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Biographical dictionary of Latin American and Caribbean political leaders. New York: Greenwood Press, 1988.
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Biographies of 167 persons, many with portraits, all with references.  Strong 20th century emphasis with over half of the biographees living.  Arts, entertainment and sports strongly represented.  Lists of biographees by occupation and island of origin or roots. Index of topics, names and titles. 

Earlier sources include:

The Directory of Caribbean personalities in Britain and North America (1985).

Personalities in the Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda (1962-1983?). Title varies.

Dictionary of Caribbean biography (1969).

Dictionary of Caribbean biography. London : Melrose Press, c1969. 1 v.
Widener | SA 998.11 NIS

The Directory of Caribbean personalities in Britain and North America. Kingston, Jamaica: Gleaner Co., 1985.
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Personalities in the Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda. Kingston, Jamaica: Personalities, 1962-1983? LOCATION: Widener: RR 1534.5 LOCATION: Widener: SA 1198.2 Library has: 2,1965+

Personalities in the Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda, 1982/83
LOCATION: Widener: RR 1534.5
LOCATION: Widener: SA 1198.2 Library has: 2,1965+
--Called Personalities Caribbean, 2nd ed., 1965- .


Collective Biography

Calcagno, Francisco. Diccionario biografico cubano: (Comprende hasta 1878). New York: N. Ponce de Leon, 1878[-86].
LOCATION: Widener: SA 1798.13
--Articles from a few lines to several pages on figures from the time of Columbus through those living at date of publication. A significant number of entries are ignored by Fermín Peraza Sarausa, {i}Diccionario biográfico cubano{/i}.  Full text in Spanish, Portuguese 280864 , and Latin American biographical archive.

Molina, Antonio J. (Antonio José), 1928-  Mujeres en la historia de Cuba. Miami, Fla. : Ediciones Universal, 2004. 1047 p., [23] p. of pl
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Peraza Sarausa, Fermin. Diccionario biografico cubano. Biblioteca del bibliotecario, 36, 38, 40, 43-44, 48- Habana, Ediciones Anuario Bibliografico Cubano, 1951- 
LOCATION: Widener: SA 1798.65 Library has: v. 1-14
--Short biographies of prominent deceased Cubans. Sketches vary from several lines to several pages and lack bibliographic references beyond the subject's own publications.
--Vols. 1-11 were a re-issue (1951-60), in mimeographed form, of a collection of Cuban biographies which originally appeared in {i}El mundo{/i} (Havana). Because information files for the project were destroyed after the Communist takeover in Cuba, the original scheme of the publication had to be abandoned. Contents: v. 1-7, Abad-Z; v. 8-11, A-Iz; Vol. 12 offers a new series of biographies in alphabetical sequence, A-L, plus a general index to v. 1-12; v. 13-14 each presents new biographies in a complete alphabet. Index to Volumes 1-7 appeared in the Cuban Genealogical Society's {i} Revista{/i}  (vol. 2, no. 2 (April, 1989)).

A companion work,  {i} Personalidades cubanas{/i}, gives brief sketches of living persons. Vol. 10 includes a general alphabetical index to the series. Vols. 1-7 are reprints of volumes publ. in Havana by Ediciones Anuario Biobibliográfico Cubana, 1957-59; v. 8-10 have subtitle {i}Cuba en el exilio{/i}.

Peraza Sarausa, Fermin. Personalidades cubanas. Biblioteca del bibliotecario, 51. Habana, Ediciones Anuario Bibliografico Cubano, 1957-
LOCATION: Widener: SA 1798.65.5 Library has: 1,1957+


Personalidades cubanas : siglo XX / Leonardo Depestre Catony;  Luis Ubeda Garrido. 2002,  La Habana : Editorial de Ciencias Sociales, 475 p.
--Covers about 165 Cubans, living and deceased, from a wide range of occupations. Most articles with sources and portraits.

Some Cubans included in {i}{record}{id}136513{/id}Who's Who in the Socialist Countries{/record}{/i}.

Parker Cubans of to-day, Full text in Saur 

Dominican Republic

Collective Biography

Martinez, Rufino. Diccionario biografico-historico dominicano, 1821-1930. 3. ed. corr. / al cuidado del Diogenes Cespedes. Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana: Editora de Colores, S.A., 1998.
LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository F1933 .M37 1998
--Offers extensive coverage of  roughly 1200 historical figures up to the time of the rise of Trujillo. Articles vary from brief identifications to essays of several pages. No bibliography.

Vasquez, Pedro R. 150 dominicanos notables / Pedro R. V?uez. 2. ed. corr. y ampliada. Santo Domingo, Rep?ca Dominicana : Ediciones Librer?La Trinitaria, 2002. 348 p. 
WID-LC F1938.4 .V37 2002x 
--Biographies of deceased 19th and 20th century figures from a wide range of occupations. Terminal bibliography. 1st ed.: Cien dominicanos notables, 1993. For political figures see also Diccionario politico dominicano : 1821-2000.

Vasquez, Pedro R. (Pedro Ramon. Cien dominicanos notables. Santo Domingo, Rep?ca Dominicana : [s.n.], 1993 (Santo Domingo, D.N. : Impresora Soto Castillo) 320 p. Widener | WID-LC | F1938.4 .V37 1993

Geron Candido, 1950- Diccionario politico dominicano : 1821-2000 / C?ido Ger? 1ra ed. [Dominican Republic? : s.n.], c2001 (Arroyo Hondo, Santo Domingo : Editora de Colores) 696 p. : ill. ; 31 cm. Widener | WID-LC | F1933 .G47 2001 F


Personalidades dominicanas. 1988-89- Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana: Molina Morillo & Asociados, 1989, 1993, 2006
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC CT542.P47
--Provides brief biographies, but no current addresses, for persons in all fields. Full text (1993 ed.) in Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American biographical archive.  280864 50 biografias de figuras dominicanas offers two- to three-page biographies of living persons.

Clase, Pablo. 50 biografias de figuras dominicanas. Coleccion Dominicanos celebres; t. 3. 1. ed. Santo Domingo, R.D.: Libreros Dominicanos Unidos, 1990.
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC CT542.C57 1990


Collective Biography

Supplice, Daniel, Dictionnaire biographique des personnalits politiques de la Rpublique d'Hati (1804-2001) / Daniel Supplice.[Hati] : D. Supplice, 2001 (Belgique : Lannoo impr.) 754 p.
Widener WID-LC F1914 .S86 2001x
--Covers over 5000 persons, living and deceased,  associated with the political life of Haiti. Articles include lists of biographee’s published works. Over 120 photographs.  Terminal bibliography. Includes chronological lists of occupants of various political and military positions. See also Leaders of Haiti, 1804-2001: an historical overview.

Pascal-Trouillot, Ertha. Encyclopédie biographique d’Haïti / Ertha Pascal Trouillot, Ernst Trouillot.  Montréal : Éditions SEMIS, 2001-   Incomplete contents :  t. 1. A-G.
Location :  Widener WID-LC F1914 .T76 2001x
--Biographies of about 1300 largely deceased figures (vol. 1 only published), including prominent visitors to Haiti.  Some articles with portraits.


Who is who in Haitian diaspora / Féquière Vilsaint, Maude Heurtelou. Coconut Creek, FL : Educa Vision , 2008, 215 p.
--Around 1300 entries, some with photographs, which give education and activities but usually no birth dates or family information. City of current residence but no addresses.


Collective Biography

Guy, Henry A. Women of distinction in Jamaica: a record of career women in Jamaica, their background, service, and achievements. [Kingston, Jamaica: Caribbean Herald], c1977.
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC HQ1517.G89
--Brief sketches followed by a short directory of general information about the country.


The Jamaica directory of personalities, 1990-91. 3rd ed. Kingston, Jamaica: Selecto Publications Ltd., 1990. 
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC CT366.J355 1990x
About 1000 who’s who-type entries, many with photos. List of those dying since last ed.  Eds. 1-7  (1981/82-2001/2002). Publisher varies.

For earlier coverage see Who's who, Jamaica,(1941-1982?) 101288 Full text (1954 only) in British biographical archive. Published 1935-1940 as Who's who and why in Jamaica: containing biographical records of outstanding personalities in the official, professional, intellectual, commercial and political life in Jamaica.

Who's who, Jamaica. Kingston, Jamaica: Who's Who Publications Limited. LOCATION: Widener: SA 2698.1 Library has: 1954+


Collective Biography

Fergus, Howard A. Gallery Montserrat : some prominent people in our history / Howard A. Fergus. [Cave Hill] Barbados : Canoe Press, 1996. viii, 165 p. 
Widener | Harvard Depository | CT374 .F47 1996
--About 50 biographies grouped by profession, most with photographs.  Includes living and deceased figures from the 17th-20th centuries, but largely 20th century. Short terminal bibliography. Table of contents but no index.

Puerto Rico

Fowlie-Flores, Fay. Index to Puerto Rican collective biography. Bibliographies and indexes in American history, no. 5. New York: Greenwood Press, 1987. L
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC CT523.Z99 F69 x, 1987
--Indexes some 140 collective biographies"reference works, collections of essays, histories, and some anthologies, all published before or during 1985 ... [of] Puerto Ricans living on the island or on the mainland ... as well as Americans and other nationals who have lived on the island." Pref. Excludes journal articles.

Collective Biography

Sarramía, Tomás. Figuras de Puerto Rico : apuntes y datos biográficos. Hato Rey, P.R. : Publicaciones Puertorriqueñas Editores, 2001, 255 p. 
Widener | Harvard Depository | CT522 .S27 2001
--Covers about 400 persons, living and deceased, from wide range of occupations.  Entries have references, often to periodical articles; most have portraits.  Available as CD-ROM. 1st ed. 1991, 2nd ed. 1993, 4th ed. 1998. Formerly titled Nuestra gente: apuntes y datos biograficos de personajes representativos de Puerto Rico. Full text (1993 ed.) in Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American biographical archive.

Cesareo Rosa-Nieves’ Biografias puertorriquenas, available full text in Saur Spanish, Portuguese 280864 , and Latin American biographical archive, contains more pre-mid19th century figures.

Biographees are mainly contemporary and early 20th century figures. F1955.R6   GRB

Reynal, Vicente. Diccionario de hombres y mujeres ilustres de Puerto Rico y de hechos historicos. Rio Piedras: Editorial Edil, 1983. 1988??
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC CT523.R49x 1983
--Earliest period to the present. All fields represented. Eds 1983, 1988, 1992. Full text (1992) in Spanish, Portuguese 280864 , and Latin American biographical archive.


Moran Arce, Lucas. Quien es-- ?: biografias puertorriquenas. 1a ed. San Juan, P.R.: Librotex, 1986. 
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC CT526.M67 1986

Trinidad and Tobago

Collective Biography

Brereton, Bridget. Dictionary of Caribbean biography. Volume One: Trinidad and Tobago. St. Augustine, [Trinidad]: Department of History, U.W.I.; Institute of Caribbean Studies, 1998-
LOCATION: Widener: CT386.M87 1996
--Includes almost 300 deceased persons of a wide variety of occupations. Terminal bibliography. No further vols. published.


Murray, Eric John. National biography handbook of Trinidad & Tobago…. 1. ed. Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago : E.J. Murray, 1996. 232 p.
Widener | WID-LC | CT386 .M87 1996
--Who’s who type entries for almost 500 living persons.  Includes lists of biographees by occupation and of alumni of Trinidad/Tobago schools. See also Who's who and handbook of Trinidad & Tobago (1991).

Yawching, Donna. Who's who and handbook of Trinidad & Tobago. Port of Spain, Trinidad, W.I. : Inprint Caribbean, c1991. 295 p.
--Widener | WID-LC | F2119 .Y38 1991

Virgin Islands

Collective Biography

Profiles of outstanding Virgin Islanders (Name Index, All Editions)

Has been, but not currently, available online. Occupation index, 1972 ed.

Available in print as:

Profiles of outstanding Virgin Islanders / Author: Moolenaar, Ruth.Publication: St. Thomas : Dept. of Education, Government of the U.S. Virgin Islands, 1992
Includes (3rd ed., 1992) about 140 native-born or long-term resident Virgin Islanders, living and deceased, significant in the island’s history, 18-20th centuries. Terminal bibliography and list of biographees by occupation. Has been, but not currently, available online.

Profiles of outstanding Virgin Islanders. Author: Moolenaar, Ruth. Corp Author: Virgin Islands of the United States., Dept. of Education Publication: St. Thomas, 1972-1986