Biological Anthropology

Featured project: Harvard University Skeletal Biology and Biomechanics Lab, Department of Human Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University

Chimpanzee cranium
Illustration from A geometric morphometric analysis
of heterochrony in the cranium of
chimpanzees and bonobos
by Daniel E. Lieberman, Julian Carlo, Marcia Ponce de Leon,
Christoph P.E. Zollikofer
Journal of Human Evolution, v. 52 (2007), p. 656

Current research projects include: morphometric and developmental studies of craniofacial growth in humans, hominids, and other mammals; experimental studies of the biomechanics of locomotion, especially running; experimental studies of the biomechanics of chewing; experimental studies on the influences of mechanical loading on bone growth and shape.

Example of a record from Anthropological Literature:

The ontogeny of cranial base angulation in humans and chimpanzees and its implications for reconstructing pharyngeal dimensions

Author(s): Lieberman, Daniel E.
Additional author(s): McCarthy, Robert C.
Subject(s): Human evolution | Chimpanzees -- Physiology -- Comparative studies | Skull base | Pharynx | Speech -- Evolution
In: Journal of Human Evolution, v. 36, no. 5, 1999. pp. 487-517


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Annals of human genetics  Indexed 1926-
Anthropozoologica  Indexed 1984-
Cahiers d'anthropologie et biométrie humaine  Indexed 1983-1996
Collegium antropologicum  Indexed 1977-2013
Evolution and human behavior  Indexed 1997-
Folia primatologica  Indexed 1963-
Human heredity  Indexed 1969-2012
Journal of anthropological sciences = Rivista di antropologia: JASS  Indexed 1911-
Journal of human evolution  Indexed 1972-
Primates  Indexed 1957-
Biodemography and social biology  Indexed 1954-

Image from Zeitschrift für Ethnologie,
Bd. 4 (1872), Taf. VI,
Der Chimpanse Molly des Berliner Aquariums

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