Catalogue of the architectural monuments of Byzantium / Constantinople / Istanbul, from classical antiquity to the 1600s. Also available in Turkish as:

Müller-Wiener, Wolfgang. İstanbul'un Tarihsel Topografyası: 17. Yüzyıl Başlarına kadar Byzantion-Konstantinopolis-İstanbul. Istanbul, 2001. (FA 1904.641.52.2)

Hafiz Hüseyin Ayvansarayî, d. 1786 or 1787. The Garden of the Mosques: Hafiz Hüseyin al-Ayvansarayî's Guide to the Muslim Monuments of Ottoman Istanbul.
Transl. by Howard Crane. Leiden, 2000. (FA 1904 .641.232)

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The Golden Horde: History and Culture = Zolotaia Orda: istoriia i kultura = Altyn urda: tarikhy ḣăm mădăniiate [Exhibition catalog]. Ed. M.B. Piotrovskii. Saint Petersburg, 2005. (FAL-LC DS22.7 .Z65 2005)