Featured project: Corpus of Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions, The Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology

Drawing of Yaxchilan, Lintel 16, underside
Peabody ID: 2004.
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Founded in 1968, the Corpus of Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions Program (CMHI) is an Active Research Archive and on-going Recording Program of the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University, devoted to the recording and dissemination of information about all known ancient Maya inscriptions and their associated figurative art . The CMHI publishes its detailed original line drawings and photographic documentation in a unique series of folio volumes and makes its material available to researchers through its archive and via the world wide web.



Homeless hieroglyphs

Author(s): Graham, Ian.
Subject(s): Mayas -- Writing | Indians of Central America -- Writing | Indians of Mexico -- Writing | Cultural property, Protection of -- Central America | Stele (Archaeology) -- Central America -- Conservation and preservation
In: Antiquity, v. 62, no. 234, 1988, p.122-126

Featured project: Khipu Database Project, The National Science Foundation and Harvard University

Peabody ID: 42-28-30/4532
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The Khipu Database Project began in the fall of 2002, with the goal of collecting all known information about khipu into one centralized repository. Having the data in digital form allows researchers to ask questions about khipu which up until now would have been very difficult, if not impossible, to answer.




Codificación binaria en los khipus incaicos

Author(s): Urton, Gary.
Subject(s): Quipu | Incas -- Antiquities | Writing -- Andes Region | Andes Region -- Antiquities | Textile fabrics, Ancient -- Andes Region | Mnemonics -- Andes Region
In: Revista andina, v. 35 (2002), p. 9-68


Featured journals focusing on Mesoamerica

Tozzer Library is noted for its collection of materials in Mesoamerican ethnology, archaeology, and linguistics. Below is a list of selected journal titles meant to illustrate the breadth of coverage in Anthropological Literature. It is only a representative sample.  For a complete list of currently indexed journal titles, please click on the "Currently Indexed Journals" tab.

Anales de la Academia de geografía e historia de Guatemala  Indexed 1924- (Continues Anales (Sociedad de geografía e historia))
Ancient Mesoamerica  Indexed 1990-
Antropología e historia de Guatemala  Indexed 1949-
Antropología física latinoamericana  Indexed 2002-
Estudios de cultural náhuatl  Indexed 1959-
Latin American antiquity  Indexed 1990-
Mexicon  Indexed 1979-
Revista mexicana de estudios antropológicos  Indexed selectively 1927-
Tlalocan  Indexed 1943-
Yaxkin  Indexed 1975-
Yikal maya than  Indexed 1939-1954
Yumtzilob  Indexed 1995-2000

Head of maize god
Peabody ID: 95-42-20/C728
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