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A companion to museum studies, ed. by Sharon Macdonald. Malden, MA; Oxford, UK: Blackwell Pub., 2006, 570 p.
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Location :  In Google Books (1904 ed.)
Location :  Gutman Education AM5 .M9
Location :  Museum Comp Zoology Z-M
--Over half of the work is a bibliography of museums. Reprint, Staten Island, NY: Pober Pub., 2000. 3 v. in 2. With introduction by Paula Findlen.

The AAM guide to provenance research, by Nancy H. Yeide, Konstantin Akinsha, Amy L. Walsh. Washington, D.C.: American Association of Museums, 2001, 304 p.
--Extensive bibliographies of art collecting, by collector and by country

  • Appendix A Selected bibliography on the history of collecting: collectors, collections, grand tours, p. 161
  • Appendix B Selected biographical research resources, p. 201
  • Appendix C Selected bibliography of dealers and dealers' memoirs, p. 206
  • Appendix D Dealer archives and locations, p. 214
  • Appendix E Selected resources for auction sales and exhibitions, p. 243
  • Appendix F Selected art libraries and photographic archives, p. 246
  • Appendix G Selected bibliography on looting and restitution, p. 255-258


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Art Sales Catalogues Online is a bibliographic database with citations for European auction sales catalogs published from 1600-1900. In addition to over 60,000 listings, there are full-text page images for 13,000 catalogs.

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Rogers, S. P., M. A. Schmidt, and T. Gutebier. 1989. Historical preparation. Pp. 131-149 in: An Annotated Bibliography on Preparation, Taxidermy, and Collection Management of Vertebrates with Emphasis on Birds. Special publication of Carnegie Museum of Natural History no. 15, 189 pp.
--Pre-1900 references on taxidermy and scientific preparation, and on the history of scientific collecting and taxidermy.

Williams, S. L. and C. A. Hawks. 1987. History of preparation materials used for Recent mammal specimens. Pp. 21-49 in Mammal Collection Management, edited by Hugh H. Genoways, Clyde Jones, and Olga L. Rossolimo. Lubbock, TX: Texas Tech University Press, 219 pp.
--Includes catalog of materials used in mammal preparation and a bibliography.

See museum image databases on Images, Photographs page.


Museums & Historic Structures Includes Historic House Museums

Official museum directory. Washington, D.C. : American Association of Museums. Online version (open Search Museums)
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Widener  |  RR 1014.10 --Has index by category, e.g., transportation

American Alliance of Museums  --  Directory (subject searchable)

List of Museum Associations

Directory of museums worldwide

Subject collections: a guide to special book collections and subject emphases as reported by university, college, public, and special libraries and museums in the United States and Canada, by Lee Ash and William G. Miller. 7th ed.  New Providence, N.J. : R.R. Bowker, 1993, 2 v. 
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Natural history museums of the United States and Canada / Frederick J.H. Merrill. Albany : University of the State of New York, 1903, 233 p.
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Botany Arnold (Cambr.) | U M55.1
Tozzer | MUS.120.31.2 (62)
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--List with brief indication of contents and personnel (often just director given).

Hafner, M. S. et al. 1997. Mammal Collections in the Western Hemisphere: A Survey and Directory of Existing Collections. Lawrence, KS: American Society of Mammalogists, 93 pp.