African and African-American studies

Featured project: Project on Race, Class & Cumulative Adversity at the Hutchins Center

Example of a record from Anthropological Literature:

Race, class, and the educational marginalization of African Americans: a historical perspective.

Author(s): Nyaggah, Mougo and Wacira Gethaiga.
Subject(s): African Americans -- United States -- Education | Slavery -- United States -- History | United States -- Social conditions | Equality
In: Class, culture, and race in American schools: a handbook (1995), p. 129-143


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Textile of woven raffia cloth
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Africa-Tervuren  Indexed 1955-1990
African anthropologist  Indexed 2000-
African arts  Indexed 1967-
African notes  Indexed 1970-
Awal  Indexed 1985-
Borno Museum Society newsletter  Indexed 1996-
Harvard African studies  Indexed 1917-1932
Iowa studies in African art  Indexed 1984-2000
Journal des africanistes  Indexed 1934-
Nyame Akuma  Indexed 1981-
Systèmes de pensée en Afrique noire  Indexed 1983-2005
Zimbabwea  Indexed 1984-1999
Zimbabwean prehistory  Indexed 1983-


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