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Government Physician Records. Physicians are employed in several government agencies.  Registers and directories are available


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Cyndi’s List mostly military

United States

Portal to Editions of the Official Register of the United States, 1816-1959
--Index in front: see Physicians, Surgeons. Gives name, rank, state of birth, state whence appointed.

A register of officers and agents, civil, military, and naval in the service of the United States ... / prepared at the Dept. of State, Biennial 1816-1923, Annual 1925- Title varies. WorldCat" Search title: “united states” register military naval civil for the various series.
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Complete Army and Navy register of the United States of America, from 1776 to 1887 : arranged in alphabetical order, containing the names of all officers of the army and navy… by Thomas H. S. Hamersly. New York : Hamersly, 1888, 2337 p. in various pagings
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The medical and surgical history of the war of the rebellion, (1861-65). Prepared, … under the direction of Surgeon General, Joseph K. Barnes, United States Army. Washington, Govt. Print. Off.,  3 v. In 6. 1870-88.

Reprinted with indexes as:
The Medical and surgical history of the Civil War. Wilmington, N.C.: Broadfoot Publishing Co., 1990-1992. 12 v

Provisional record of Confederate medical officers. Raleigh, NC: Confederate Veterans Committee, Medical Society, N.C. 189-?, 55 pp.
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Union Civil War Physicians offers brief information (rank, regiment, place of birth/death, date of birth/death, residence, schools attended) on Civil War Union surgeons. When complete will include regimental, US army surgeons, contract or additional assistant surgeons, nurses and surgeons employed by the United States Sanitary Commission and United States Christian Committee.


List of officers of the army of the United States from 1779 to 1900 : embracing a register of all appointments by the President of the United States in the volunteer service during the civil war, and of volunteer officers in the service of the United States, June 1, 1900 / compiled from the official records by Colonel Wm. H. Powell. New York : L.R. Hamersly & Co., 1900.
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Surgeons marked wit Surg. Birth state and brief service history.

Historical register and dictionary of the United States Army: from its organization, September 29, 1789, to March 2, 1903, by Francis B. Heitman. Washington, [D.C.] : G.P.O., 1903. 2 v.
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Contains list with service dates of the Surgeons Generals pp. 40-41. Also brief data on all commissioned officers, with state of birth and enlistment, service history, and in many cases death date.

Chiefs of the Medical department, United States army, 1775-1940. Biographical sketches, by James Matthew Phalen. Carlisle Barracks, Pa., Medical field service school, 1940, 158 p.

The surgeon generals of the Army of the United States of America : a series of biographical sketches of the senior officers of the military medical service from the American revolution to the Philippine pacification, by James Evelyn Pilcher. Carlisle, Pa. : The Association of Military Surgeons, 1905, vi, 114 p.
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Quarterly report of medical officers, United States Army, with their stations and duties, as reported to the Surgeon General. Washington : Surgeon-General's Office, 1874-1885
--Began with Apr. 1, 1874? Ceased with Jan. 1, 1885.;
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Quarterly station-list of officers of the Medical Department and hospital stewards, United States Army. Washington : Surgeon General's Office, 1885-1886?
Began with Apr. 1, 1885.
(CIS Executive Branch Documents, 1789-1909 : nos. W4413-18 to W4413-19).
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Station list of officers of Medical Department and hospital stewards of Hospital Corps, U.S. Army  United States.; Army Medical Department, 1887-1894, 15 pages
No reports were issued for 1890. Reports for Dec. 1, 1892, and Nov. 30 1889 were not located for review or filming./ Title varies slightly
(CIS Executive Branch Documents, 1789-1909 : nos. W4413-20 to W4413-27).
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Roster of all regimental surgeons and assistant surgeons in the late war, with their service, and last-known post-office address. Comp. from official records by N.A. Strait ... for use of United States Pension Office. [Washington?] 1882, 320 p.
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(CIS Executive Branch Documents, 1789-1909 : nos. W4413-18 to W4413-19).

Official Army register  (title varies). Annual. Adjutant-General's Office. 1809-
Internet Archive  1813,1815, 1856-1969 (some missing)
Internet Archive (via AncestryPaths) 1813,1815, 1856-1969 (some missing)
HathiTrust 1809-1922 incomplete
HathiTrust 1831-1922 incomplete
HathiTrust 1831-1955
HathiTrust 1846-1969
HathiTrust 1970-1974

Includes name, rank, date of rank, medical school and degree year, army service, birth date/state, state appointed from. Search Surg in online versions

Army list and directory, 1891-1917. Adjutant General’s Office. HathiTrust 1894, HathiTrust 1905-1910

Continued by:
Army directory, 1917-1919 Google Books August 1 1918; HathiTrust Apr 1919
Army list and directory, 1919-1939. Google Books April 1, 1919;  HathiTrust 1918-1941, HathiTrust  Feb. 1921
Army directory, 1940-1941

Frequency varies: monthly -- semi-annual. Includes names and date of present rank, arranged by rank from Surgeon General, then colonel to first lieutenant. Includes Medical Reserve Corps, Dental Corps, acting dental surgeons (no rank), contract surgeons (no rank).  Includes list of Medical Department (Medical, Dental, Veterinary Corps) officers (name with initials) with date of current rank in front. Then full name, rank and posting in alphabetical list.

United States. Army -- Surgeons -- Registers.
United States. Army. Hospital Corps -- Registers.
United States. Army Medical Department (1968- ) -- Registers.


The records of living officers of the U.S. navy and Marine corps; comp. from official sources by Lewis R. Hamersly. Rev. ed. Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott & co., 1870, 344 p. 422938
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3rd ed. 1878 HathiTrust Version  657199176
4th ed. 1890. HathiTrust Version 5330137
5th ed. 1894 Google Books Version  HathiTrust Version 4250741
6th ed. 1898 Google Books Version HathiTrust Version   367920571
7th ed. 1902 Google Books Version  HathiTrust Version 5016179

Section on Surgeons. Brief biographical information with service history.

List of officers of the Navy of the United States and of the Marine Corps, from 1775 to 1900, comprising a complete register of all present and former commissioned, warranted, and appointed officers of the United States Navy, and of the Marine Corps…, ed. by Edward W. Callahan ... New York, L.R. Hamersly & Co., 1901, 749 pp.
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List with with rank (including surgeons) noted and service dates.

Register of the commission and warrant officers of the Navy of the United States, including officers of the Marine Corps. 1818?-1957. Annual 9901150
HathiTrust 1820-1959

Includes list of surgeons. Date/state of birth, service dates, present duty or station.

Register of commissioned and warrant officers of the United States Navy and Marine Corps and reserve officers on active duty, 1958-1970.  Annual  4527926
HathiTrust 1959-1968  

Includes Medical Corps section. Date of birth, service dates

Public Health Service

Official list of commissioned and noncommissioned officers of the Public Health and Marine-Hospital Service of the United States; also, list of U.S. marine hospitals, quarantine stations, and quarantine vessels ...