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Biographical Dictionaries and Encyclopedias:  Post-Reformation Digital Library

Popular autobiographical writing. Pp. 253-350 in: The flight of Icarus: artisan autobiography in early modern Europe, by James S. Amelang. Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, 1998, 497 p.
Widener: WID-LC  CT25 .A49 1998
--Includes for each author: brief biographical information, editions, mss location, secondary sources. New World as well as Europe.  Authors born before 1772 with texts starting before 1800.

Europe (by region)

Central and Eastern


Slavic Biography

Guide to source for Slavic biography.  Only the Polish and Russian sections are well-developed at this time.

Collective Biography

South-East European biographical archive    Sudosteuropaisches Biographisches Archiv. Munchen: K.G. Saur, 1997- 

Biographical dictionary of Central and Eastern Europe in the twentieth century / Wojciech Roszkowski; Jan Kofman 2007 Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe 
--Roughly 2200 articles emphasize politicians (broadly construed) and socially influential cultural and religious figures. Celebrities and sports figures omitted. Largely Polish authorship.  Articles with substantial source notes. Terminal index by country.

Biographical dictionary of women's movements and feminisms in Central, Eastern, and South Eastern Europe :19th and 20th centuries, ed. by Francisca de Haan, Krassimira Daskalova, and Anna Loutfi. Budapest; NY: CEU Press/Central European University Press, 2006. (Baltimore, Md.: Project MUSE, 2015) 1 online resource (xxi, 678 p.)

Biographisches Lexikon zur Geschichte Sudosteuropas. Sudosteuropaische Arbeiten, 75. Munchen, Oldenbourg, 1970- 
LOCATION: Widener: H 1059.72 Library has: 4 v.
--Covers over 1500 figures from Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Turkey, and areas of the Ottoman Empire. Signed articles with bibliographic references on persons from all periods prior to 1945. "Personenregister" in v. 4. Full text in Greek 283024 biographical archive, South-East European biographical archive and Turkish biographical archive

Who's who in central and east-Europe.   1933/34-   Zurich : Central European Times Pub. Co., c1935-   
Widener | H 269.18.431 Note: Holdings : [1st] (1933/34)-2nd (1937)      
--Includes about 10,000 people from Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Danzig, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Poland, Rumania, Switzerland, Turkey and Yugoslavia.  Index by country, then city.  1st ed: 1933/34; 2nd: 1937.  Both eds. available full text in Baltic biographical archive and South-East European biographical archive

Who's who in the socialist countries of Europe: a biographical encyclopedia of more than 12,600 leading personalities in Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, German Democratic Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Yugoslavia. Munchen; New York: K.G. Saur, 1989.
LOCATION: Widener: RR 1612. 10 F Library has: 3 v.   
--Includes over 12,600 living persons from a wide range of professions in Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, German Democratic Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Yugoslavia.  Name index arranged by country (p. xv-lx). Indexed in {i}{record}{id}{/id}Biography and genealogy master index{/record}{/i}.  Full text in {i}{record}{id}283148{/id}Polish biographical archive{/record}{/i} and {i}{record}{id}281712{/id}South-East European biographical archive{/record}{/i}.   

Material in 1st ed., {i}{record}{id}136513{/id}Who's who in the socialist countries{/record}{/i} (1978), was published in two separate works: non-Soviet persons in Who's who in the socialist countries of Europe, and Soviet figures in {i}{record}{id}122368{/id}Who’s who in the Soviet Union{/record}{/i}. No 2nd ed. for Chinese and Cubans. 

For earlier coverage see {i}{record}{id}279522{/id}Near East year book and who's who: a survey of the affairs, political, economic and social, of Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey{/record}{/i} for 1927 which includes a who’s who of about 650 persons from a wide range of professions.   

Who's who in the socialist countries

Near East year book and who's who : a survey of the affairs, political, economic and social, of Yugoslavia, Roumania, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, 1927-? 
H 269.18.305     

Europe (by country)


Several sources under Germany apply to German speaking countries. See especially Dictionary of German Biography and Biographische nachschlagewerke, adelslexika,  wappenb_cher; systematische zusammenstellung f_r  historiker und genealogen


Stock, Karl F., Rudolf Heilinger, and Maryl_ne Stock. Personalbibliographien österreichischer Persönlichkeiten.. Graz, Wienerstrasse 260 : K. F. Stock [Selbstverlag], 1976- 
Widener | WID-LC | DB17.Z99 S76 x
--Comprehensive bibliography of personal bibliographies and other biographical sources for Austrians. Currently (vol. 20, 2006, Schu-Si) includes about 10,000 persons. Each entry includes birth/death year/place and profession. Includes periodical articles. Many of the bibliographies cited have biographical introductions.  Formerly published by  authors as part 3 of Bibliographie österreichischer Bibliographien, Sammelbiographien und Nachschlagewerke. Whole work available from Saur. Electronic access is contemplated.

For World War II era sources see: Biographical sources for foreign countries  II. Germany and Austria. 164627 

Collective Biography

Ackerl, Isabella. Osterreichisches Personen Lexikon. Wien: Ueberreuter, c1992. 

LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC CT903.A25 1992x       

--Brief entries concerning approximately 1,600 individuals prominent in a broad range of endeavor, 1918 to the present. Some articles with references, some with photographs.

Neue osterreichische Biographie, 1815-1918. Wien, Amalthea-Verlag, 1923-1987. 

LOCATION: Widener: Aus 488. 1 Library has: Abt. 1, v. 1-22; Abt. 2    

--Long, signed articles with source lists--and in many cases, portraits--of 19th- and 20th-century Austrians. Not alphabetically arranged, but with a cumulated index at the back of each volume beginning with v. 8.  Abt. 2, Bd. 1 is a bibliography listing biographical dictionaries and collective biography in two parts: (1) by subject or specialty; and (2) by geographical division.  Title varies slightly.  Full text in German biographical archive 173507.

Österreichisches biographisches Lexikon 1815-1950. Graz: H. Bohlaus Nachf., 1957 [i.e. 1954]-1992. LOCATION: Widener: Aus 489.5 Library has: v. 1-9, 11

--Designed to continue Biographisches Lexikon des Kaiserthums Oesterreich and the Neue österreichische Biographie.  Includes sketches of prominent persons of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire and the succeeding state of Austria who were active in the arts, sciences, and politics, and who died prior to 1951. Sketches are brief and unsigned, but include lists of works both by and about the subject.  Online version can be searched by name or occupation, but requires subscription for full text:  Print version contents: Bd. 1-12, plus  Lfg. 59 (2007),  A- Staudigl. Full text in German biographical archive

Personenlexikon Oesterreich / herausgegeben von Ernst Bruckm_ller. Wien : Verlagsgemeinschaft Österreich-Lexikon, c2001. 575 p.

Widener | WID-LC | DB36 .P47 2001x   

--Brief data on about 7000 persons. Articles with lists of works and sources.  Many with marginal portraits. Augmented and updated edition of Österreich Lexikon: in zwei Bänden (1995).   

Wurzbach, Constant von. Biographisches Lexikon des Kaiserthums Oesterreich enthaltend die Lebensskizzen der denkwurdigen Personen, welche seit 1750 in den osterreichischen Kronlandern geboren wurden oder darin gelebt und gewirkt haben. Wien: L.C. Zamarski, 1856-1891. LOCATION: Microforms (Lamont): Microfiche W 1948 

--Standard work covering the period from 1750. Contains 24,254 biographies of inhabitants of the various lands included in the former Austrian Empire. Gives biographies of some length, with source lists. Index to supplements: Register zu den Nachträgen Wurzbachs 'Biographischen Lexikon d. Kaiserthums Österreich. Subtitle and imprint vary. Online version in Austrian Literature Online 289209LP’d  Full text in South-East European biographical archive and German biographical archive 173507. Reprint. Bad Feilnbach; Wien: Schmidt Periodicals; Verlag Osterreich, 2001. 

Wurzbach, Constant von. Biographisches Lexikon des Kaiserthums Oesterreich: enthaltend die Lebensskizzen der denkwurdigen Personen, welche seit 1750 in den osterreichischen Kronlandern geboren wurden oder darin gelebt und gewirkt haben. Reprint. Bad Feilnbach; Wien: Schmidt Periodicals; Verlag Osterreich, 2001. LOCATION: Widener: Ordered--not received


Who's who in Austria. v. 1- 1954-1996 [Montreal] Intercontinental Book and Pub. Co. [etc.]. LOCATION: Widener: RR 1592.6 Latest Aus 24020.3 Earlier     Latest 1996

Who's who section has about 2500 entries (1996), together with about 1,500 Company and Institutional Profiles.  In English.  Publisher varies.  

Imprint varies: 1954-55, Zurich : Central European Times Publ. Co., Ltd. ; 1957/58-?, N.Y. : Intercontinental Book and Publ. Co., Ltd. ; 1983-, Zurich : Who's Who The International Red Series Verlag AG.  Frequency varies: earlier issues, biennial; 1983-, triennial.


Who is who in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland [computer file] ; Who is who in Österreich mit S_dtirolteil.  Wien : Who is Who Marketingservice, 1997.  

Location :  Widener Harvard Depository XVT 505

Description :  1 computer optical disc ; 4 3/4 in.  

Series :  H_bner’s Blaues Who is who  



Dhondt, Jan. Instruments biographiques pour l'histoire contemporaine de la Belgique. Centre interuniversitaire d'histoire contemporaine. Cahiers, 13. 2. ed. Leuven, Editions Nauwelaerts, 1964. LOCATION: Widener: Neth 1961.55.2   
--Section on collective biographies on Belgium, followed by sections on specialized works arranged by era, geography, and occupation.  Some entries include lists of the biographees.  Indexes of places, persons, and keywords (subjects). 1st ed., 1960.    

Collective Biography

Biografisch Archief van de Benelux

Biographie nationale. Bruxelles: H. Thiry-van Buggenhoudt, 1866-1986. 
LOCATION: Widener: Neth 1961.30 Vols. 3, 7-8, 11 Library has: 44 v.   
--Long, signed articles by specialists, with source lists. Names were not selected for inclusion until a person had been dead ten years, the earlier volumes contain mainly persons who died before 1850. The supplement includes both early names and names of the 19th and 20th centuries.  Vol. 1-27 are arranged in a single alphabet; subsequent volumes are not. Vol. 36 comprises an index to v. 1-35; vol. 44 contains index to v. 37-44.  Contents: v. 1-27, A-Z; v.28, Table générale; 29-35, Supplément 1-7; v. 36, Supplément 8: Table générale (supersedes v. 28); v. 37-44, Supplément 9-16.  Online index of biographees available: Full text (v. 1-27 only) and brief data from vols. 29-44 available in Biographical archive of the Benelux Countries.   
Full text via Online Books Page

Academie royale des sciences d'outre-mer. Biographie coloniale belge. Belgische koloniale biografie. Bruxelles, Librairie Falk fils, 1948- 
LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Deposi Afr 7900.5    
--Devoted to persons, mostly but not exclusively Belgians, who contributed to the history and development of the Belgian Congo. No name chosen for inclusion until at least ten years after the person's death. Sketches vary in length, but all are signed and dated, and many include source lists. Each volume is a separate alphabetical listing, with a cumulative index to the preceding volumes.  Vol. 9 in preparation. Full text (for persons in v. 1-7 born 1860 or after only) included in Biographical archive of the Benelux Countries.
Full text online from the Academie royale des sciences d'outre-mer (vols. 1-9)

Nationaal biografisch woordenboek. Brussel, Paleis der Academien, 1964- 
LOCATION: Widener: Neth 1961.32 Library has: v. 1-15    
--Flemish biographical dictionary which includes sketches of numerous persons who were omitted from the Belgian {i}Biographie nationale{/i}.    Each volume is an alphabetical listing with a cumulative index in each successive volume. References with each article.  Full text for persons born 1860 or after included in Biographical archive of the Benelux Countries.

Nouvelle biographie nationale. Bruxelles: Academie royale des sciences, des lettres et des beaux-arts de Belgique: Diffusion, P. Mardaga, 1988-2010 
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC CT1163.A3 N68 1988 Library has: v. 1-5  
--Continuation of the Academie's Biographie nationale. Subjects are deceased Belgians or others who figured largely in the area's history from the middle ages to the present century, but with emphasis on recent figures. Entries are typically a page or more and include substantial source lists and occasionally portraits or other illustrations. Each volume is a complete alphabet of entries without reference to period or other organizing principle. Cumulative name index at the end of each volume from vol. 3 on.  Online index of biographees available which also includes the Biographie nationale: Brief data, not the full text, of v. 1-4 available in Biographical archive of the Benelux Countries. Full text of vols 1-10 (scroll down below Biographie nationale)

Le nouveau dictionnaire des Belges. Bruxelles: Cri: Libre belgique: RTBF, 1998. 

LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC CT1172.N68 1998x Library has: 2 v.  

--Paragraph-length biographies of over 8000 living and deceased persons from 1830 to the present.  Some entries with portraits. Full text of 1st ed. (1992) in biographical archive of the Benelux Countries.

Seyn, Eug. de (Eugene). Dictionnaire biographique des sciences, des lettres et des arts en Belgique ... Bruxelles, Editions L'Avenir, 1935-36. 

LOCATION: Widener: Neth 1961.27 F Library has: 2 v. (paged continuously)


Wie is wie in Vlaanderen.  Brussel, Cegos Makrotest. Widener | RR1596.5 Earlier in WID-LC DH801.F49 W485x uit.1-2(1980-1985/1989), uit 3, 1989/93, uit.4(2000/2002) Current Receipts : uit.5 (2003/2005)

-Offers biographical sketches of some 15,000 contemporary figures (ed.5, 2003/2005). 1st ed., 1980.  Also available on CD-ROM. Complemented by Qui est qui en Belgique francophone (1981-); 289219 full text of 1990 ed. in Biographical archive of the Benelux Countries.   289219 Also see Hoe is wie in Vlaanderen? (1994) which includes almost 300 Flemish-language entries with emphasis on artists, authors, and media people. 160353

For earlier coverage: Who's who in Belgium, including the Belgian Congo (1957/58). Vol. 2 (1962), titled Who’s who in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, with about 7000 entries. Full text of 1962 ed. in Biographical archive of the Benelux Countries.  134698   

Coenegracht, Mark, Hoe is wie in Vlaanderen? / Mark Coenegracht & Zaki. Antwerpen : Hadewijch, c1994. 139 p. 

Widener | WID-LC | CT1172 .C64 1994     ZA 160353

Who's who in Belgium, including the Belgian Congo. Brussels, Intercontinental Book & Pub. Co. 2 v. 1957/58-1962. 

 Widener | Neth 1961.50 

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Collective Biography

Traljic, Mahmud.   Istaknuti Bo_njaci / Mahmud Traljic.   2. dop. izd.   Sarajevo : Rijaset, 1998.   345 p.   (Biblioteka Posebna izdanja / Vijece Kongresa  bo_njackih intelektualaca)      

Widener | WID-LC | DR1674.M87 T73 1998x 

--In Serbo-Croatian (roman). 


Vijece kongresa bo_njackih intelektualaca.   Who is who among Bosniacs / [editor in chief Atif  Purivatra ; translated by Branka Tanic].   Sarajevo : Council of the Congress of Bosniac  Intelectuals, 2001.   539 p.     

Widener | Harvard Depository  --

Brief English-language biographies, with contact information, of persons from a wide variety of professions, including some emigrants. Translation of Ko je ko u Bošnjaka (2000).  

Vijece kongresa bo_njackih intelektualaca.   Ko je ko u Bo_njaka / Vijece kongresa bo_njackih  intelektualaca ; [redakcija Tufik Burnazovic].   Sarajevo: Vijece, 2000.   425 p. Widener | WID-LC | DR1674.M87 V55 2000x     


Pundeff, Marin V. 1967. Sources for Bulgarian biography. U. S. Library of Congress, Quarterly Journal, v. 24, no. 2, pp. 97-102.


Collective Biography

Belezhiti Bulgari / sust. Boris Cholpanov, Vasil Giuzelev. Sofiia : Durzh. voen. izd-vo, 1967-   .

T.1. 681-1396: Durzhavni deitsi, deitsi na kulturata.--T.2. 1396-1878: khaiduti, muchenitsi za rod i chest, rukovoditeli na vustaniia, bortsi za svoboda na susednite narodi, deitsina natsionalnoosvoboditelnoto revoliutsionno dvizhenie.--T.3. 1396-1878.--T.4. 1878-1923: Deitsi na rabotnicheskoto revoliutsionno dvizhenie, obshtestveno-politicheski deitsi, deitsi na revoliutsionno-osvoboditelnoto dvizhenie v Makedoniia i Trakiia, voenni deitsi.--T.5. 1923-1944: Bortsi protiv kapitalizma i fashizma.--T.6. 1878-1978: Pisateli poeti.--T.7-8. 1878-1981: Obshtestveno-politicheski i voenni deitsi. 

Widener | Slav 9170.93   

--Each volume covers a chronological period. Table of contents at the back of each volume locates the 15-20 page biographies.  Vol. 8 is an addendum for 1878-1981.  No general index. Contents: 

T.1. 681-1396: Durzhavni deitsi, deitsi na kulturata. 

T.2. 1396-1878: khaiduti, muchenitsi za rod i chest, rukovoditeli na vustaniia, bortsi za svoboda na susednite narodi, deitsina natsionalnoosvoboditelnoto revoliutsionno dvizhenie. T.3. 1396-1878. 

T.4. 1878-1923: Deitsi na rabotnicheskoto revoliutsionno dvizhenie, obshtestveno-politicheski deitsi, deitsi na revoliutsionno-osvoboditelnoto dvizhenie v Makedoniia i Trakiia, voenni deitsi.

T.5. 1923-1944: Bortsi protiv kapitalizma i fashizma.

T.6. 1878-1978: Pisateli poeti.

T.7-8. 1878-1981: Obshtestveno-politicheski i voenni deitsi.      

Koi koi e sred Bulgarite XV-XIX v. : 501 imena ot  epokhata na osmanskoto vladichestvo / koordinator na  ekipa i redaltpr ma teksta Ilii?a? Todev.   1. izd.   Sofii?a? : "Anubis", 2000.   312 p. ; 24 cm.   Prilozhenie: "Rodoslovii?a? na ni?a?koi  po-izvestni rodove"--p. 305-3121. 

Widener | WID-LC | DR92.2 .K65 2000x    

--Covers the Ottoman period, 1393-1878.  Articles include source lists. Genealogical tables for several great Bulgarian families.


Koi koi e v Bulgarii?a? 1998 / [sustaviteli  Nikola Kit?s?evski, Raicho Radulov].   Sofii?a? : IK "Trud", 1998.   809 p.    Widener | WID-LC | CT1402 .K65 1998x   

--About 6500 who’s who type entries.  Apparently only 1998 ed. published.


Collective Biography

Hrvatski biografski leksikon / [glavni urednik Nikica KolumbiÄ_]. Zagreb : Jugoslavenski leksikografski zavod, 1983- v. : ill. (some col.) ; 

Widener | WID-LC | CT1457.C76 H78 1983   

--Includes over 4000 Croats, living and deceased, both within and outside Croatia.  Covers a wide range of occupations from all periods. Source lists with each article.  V. 1-6 (2004) (A-Kal) published. In Serbo-Croatian (Roman).  Full text in South-East European biographical archive.


Tko je tko u Hrvatskoj = who is who in Croatia / glavni urednik, Franjo Maletic. Zagreb, Hrvatska : Golden Marketing, c1993. xviii, 956 p. 

Widener | RR 1625.15   

--Includes about 4,000 figures, including the diaspora.  In English.  Full text in South-East European biographical archive.


Collective Biography

Koudounares, Aristeides L. Viographikon lexikon Kyprion, 1800-1920. 4. epeux. ekd. Leukosia: [s.n.], 2001. LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC DS54.82.K63 2001x   

About 1200 biographies, with sources, of Greek and other nationalities (but virtually no Turkish) living in Cyprus. Earlier eds. 1989, 1991, 1995, 2001. Full text (1991) in Greek biographical archive.  283024  

Czech Republic

Marie Makariusova and Jan Novotny offer an excellent review of Czech biographical dictionaries in “Czech historiography in the 1990s. X. Biographical dictionaries” in Historica: historical sciences in the Czech Republic. Series Nova  (ISSN 1210-8499), v. 7-8, (2000-2001), pp. 267-287.  Biographical sources for the Czech Republic and Slovakia provides descriptions of several Czech langauge sources.

Collective Biography

Bartos, Josef. Osobnosti ceskych dejin. Olomouc: ALDA,  c430 pp. 1995. 

LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository DB2045.B37 1995x   

--Covers about 900 persons, living and deceased, 10th century to present.   

Biografický slovník českých zemí = BSČZ / [Pavla Vošahlíková, vedoucí projektu ; Jan Novotn_, vedouc_ redaktor I. se_itu ... [et al.]]. Vyd. 1. Praha : Historick_ _stav AV _R : Libri, 2004-

Widener | WID-LC | DB2240 .B46 2004x 

1-2 out   1. sv. A -- 2. sv. B-Ba_ --  3. Bas-Bend -- 4. Bene- Bez 6. Boh-Boz (2007)

Extensive source for deceased Czechs from the Middle Ages through the 20th century. Paragraph/page-length biographies with lists of works and sources.  Source references keyed to intitial list of collective biographies. About 240 entries in vol. 6 (Boh-Boz). 

Biographisches Lexikon zur Geschichte der bohmischen Lander. Munchen: R. Oldenbourg, 1974- 2000 

LOCATION: Widener: Slav 7230.21 Library has: v. 1-3    

Short sketches accompanied by copious references. The completed work is expected to include about 20,000 articles on a broad spectrum of prominent Czechs and Slovaks from the earliest times through the latter 20th century, excluding living persons. Contents: Bd. 1, A-H; Bd. 2, I-Me; Bd. 3, Me-Sch; Bd. 4, Lfg. 1, Scip-Site, Lfg. 2, Sitk-Soko (2005).


Czech and Slovakian biographical archive  

Tomes, Josef. Cesky biograficky slovnik XX. stoleti. V Praze: Paseka, 1999. 

LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC CT933.T66 1999 Library has: 3 v.  

Short biographies of about 12,000 persons.  The best source for the 20th century.  Scattered articles with sources.  Two other biographical dictionaries, Kdo byl kdo v našich dějinách do roku 1918, 330047 for persons active before 1918, and Kdo byl kdo v našich dějinách ve 20. století, for 20th century figures, are both available online


Kdo je kdo : osobnosti ceske soucasnosti : Who is who :  5000 zivotpisu   Praha, 2002.    

Widener WID-LC CT933 .K393 2002      (91- series)

--Many of the 5000 entries have portraits, added in this ed.  The web site offers an occupational index, although a password is required to see the biographies.  Earlier eds. 2002, 1998, 1994, 1991.  

Kdo je kdo v Ceske republice na prelomu 20. stoleti: 5000 biografickych hesel nejvyznamnejsich osobnosti. Praha: Agentura Kdo je kdo, 1998. LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC CT943.K38 1998

Kdo je kdo v Ceske republice 94/95. Praha: Modry jezdec, 1994. LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC DB2240.K372 1994x

Kdo je kdo: 91/92: Ceska republika, Federalni organy CSFR. 1.vyd. Praha: Kdo je kdo, 1991. LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC DB 2240.K37, 1991x Library has: 2 v. LOCATION: Widener: RR1619.15.2 Library has: 2 v.


Erichsen, Balder Vermund Aage, 1873- Dansk historisk bibliografi, systematisk fortegnelse over bidrag til Danmarks historie til udgangen af 1912, i tilslutning til Bibliotheca Danica, ved B. Erichsen og Alfr. Krarup. [Ny udg.] Kbenhavn, I kommission hos G.E.C. Gad, 1929. 3 v. 

Andover-Harv. Theol | Ref. | Z2576 .E682 

--Includes books and analytical material, indexing many articles in periodicals. Lists more than 15,000 references. As it usually gives dates of birth or death and some characterizing phrase, it can be used for such direct biographical information, as well as for its bibliographical references. Vol. 3 of the author's {i}Dansk historisk bibliografi{/i}.

--Continued informally by the indexing of biographical articles, also with dates and characterizing phrases, given in the {i}Dansk Tidsskrift-Index{/i} 346099 under the heading {i}Personalhistorie{/i} and in {i}Biografiske tidsskriftartikler. Register til Danske blandede Tidsskrifter <1855-1912> og Dansk Tidsskrift-Index <1915-49>{/i}.

Houmøller, Sven. Biografiske tidsskriftartikler. Register til Danske blandede Tidsskrifter <1855-1912> og Dansk Tidsskrift-Index <1915-49>. København, Bibliotekscentralen, 1971. 145 p.

Widener  |  Scan 300.60.5

IlsÃ_e, Harald.   555 danske selvbiografier og erindringer : en  kronologisk fÃ_rer med referater til trykte  selvbiografier forfattet af personer fÃ_dt fÃ_r 1790 /  af Harald IlsÃ_e.   KÃ_benhavn : Danske sprog- og litteraturselskab : C.A.  Reitzel, 1987, c1988.   274 p. 

Widener | WID-LC | CT34.D4 Z994 x, 1987     

--List of autobiographies with short summaries giving dates and occupation of author.  Includes periodical articles.  Arranged by author’s birth year with name, location, and occupation indexes.

Collective Biography

Dansk biografisk leksikon. 3. udg. / redaktr Sv. Cedergreen Bech. Kbenhavn : Gyldendal, 1979-1984. 16 v. ; + suppl. (26 p.) 
Widener | WID-LC | CT1263 .D33 1979 +  Supplement, 1984-1995
Online Version
--The latest edition of this standard Danish biographical dictionary contains signed articles with thorough source lists on figures from early history through the present. Some names found in previous editions no longer appear, but there are numerous additions, including some early figures, as well as those who have come to prominence since the last edition (1933-44). An asterisk after the contributor's name indicates that the article has been carried over from the previous edition without substantial change. A list of additions and corrections, an index of contributors, a comprehensive name index (including references to entries found only in the earlier editions), and a chronological index are found in v. 16.  First ed. (1887-1905) available online in Project Runeberg.

Dansk kvindebiografisk leksikon / [redaktion: Jytte  Larsen, hovedredaktor, Grethe Ils_redaktor, Hanne  Rimmen Nielsen, redaktor].  K_havn : Rosinante, 2000.   4 v. Widener | WID-LC | CT3510 .D36 2000x   

--Scholarly biographies of 1924 Danish women, living and deceased, with sources and locations of personal papers. Vol. 3 concludes with a list of women in the Dansk biografisk leksikon 281929. Vol. 4 is a history of women in Denmark.  Available online at 

Scandinavian biographical archive. Munich; New York: K.G. Saur, 1989-1992. 


Kraks bla bog. Kbenhavn : Krak, v. ; 20- 

Widener | RR 1601.2 Latest | Scan 1361.7 Earlier    

--The standard Danish who's who. A necrology and list of abbreviations is found at back of volumes.

{i}Kraks blå bog 1989 : register over 15.229 personer, der er biograferet i Kraks blå bog 1910-1988{/i}  365433 indexes last annual appearance for 15,229 people covered in this series.

Who's who in Scandinavia (1981) and Dictionary of Scandinavian Biography (1972) offer English-language who’s who-type entries. 119210 365441    RE

Who's who in Scandinavia. 1st ed. (1981). [Worthsee?]: Who's Who, 1981. LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository CT1240.W46x



Baltic biographical archive

Baltische biographische Lexika

--Digitization of around 12 late 19th early 20th century Baltic biographical dictionaries.  

Kändler, Tiit. A hundred great Estonians of the 20th century. Tallinn : EEP, 2002, 214 p.

Biografische Materialien zur Zeitgeschichte

--Very brief biographical data on persons from East Central Europe derived from Herder Institut East Central European press clipping collection.  Material dates from after 1945. Mainly birth date, birth place, education, occupation, and brief list of activities.  Currently only persons from Estonia and Poland available. 

Thiébaud, Jean-Marie, 1944- Dictionnaire biographique des pays baltes : le personnel politique, diplomatique et militaire de 1918 à 2007. Paris : L'Harmattan, c2007. 279 p.

Introduction includes post-1918 chronology, and political and social history of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Entries include very brief biographical information, often without birth and death dates, for about 2500 military, diplomatic and military figures.


Kes on kes? : Eesti 2000 / [Toimetajad: Allan Alak_la  ...].   Tallinn : Ekspresskataloogide AS, 2000.   271 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.   Estonia -- Biography -- Encyclopedias.   Estonia -- Intellectual life -- 20th century.  

Widener | Harvard Depository    

Around 1900 entries, about half with photographs.  Index by occupation IN SAUR

Who is who in the Baltic States : biographical dictionary. Riga: Pub. House of Valeri Belokon, 1998. 604 p. Widener | RR 1607.5  

English-language biographies of about 7500 persons from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.  Names are in one sequence with a name list for each country. For earlier coverage: Soviet biographic archive and Public figures in the C.I.S. and Baltic States

Public figures in the C.I.S. and Baltic States. Jan.-June 1992- Chadwyck-Healey, [1992?-1993/94? LOCATION: Widener: Microfiche RR 23 


Collective Biography

Scandinavian biographical archive. Munich; New York: K.G. Saur, 1989-1992. LOCATION: Widener: Microfiche RR 26 Microfiche Library has: sect. A on 383, i-x microfiches; sect. B on microfiches 445, i-ix 

LOCATION: Widener: INDEX Microfiche RR 26

Suomen kansallisbiografia / [toimituskunta:  päätoimittaja: Matti Klinge ... et al.]   Helsinki: Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura, 2003-   (Studia biographica, 1456-2138 ; 3 )


--Standard national biography of Finland includes 6000 mostly deceased Finns from the Middle Ages to the present in 10 vols and an index vol.  About half of the articles deal with post-1917 (Independence) figures. Articles have source lists; many have portraits.  Each vol. has its own index. Vol. 10 and the index volume are expected in 2007. Also available online by subscription (free summaries):  Selected biographies will be published in Swedish under the title Biografiskt Lexikon för Finland.  English translations of 100 articles, with portraits, in 100 faces from Finland: 289253 a biographical kaleidoscope, which is available free online:


Kuka kukin on. Who's who in Finland. Helsingiss, Kustannusosakeyhti Otava [etc.] 

Widener | RR 1605.3 Latest Widener | Balt 1134.8 Earlier     

Entries on 3,883 living Finns. A table of English equivalents to common words and abbreviations, found at the front, gives a degree of accessibility to those unfamiliar with Finnish. Title varies: 1920-41, {i}Aikalaiskirja{/i}.  Several eds. (1909, 1954, 1960, 1966, 1974, 1978, 1990, 2001, 2003) indexed in Name Indexes to Printed Publications section of the Genealogical Society of Finland website:

Who's who in Scandinavia (1981) and Dictionary of Scandinavian Biography (1972) offer English-language who’s who-type entries.

Vem och vad? : Biografisk handbok. Helsingfors : Schildt, 1920- 

Widener | RR 1605.2 Widener | Balt 1139.31 Earlier   

Devoted largely to Finns of Swedish extraction. Over 3000 entries. In  Swedish. Only limited overlap with {i}Kuka kukin on{/i}. 282598  Published quinquennially through 1941, but because of the war the volume due in 1946 was not published until 1948; irregular thereafter. 2004 latest published. Several ed. (from 1920-96) indexed in Name Indexes to Printed Publications section of the Genealogical Society of Finland website: 




Dolamore, Susan M. French autobiographical writing 1900-1950: an annotated bibliography. Research bibliographies & checklists; 52. London: Grant & Cutler, 1997. 
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC CT149.Z99 D65 1997x

Lists over 1800 works.  Code with each entry indicates 24 types of writing (e.g., childhood memories, self-analysis, verse) and 13 subjects (art, cinema, travel, war).  Includes autobiographical novels, and wartime memoirs and letters.  Indexes of the categories (type and subjects), of named wars, and of personal and geographical names.  For earlier autobiographies see Denis Bertholet’s “Répertoire des autobiographies publiés entre 1810 et 1885”, pp. 333-356 in {i}Les Français par eux-mêmes, 1815-1885{/i} which lists over 355 published autobiographies with thematic index.

Fierro, Alfred. Bibliographie analytique des biographies collectives imprimes de la France contemporaine, 1789-1985 / Alfred Fierro. Genve: Slatkine, 1986, 376 p. 

A bibliography of collective biographies of French figures of the period 1789-1985. Works of international coverage are excluded if less than 25% of the entries are for French persons; and each work must include three or more biographies. More than 2,500 citations, many with brief descriptive notes, are arranged in three main sections: (1) general works of collective biography subdivided by period; (2) biographical works grouped by profession (with chronological and other subdivisions as appropriate); and (3) works of local and regional coverage. Index of authors and titles. 

Collective Biography

Archives Biographiques Françaises

Caratini, Roger. Dictionnaire des personnages de la Revolution Le Pr aux Clercs, c1988. 576 p.
Widener | WID-LC | DC147 .C37 1988     

Short sketches on 3,000 men and women who participated in the Revolution, 1789-95. Includes a summary history of the period and a very selective general bibliography and chronology.

Dictionnaire de biographie francaise / sous la direction de J. Balteau ... M. Barroux ... M. Prvost ... avec le concours de nombreux collaborateurs ... Paris, Letouzey et An, 1933- v. ; 
Widener | RR 1771.4 Widener | Fr 9018.39 

Very numerous short (paragraph-page length) articles with source lists.  Covers French overseas possessions and French Flanders.  Includes foreigners important in French history. Contents: v. 1-20 (fasc. 130 (2020)), A-Leyris d'Esponchès.  For coverage of the later part of the alphabet, other sources must be used, including Biographie universelle ancienne et moderne and Nouvelle biographie generale, both for pre1870s figures.

Dictionnaire des femmes de l'Ancienne France, produced by the Société Internationale pour l'Étude des Femmes de l'Ancien Régime. Le Kremlin-Bicêtre 2002

Consists of a list of all known women who lived between the 5th and the 18th enturies. Roughly a fifth of the approximately 1400 names linked to biographies of two types: those written by current scholars and those extracted from 16th-19th century biographical dictionaries.  

Dictionnaire des marchaux de France : du Moyen Age nos jours / coordination de Genevive Maze-Sencier; avec la collaboration de Christophe Brun ... [et al.] ; introduction de Joseph Valynseele. [Paris] : Perrin, c1988. 452 p., [32] p. of plates : ports. (some col.) ; Widener | WID-LC | DC44.5 .D53 1988

Encyclopedia of women in the Renaissance : Italy, France, and England / Diana Robin, Anne R. Larsen, Carole Levin, editors. Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, c2007, 459 p.
Widener  |  RR 4761.55.60

Over 150 biographical entries (1-3 pp.) plus topical essays with substantial source lists of primary and secondary works. Some portraits. Introductory chronology.  Large terminal bibliography. Index.  

Hommes et destins : dictionnaire biographique d'outre-mer. Paris : Acadmie des sciences d'outre-mer, 1975-1995. 10 v. ; (( Vol. 1-5: Publications de l'Acadmie des sciences d'outre-mer. Travaux et mmoires ; nouv. sr., no 2, 5, 9, [10-11] ) ) 
Widener | WID-LC | CT1014 .H65 

Covers outstanding figures in French colonial territories, including citizens of the new nations, explorers, administrators, missionaries, doctors, anthropologists, engineers, etc., who made significant contributions in those areas. Includes over 500 signed biographies, mainly of 20th century figures. Some articles have source lists which include writings by and about the individual. Vol. 3 comprises some 250 sketches of deceased persons of prominence in Madagascar; the 35 sketches of Madagascar personalities included in v. 1-2 are not repeated, but are listed in the front matter of v. 3. Vol. 4 adds 264 sketches from various territories and includes a name index for v. 1-4. Vol. 5 covers Africa and the French West Indies; v. 6, Asia; v. 7, Northern Africa; v. 8, Colonial governors, administrators, and magistrates; and v. 9, Africa south of the Sahara; v. 10 America. Each volume has a cumulative index. Vols 1-9 (1975-89) in French biographical archive and African biographical archive

Julliard, Jacques.Dictionnaire des intellectuels francai : les personnes, les lieux, les moments... [et al.].Paris : Editions du Seuil, c1996.1258 p. 
Widener | WID-LC | DC33.7 .J85 1996x 

Most entries are biographies of about 600 public intellectuals, living and deceased, writing since the beginning of the Dreyfus Affair.  Articles with short lists of works and sources.  Name index.  Full text in French biographical archive.

For living and deceased artists, writers, performers, journalists, some politicians, etc., see Encyclopedia of contemporary French culture which covers the post-1945 era emphasizing recent decades.  Many articles with references. List by area of activity.

French culture, 1900-1975 / edited by Catherine Savage Brosman ; associate editors, Tom Conley ... [et al.]. Detroit : Gale Research, 1995, 449 p. 
Widener  |  WID-LC    |  DC33.7 .F726 1995  

Kuciski, Auguste. Dictionnaire des conventionnels. Paris, Au sige de La Socit, etc., 1917. (Socit de l'Histoire de la Rvolution Franaise) 
Widener | Fr 1336.55 

Maitron, Jean. ed. Dictionnaire biographique du mouvement ouvrier français. Paris, Editions ouvri_res c1964-c1997. 44 v.

Includes 103,000 individuals connected with the labor movement, socialism, unions, etc.  Most articles paragraph length, with references.  CD-ROM version includes 7000 additional persons.


t. 1-3. 1789-1864, de la Révolution française à la fondation de la Première Internationale
t. 4-9. 1864-1871, la Première Internationale et la Commune
t. 10-15. 1871-1914, de la Commune à la Grande Guerre
t. 16-43. 1914-1939, de la Première à la Seconde Guerre mondiale
t. 44. Compléments aux tomes 1 à 43, 1789-1939: biographies nouvelles

Maurepas, Arnaud de. Les grands hommes d'tat de l'histoire de France / Arnaud de Maurepas, Herv Robert, Pierre Thibault. Paris : Larousse, c1989. 527 p. (Essentiels ) Widener | RR3737.5

Robert, Adolphe, b. 1833. Dictionnaire des parlementaires franais, comprenant tous les membres des assembles franaises et tous les ministres franais depuis le l. mai 1789 jusqu'au l. mai 1889, avec leurs noms, tat civil, tats de services, actes politiques, votes parlementaires, etc. Microform Publi sous la direction de mm. Adolphe Robert, Edgar Bourloton & Gaston Cougny. Paris, Bourloton, 1891. 5 v. illus. 

Widener | Fr 343.22 

Who's who in France XXe siècle :  dictionnaire biographique des Français disparus ayant marqué le XXe siècle / Beatrice et Michel Wattel ; en collaboration avec

Qui était qui, XXe siècle : dictionnaire biographique des Français disparus ayant marqué le XXe siècle / Béatrice et Michel Wattel ; en collaboration avec l’équipe rédactionnelle du Who’s Who in France.  2e éd. Paris : Éditions Jacques Lafitte, 2005.  
--About 8000 brief who’s who-type entries, 1700 new in 2nd ed. Major works listed. Covers whole 20th century, not just those who had appeared in Who's who in France. 1st ed., 2001.


Who's who in France. Paris : J. Lafitte, c1955-
Widener  |  RR 1571.3 Latest    Fr 9020.21 Earlier
--Roughly 21,000 entries, many with photos. Includes French persons overseas and French-speaking peoples in African nations, etc. Despite English title, sketches and explanatory text in French. Introductory section lists government officials and diplomatic corps.  List of official decorations and their holders.  List of those deceased since last ed. Nonexhaustive index of biographees by associated organitions. Available online for charge, but birth date, occupation and employer free. 1st ed., 1953/54, had title Who's who in France: Paris, and was restricted to persons living in Paris. Indexed (14th edition, 1979-80 only) in Biography and genealogy master index.  Full text of 4th ed. (1959/60) in French biographical archive. An earlier, similar publication, {i}Qui êtes-vous?{/i} 350997 appeared in three editions: 1908, 1909, 1924. Full text (1924 ed. only) in French biographical archive.