Anthropological Literature is an e-resource produced at Harvard University under the direction of the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology that currently indexes about 660 journals in the fields of anthropology, archaeology and related interdisciplinary research primarily from the collection of Harvard's Tozzer Library, as well as some open-access journals. International in scope, this resource contains more than 710,000 articles in over 50 languages The following are selective examples of foreign-language journals indexed in Anthropological Literature :

Bulgarian:  Arkheologiia  Indexed 1947-
Chinese:  Ren lei xue xue bao = Acta anthropologica sinica  Indexed 1982-
Czech:  Archeologické rozhledy  Indexed 1947-
Danish:  Nationalmuseets arbejdsmark  Indexed 1945-
Dutch:  Berichten van de Rijksdienst voor het Oudheidkundig Bodemonderzoek  Indexed 1952-2006
Estonian:  Arheoloogilised välitööd eestis = Archaeological field works in Estonia  Indexed 2004-
French:  L'Anthropologie  Indexed 1890-
Georgian and Russian:  Akad. S. Janašias saxelobis sak'art'velos saxelmcip'o muzeumis moambe  Indexed 1941-1979
German:  Baessler-Archiv : Beiträge zur Völkerkunde  Indexed 1911-
Hebrew/English:  Mi-teḳufat ha-even  Indexed 1970-
Hungarian:  Anthropológiai közlemények  Indexed 2004-
Icelandic:  Árbók hins Íslenzka fornleifafélags  Indexed 1949-1980
Italian:  Rivista di antropologie  Indexed 1911-2003
Japanese:  Kōkogaku Zasshi   Indexed 1914-
Macedonian/English:  Makedonsko nasledstvo = Macedonian heritage  Indexed 2005-
Maya and Spanish:  Yikal maya than  Indexed 1939-1954
Polish:  Archeologia (Rocznik Panstwowego Muzeum Archeologicznego...) = Bulletin of the Slovenian Ethnological Society   Indexed 1947-
Russian:  Vestnik antropologii   Indexed 1996-
Serbo-Croatian (Cyrillic):  Starinar  Indexed 1954-
Slovak:  Studijné zvesti Archeologického ústavu Slovenskej akadémie vied   Indexed 1957-
Slovenian:  Glasnik Slovenskega etnoloskega drustva  Indexed 1981-
Swedish:  Budkavlen  Indexed 1983-
Ukrainian:  Arkheolohichni studii   Indexed 2000-
dating from the 18th century to the present; 10,000 new citations are added annually in monthly updates. This unique, comprehensive database provides both keyword and subject analysis as well as links to full-text material.

         Article records may contain language reflecting past practices and methods of analysis that are no longer acceptable. The Peabody Museum is committed to addressing the problem of offensive and discriminatory language present in the Anthropological Literature database. Our museum staff are continually updating records, adding to and improving content. We welcome your feedback and any questions or concerns you may want to share.

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This site is a guide to the many features of the Anthropological Literature e-resource. It includes tools to assist users in understanding and utilizing the resource to its fullest extent and resources for support and training.

In addition, it highlights the rich interdisciplinary content of the database as well as links to current research in the field of anthropology at Harvard.

Click on the Research Spotlights tab at top to view examples of selected research topics and article records taken directly from the database.


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Der Chimpanse Molly des Berliner Aquariums, Zeitschrift für Ethnologie, Bd. 4 (1872), Taf. V
Alterhümer von Zaborowo, Zeitschrift für Ethnologie, Bd. 6 (1874), Taf. XV 
Cast of figure on terrace on east of Great Plaza, Peabody Collections Online, ID 42-19-20/14376
Wooden face mask, Peabody Collections Online, ID 29-76-50/H1091 
The ball court, painting by Tatiana Proskouriakoff, Peabody Collections Online, ID 50-63-20/18488


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