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Featured project: Dr. Jason Ur, Professor, Dept. of Anthropology, Harvard University

Topography of an Assyrian canal in northern Iraq, ca. 700 BC
Topography of an Assyrian canal in
northern Iraq, ca. 700 BC
Courtesy of Jason Ur

Professor Ur conducts research in ancient settlement patterns, land use, nomadism, urban origins and landscape archaeology of the Near East using field surveys, excavation techniques, remote sensing technology and CORONA satellite photography. Professor Ur has conducted field work at Tell Brak, Hamoukar, the Tell Beydar region in Syria, as well as the Mughan Steppe in Iran and the Hirbemerdon Tepe in Turkey. In addition, he has engaged in research exploring irrigation landscapes of the Assyrian Empire and ancient communication networks in northern Mesopotamia.


Example of a record from Anthropological Literature:

CORONA satellite photography and ancient road networks: a northern Mesopotamian case study

Author(s): Ur, Jason A.
Subject(s): Artificial satellites in surveying | Aerial photography in archaeology -- Mesopotamia | Khabur River Valley (Syria) | Bronze age, Early -- Syria | Landscape archaeology | Roads, Ancient -- Mesopotamia
In: Antiquity, v. 77, no. 295 (2003), p. 103-115

Featured project: Archaeological Exploration of Sardis, The Harvard University Art Museums and Cornell University

The Archaeological Exploration of Sardis is an interdisciplinary program of excavation and research focused on the site of ancient Sardis, some 60 miles east of Izmir in Turkey. It is jointly sponsored by the Harvard University Art Museums and Cornell University.

Example of a record from Anthropological Literature:

The date of the Sardis synagogue in light of the numismatic evidence

Author(s): Magness, Jodi.
Subject(s): Sardis (Extinct city) -- Turkey | Turkey -- Antiquities | Numismatics -- Errors | Numismatics, Roman | Synagogue architecture
In: American journal of archaeology, v. 109, no. 3 (2005), p. 443-475


Featured journals in Middle East Studies

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Portrait of a Marsh Arab woman
from the Khazal area
Peabody ID: 53-26-60/15921.329
Peabody Collections Online

Anatolian studies  Indexed 1951-
Annales archéologiques arabes syriennes  Indexed 1960-
Annual of the Department of Antiquities, Jordan  Indexed 1951-
Anthropology of the Middle East  Indexed 2006-
Arabian archaeology and epigraphy  Indexed 1990-
Archäologischer Anzeiger  Indexed 1980-
Atlal, the journal of Saudi Arabian archaeology  Indexed 1977-
Iranian studies  Indexed 1969-
Iraq  Indexed 1934-
Journal of cuneiform studies  Indexed 1977-
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Mi-teḳufat ha-even = Journal of the Israel Prehistoric Society  Indexed 1970-
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Sumer  Indexed 1945-  
Tel Aviv  Indexed 1984-


Ceramic and brass coffee pot
Peabody ID: 20-33-60/D1465
Peabody Collections Online

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