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Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain holds books largely on woody plants. The Archives include the records of the Arnold Arboretum together with personal papers of Arboretum staff and plant collectors and propagators associated with the Arboretum. Electronic inventories of several of the collections are available together with an online index of correspondence in the archival collections.

Finding aids for collections in the Arnold Arboretum Library and Archives, Jamaica Plain.

Hay, Ida. 1995. Science in the Pleasure Ground: A History of the Arnold Arboretum. Boston, MA: Northeastern University Press, 349 pp.

Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments in the Science Center includes over 15,000 instruments, often with contemporary documentation, from 1450 through the 20th century worldwide. The collection also includes other objects from the history of science at Harvard, including William Dandridge Peck's dried fish specimens. Waywiser, online database of the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments.

Cohen, I. Bernard, 1950. Some Early Tools of American Science: An Account of the Early Scientific Instruments and Mineralogical and Biological Collections in Harvard University. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 201 pp.

Fogg Art Museum. 1969. Early Science at Harvard: Innovators and their Instruments, 1765-1865. Cambridge, 82 pp.

Wheatland, D. P. 1968. The Apparatus of Science at Harvard, 1765-1800. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 203 pp.

Fisher Museum at the Harvard Forest (off campus)

General Artemas Ward House Museum

View objects from the Ward House in VIA by visiting, choosing “General Artemas Ward House Museum” in the “Limit Repository to:” box, and entering “objects” in the “Search for:” box. To view photos of rooms, use the search term “interior views.”

Harvard Art Museums

  • Arthur M. Sackler Museum
  • Busch-Reisinger Museum
  • Fogg Museum
  • Arthur M. Sackler Museum

Harvard Art Museums Archives  -- Harvard Art Museums Archives Finding Aids
Harvard Art Museums Online Collections
Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Bronzes at the Harvard Art Museums
Chinese Rubbings Collection

Harvard portraits; a catalogue of portrait paintings at Harvard university, by Laura M. Huntsinger. Edited by Alan Burroughs. Cambridge, Mass., Harvard university press, 1936, 158 p.
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Harvard University Herbaria and Harvard Botanical Museum

Finding aids for botanical manuscript collections. Scroll down to Arnold Arboretum and to Botany Libraries.

Botanical Museum - Glass Flowers

Overview of Harvard University Herbaria

Herbarium Archives

Warnement, Judith. 1997. "Botanical libraries and herbaria in North America. 3. Harvard's botanists and their libraries". Taxon, v. 46, pp. 649-660.
LOCATION: Botany Gray Herbarium: Neth T1

Dupree, A.H. 1959. Asa Gray, 1810-1888. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 505 pp.

Schultes, R. E., W. A. Davis and H. Burger. 1982. The Glass Flowers at Harvard. NY: E.P. Dutton, 118 pp. Reprint, Cambridge: Botanical Museum of Harvard University, 1992.

Mineralogical and Geological Museum  --  Online Catalog

Frondel, C. 1988. The geological sciences at Harvard University from 1788 to 1850. Earth Sciences History, v. 7, no. 1, pp. 1-22.

Museum of Comparative Zoology

Database of Zoological Collections

The Ernst Mayr Library of the Museum of Comparative Zoology is one of the world's greatest zoological libraries. The Library collects taxonomic zoology, evolutionary biology, oceanography, ecology, and paleontology. It was established in 1861 with the purchase of the paleontological library of the Belgian chemist and amateur paleontologist, Laurent Guillaume de Koninck (1809-1887) and the donation of material from the library of Louis Agassiz, the Museum's founder. Over the years biological and geological books and serials were transferred from the Harvard College Library in Gore and, later, Widener; note the lack of Widener classes for biology or geology. Before the libraries of the Boston Society of Natural History and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences were sold out-of-state, items not otherwise held in this area were transferred to several Boston libraries, expecially the MCZ. Most geological material has been transferred to the Kummel Library of the Geological Sciences.

Special Collections of the Library of the Museum of Comparative Zoology.

Finding aids for collections in the Ernst Mayr Library of the Museum of Comparative Zoology.

Further Information

Work, R. L. 1952. "Ninety years of Professor Agassiz's natural history library". Harvard Library Bulletin, v. 6, pp. 202-218. [Ernst Mayr Library, Museum of Comparative Zoology]
LOCATION: Widener: RR 58.20 and several other Harvard libraries

Barrow, M. V., Jr. 1995. Gentlemanly specialists in the age of professionalization: The first century of ornithology at Harvard's Museum of Comparative Zoology. Pp. 55-94 in: Contributions to the History of North American Ornithology, ed. by W. E. Davis, Jr. and J. A. Jackson. Memoirs of the Nuttall Ornithological Club, no. 12.

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Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology

The Search the Collections feature accesses over 300,000 records for which there are images. Collections by Type gives overviews of the collections of objects, archives and photographs. Includes online finding aids for Archival Paper Collections. Finding aids for collections in the Peabody Museum Archives.

Anthropology at Harvard: a biographical history, 1790-1940, by David L. Browman & Stephen Williams. Cambridge, Massachusetts : Peabody Museum Press, Harvard University, 2013, 589 p.

Dorsey, G. A. 1896. History of the study of anthropology at Harvard University. Denison Quarterly, v. 4, no. 2, pp. 77-97.
HathiTrust Online Version

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Harvard Semitic Museum

Harvard Semitic Museum Photographic Archives, Visual Collections, Fine Arts Library : an inventory of the Core Collection, Haynes Collection, later accessioned materials (including the Fisher Collection), and unaccessioned "ADD.HSM" materials (including the Twitchell Collection and the Ullens Archive), by Jeff Spurr and Amanda Phillips. New ed. Cambridge : Visual Collections/Aga Khan Program, Fine Arts Library, Harvard University, 1996, 25 p.

Warren Anatomical Museum

Bennett W. 1987. Dr. Warren's possessions. Harvard Magazine, v. 89(6): 24-31.

A descriptive catalogue of the Warren Anatomical Museum, by J. B. S. Jackson. Boston : A. Williams, 1870, 759 p.
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