Featured project: Zhongba: Salt production, specialization and interregional interaction 

Zhongba Site Mound
The Zhongba site mound from
downstream along the Ganjing River in 2001
Courtesy of Rowan Flad

Research undertaken by Rowan Flad, Dept. of Anthropology, Harvard University, focuses on the site of Zhongba, in Zhong Xian County, Chongqing Municipality, China. Issues explored include the study of salt production at the site and how excavated remains relate to issues in economic anthropology. Research at Zhongba speaks to issues of trade and interregional interaction as well. Published works on this project have centered on analyses of animal remains from the site, radiocarbon dates and their significance in understanding technological change in the region, and how salt production in Zhongba can be used to study the nature of specialization at the site.


Example of a record from Anthropological Literature:

Evaluating fish and meat salting at prehistoric Zhongba, China

Author(s): Flad, Rowan K.
Subject(s): Zhongba Site (China) | Neolithic period -- China -- Chongqing | Yangtze River Watershed (China) -- Antiquities | Mounds -- China -- Chongqing | Salt industry and trade, Ancient -- China -- Chongqing | Salted fish | Dried meat | Meat -- Preservation | Subsistence economy, Ancient -- China -- Chongqing | Bronze age -- China -- Chongqing
In: Journal of field archaeology, v. 30, no. 3 (2005), p. 231-253


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