Spotlights Overview

Qashqa'i Tribesmen Breaking Camp, 1953

These spotlights are examples of content in the Anthropological Literature e-resource and their correlation to either ongoing research projects or online resources at Harvard University. These pages are intended to illustrate just a portion of the broad array of material represented in the database. Areas of research have been chosen based on the sub-fields of anthropology as well as area studies; due to the interdisciplinary nature of anthropology, many topics can cover more than one area of research: African and African American studies, archaeology, Asia, biological anthropology, ethnobotany, legal anthropology, linguistic anthropology, medical anthropology, Mesoamerica, Middle East, North America, social and cultural anthropology and visual anthropology.

The examples shown were chosen both for their subject matter and their ability to feature the variety of journals indexed over time in Anthropological Literature.

Image source: Detail of Qashqa'i tribesmen breaking camp, 1953, at Khosrow Shirin, HSM.U195.03962, Baroness Marie-Thérèse Ullens de Schooten Archive, Harvard Semitic Museum Photographic Archives, Courtesy of the Fine Arts Library, Harvard College Library.