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Many biographies of Native Americans are included in the Canadian biographical archive.






Collective Biography






United States. Dept. of the Interior. Library. Biographical and historical index of American Indians and persons involved in Indian affairs. Boston, G.K. Hall, 1966. 8 v. 

Widener | US 10210.65 F      NOT TAKEN WAITING


Bureau of Indian Affairs file of 200,000 cards with references to monographs, periodical articles, government documents, and BIA archival and manuscript material. Includes both Indians and non-Indians, e.g., Indian agents, anthropologists, BIA employees. Most entries 19th century to about 1950.  Indexed by tribe and subject.





Brumble, H. David. An annotated bibliography of American Indian and Eskimo autobiographies. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1981. LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC E89.Z99 B78 x




Brumble, H. David. American Indian autobiography / H. David Brumble III. Berkeley : University of California Press, 1988, 278 p. Tozzer | N.A.SOC. B 838 a Widener | WID-LC | E89.5 .B78 1988    DONE


Collective Biography


Biographical dictionary of Indians of the Americas. 2nd ed. Newport Beach, Calif.: American Indian Publishers, 1991. 2 v. Tozzer | REF | E59 .B5 1991



Over 1000 biographies of living and deceased Indians.  Many articles have references, some have portraits.  Indexes by variant names and by tribe. 1st ed. 1983. For additional names consult: Dockstader’s Great North American Indians: profiles in life and leadership (details in Guide to reference sources, 11th ed. AH63).   SUBMITTED


Waldman, Carl. Biographical dictionary of American Indian history to 1900. Rev. ed. New York: Facts on File, c2001. LOCATION: Widener: E89.W35 2001   OLD ED CC437   UNCLAIMED


Over 1000 biographies of about equal numbers of Indians and non-Indians involved in Indian history (anthropologists, photographers, etc.). Good coverage of variant names and translation problems. Short terminal bibliography.  Appendixes list persons by tribe, area of activity (scouts, captives, etc.), topic (exploration, mining & gold rushes, relocation, etc.), and historical period. Substantial name/topic index. Rev. ed. of Who was who in Native American history which is available full text in the American  biographical archive. 280884 Both eds. indexed in Biography and genealogy master index 160047.  SUBMITTED


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Matthews, William. Canadian diaries and autobiographies. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1950. LOCATION: Widener: RR 3644. 10


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Collective Biography


Canadian biographical archive  OK In


Canadian Biographical Index OK In ZA


Dictionary of Canadian biography. v. 1- 1000/1700- Toronto [etc.] University of Toronto Press [etc.] [1966- ].    LOCATION: Widener: RR 1725.6


A scholarly reference work currently covering Canadians deceased before 1930.  Offers signed articles ranging from 200 to 10,000 words with source lists of manuscripts as well as printed works.  Online version includes corrections to print volumes and selected biographies from unpublished (post-1930 death dates) volumes. Online version will include portraits.  Indexing of online version is in progress (check web site for details). Each volume of the printed Dictionary of Canadian biography covers a decade (from  v. 8 (1851-1860) on; earlier volumes cover longer eras) and contains persons dying during that period.  Terminal index and bibliography in each vol. Currently to v. XV (1921-1930) . Cumulative index to all names mentioned and to subjects has been published as: Index, volumes I to XII, 1000-1900.437199  Also published in French under title Dictionnaire biographique du Canada (also available online). Indexed in Biography and genealogy master index 160047.   SUBMITTED

FUTURE See F. G. Halpenny’s Twenty years of canadian biography. (Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada, v. 1 (1986), pp. 193-201).  


The Macmillan dictionary of Canadian biography. 4th ed., rev., enl., and updated / by W. A. McKay. Toronto: Macmillan of Canada, c1978. LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC CT283.D52 1978


Excluding the Dictionary of Canadian biography 193542 this is the best general dictionary of Canadian biography, exclusive of living persons. Contains concise biographical sketches with source lists. 1st ed. 1926; earlier eds. had title: The dictionary of Canadian biography.  Repr.: Toronto : Macmillan of Canada, 1985.  Indexed in Biography and genealogy master index 160047. Full text (3rd ed. 1963) in Canadian biographical archive. 283939


For another one-volume source see A Standard dictionary of Canadian biography, the Canadian who was who which contains substantial biographies, with source lists, of persons dying 1875-1937.  Each of the two volumes has an A-Z sequence, with a list of vol. 1 biographies in vol. 2.  SUBMITTED


Memorable Canadians



Over 550 biographies, of various lengths, of Canadians on the National Library of Canada web site.  Indexed by occupation and broad subjects. SUBMITTED   GONE-REMOVED




Note Canadians in WWA and Dir Am Scholars


The Canadian who's who. v. 1- 1910- Toronto, University of Toronto Press. 

LOCATION: Widener: RR 1525.2 Latest Can 5610.21.15 Earlier    OK In


Current ed. (47th, 2007) has nearly 14,000 entries. Based on biographee-supplied information. Publisher varies prior to 1980. Indexed (v. 12, 1970-penultimate ed.; some eds. omitted) in Biography and genealogy master index 160047. Full text of 14th ed. (1979) in Canadian biographical archive 283939.  Online subscription available


Canadian who's who index, 1898-1984: incorporating Canadian men and women of the time 563124 provides a cumulated index to biographical sketches found in Canadian who's who, 1910-84, together with those appearing in Henry J. Morgan's Canadian men and women of the time (1st ed., 1898; 2nd ed., 1912). 563131


Overlaps with Who's who in Canada (titled Who’s who and why from 1912 through 1921) which appeared 563223 1912-2001, but each work includes names not in the other. Indexed (1973/74-1983/84) in Biography and genealogy master index. 160047 Full text of 19th ed. (1927) in Canadian biographical archive 283939.


Who's who of Canadian women 563208 was published 1984-1999. Full text of 1st ed. (1984) in Canadian biographical archive. 283939  


FUTURE: Some Canadians included in Who's who of American women (dates??) 178949


Who's who in Canada.  1912–2001.Toronto, International Press. v. ports. Widener | Can 5610.21


Who's who of Canadian women. 1st ed. (1984-1999)- Toronto: Trans-Canada Press, c1983- LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC CT3270.W46