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Featured project: Polinsky Language Sciences Lab, Maria Polinsky, Professor, Department of Linguistics, Harvard University

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Maori he revisited.

Author(s): Polinsky, Maria.
Subject(s): Maori language -- Nominals | New Zealand -- Languages | Language and languages -- New Zealand -- Nominals
In: Oceanic linguistics, v. 31, no. 2 (1992), p. 229-250


Missing complement clause subjects in Malagasy.

Author(s): Polinsky, Maria.
Additional Author(s): Potsdam, Eric.
In: Oceanic linguistics, v. 46, no. 1 (2007), p. 277-303

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Anthropos  Indexed 1906-
Estudios de cultura otopame  Indexed 2000-
International journal of American linguistics  Indexed 1917-
International journal of the sociology of language  Indexed 1979-2010
Journal of African languages and linguistics  Indexed selectively 1979-2007
Language in society  Indexed 1973-
Latin American Indian literatures journal  Indexed 1977-
Oceanic linguistics  Indexed 1962-
Papers of the ... Algonquian conference  Indexed 1975-
Philippine journal of linguistics  Indexed 1977-
Revista Brasileira de linguística antropológica  Indexed 2009-
Tradiciones de Guatemala  Indexed 1974-

Manuscript on parchment.
Reproduction of the Veytia calender wheel #2
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Palm leaf manuscript
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