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Anthropological Literature postcard
Textile and wood doll, Peru
Peabody ID: 979-17-30/10099
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Anthropological Literature postcard
Painted ceremonial mask
Peabody ID: 17-41-50/B1907
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Anthropological Literature (AL)?

Anthropological Literature is a database produced at Harvard University that currently indexes about 660 journals in the field of anthropology, primarily from Harvard's Tozzer Library collection. International in scope, this resource contains research in over 50 languages dating from the 18th century to the present.

When would I use Anthropological Literature?

The Anthropological Literature e-resource is a recommended starting point for researchers in anthropology and archaeology as well as many related subject areas. The index includes more than 680,000 articles dating back to the 18th century, with 10,000 new citations added annually in monthly updates.

What is the difference between AL and AnthroPlus?

The Anthropological Literature e-resource is available to subscribers as an individual database or as part of Anthropology Plus, a joint interface with Anthropological Index Online which is produced by the Royal Anthropological Institute in London, England.

Does Anthropological Literature index journals from all Harvard libraries?

No, content has historically been selected solely from the collection of the Tozzer Library at Harvard University, although other libraries at Harvard also maintain subscriptions to some of the indexed titles.

Does the index contain articles from electronic journals?

Yes. Beginning in 2010, the e-resource started to index electronic journals, some of which are open access. The majority of these have full-text links available directly from the article record.

Can I find articles from the database in Hollis?

Currently Hollis does not include the content of many subscription databases owned by the Harvard Library, including Anthropological Literature and Anthropology Plus. You must log in to the individual databases to use them. Once logged in, however, users can simultaneously search multiple Harvard-owned EBSCOhost databases by clicking on the "Choose Databases" link at the top of the page.

How do I know if a journal has been indexed?

Users can search for indexed journals by going to the Currently Indexed Journals tab. For older or ceased journals, users can log into AL and search by Source or Source Phrase for the journal title to see what's been indexed in the past.

What languages does the index contain?

Anthropological Literature indexes articles in Romance languages, English, German and Slavic languages (titles transliterated from Cyrillic), and in Asian language journals, if there are summaries in one of the indexed languages. More than 50 languages are represented in the index.

Are edited works included in AL? Is there a list of edited works that have been indexed?

Anthropological Literature indexed selected edited works until 2009 and now only indexes selective edited works that are published as part of subject-relevant monograph series. Users can click on the Currently Indexed Journals tab to find a list of all edited works represented in the database.

How can I access the AL database? Do I need a PIN?

Yes, Harvard users need a valid Harvard Key or ID and PIN; access to the Anthropological Literature e-resource requires privileges at an institution with a subscription to the database. Harvard users can link to the e-resource via the library portal using the Find databases

What is EBSCOhost?

EBSCO Publishing, provider of EBSCOhost, is the vendor for the Anthropological Literature e-resource. EBSCOhost is the platform through which users can access the database.

How can I get a copy of an article that isn't available as full-text online?

For Harvard users, click on Scan and Deliver for information about obtaining full text of an article or BorrowDirect or Interlibrary loan

Anthropological Literature postcard
Wooden Hat, Tlingit
Peabody ID: 69-30-10/1599
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Anthropological Literature postcard
Journal of American Ethnology and
Archaeology, v. 11 (1892)