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How to Find Trade Catalogs in the Library of Congress 

Hagley Museum and Library: Marshall Johnson Collection of Trade Literature and Ephemera

Trade catalogs in the Hagley Museum and Library, by Nina de Angeli Walls. (Wilmington, Del.: Hagley Museum and Library, 1987)

Trade Catalogs and Pamphlets - Hagley Digital Archives

Metropolitan Museum of Art. Trade Catalogs

Smithsonian Institution Libraries Trade Literature Collection (Catalog only)

Sewing Machines, Historical Trade Literature

Travers, Irene L. Trade literature at the National Museum of History and Technology. Special Libraries, vol. 70, no. 7 (1979) pp. 272-280

Historic Catalogs of Sears, Roebuck and Co., 1896-1993 (Ancestry) Open Search menu (top left in black band) and choose Card Catalog. Search Title Sears.

Trade catalogs digitized for Women Working, 1870-1930

A Subject search in HathiTrust on “Commercial catalogs” yields 146 items, including 76 full text viewable (5/17/2019).

A Metadata search in Internet Archive on “Commercial catalogs” yields over 1100 items.

Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum. More than 900 Winturthur trade catalogs are available through the Internet Archive.

Trade catalogues at Winterthur microform. NY: Clearwater, 1984  [3,600 microfiche]
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Loeb Design  |  Microfiche  |  Z7164.M18 H43x   Library has only pt. 2, Architectural building plans and materials; pt. 12, Garden and lawn supplies and ornaments; and pt. 30 Wall and floor coverings.
Guide: Trade Catalogues at Winterthur: A Guide to the Literature of Merchandizing, 1750-1980, by E. R. McKinstry. NY: Garland, 1984, 438 pp.
Online version

Trade catalogues at Winterthur. 1989-1991. ca. 3000 microfiches. Frederick, MD : Clearwater Pub. Co.
Guide to the microfiche edition of Trade catalogues at the Winterthur, part 2, by Eleanor McD. Thompson. Bethesda, MD : University Publications of America 1991, 159 p.
Online version 

University of California, Santa Barbara: Lawrence B. Romaine Trade Catalog Collection (Finding aid)



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