Manuals of things

Trade Catalogs of things

Patents for things

Scientific articles about the things themselves (how to separate them out?)

Advertisements for things (in magazines, or posters, or pamphlets etc)

Trade literature of things (magazines for medical instrument manufacturers etc)

Annual reports of companies that make things

Trade shows/expositions (as opposed to museums)

Museum catalogs

Old-House Dictionary: An Illustrated Guide to American Domestic Architecture (1600-1940, by Phillips, Steven J. Lakewood, CO: Amer. Source Books; 1989. 239 pp.

Garden, Landscape and Horticulture Index


Material Culture: Home (U. Delaware)

Vocabulary (Data Value Standards)

Larsen, J.L. 2009. The Longhouse proposal for objects classified by mediums. J Am Soc. For Inf Sci & Technol., 60(9):1907-1914

NAICS Codes: A New Classification System for a New Economy.(Technology Information). Sabrosk, Suzanne Searcher, Nov, 2000, Vol.8(10), p.18

In re: finding a topic guidance, here are some examples:




Natural objects (rocks/minerals, plants, animals, soil) also have associated sources:


Scientific and popular literature, Identification manuals, Catalogs of collections

Some sources may apply to any of the above categories. These include bibliographies, organizational directories, classifications.

Industries -- Denmark -- History.

Manufactures -- Denmark -- History.

Manufactures -- Classification -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Brands and their companies.
8th ed. (1990)-
Detroit, MI : Gale Research, c1990-
This is a guide to product trade names, brands, and products names, with addresses of their manufacturers and distributors.
Merger of: Trade names dictionary, and: New trade names.
Companion publications: International brands and their companies; and: Companies and their brands.
Brands and their companies. Supplement, ISSN 1047-6407
Issued in two volumes.
Has also annual supplement.
Latest issue consulted: 25th ed. (2003).
Trademarks -- United States -- Directories.
Brand name products -- United States -- Directories.
Commerce -- United States -- Directory.
Industry -- United States -- Directory.
Patents -- United States -- Directory.
A Gale trade names directory
Networked Resource
Baker Business | Stamps Reading Room -- Reference (In-library use only) | HG4057 .A178
Baker Business | Stacks -- Serials | 1349900 Latest edition in Reference: HG/4057/.A178; backfile in stacks. Print subscription canceled.

Martin, Ann Smart, and J. Ritchie Garrison, editors. American Material Culture: The Shape of the Field. Winterthur, Del: Henry Francis Du Pont Winterthur Museum, 1997. E 161 A388 1997 Art Library, Historical Society, Steenbock.

Schlereth, Thomas J. Material Culture: A Research Guide. Lawrence, Kan: University Press of Kansas, 1985. E 161 M35 1985 Art Library, Memorial Reference, Historical Society, Steenbock.

Census of Antique Works of Art and Architecture Known in the Renaissance

RIBApix offers images from the British Architectural Library collections.

Digital Archive of European Architecture - Boston College

Art market research : a guide to methods and sources / Tom McNulty. Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland & Co., Publishers, c2006, 278 p. 
Fine Arts | Reading Room | RFA152.53.200

Material culture in America: understanding everyday life, by Helen Sheumaker and Shirley Teresa Wajda, eds. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2008, 569 p.
Widener | WID-LC | GN560.U6 M37 2008

Manufacturing industries -- United States -- Automation.

Transportation -- United States -- Automation.

Retail trade -- United States -- Automation.

Places of worship: exploring their history, by James P. Wind. Nashville, TN: American Association for State and Local History, 1990, 145 p.
Loeb Design | BR515 .W56x
Widener | Harvard Depository | BR515 .W56 1990

Public places: exploring their history, by Gerald A. Danzer. Nashville, TN: American Association for State and Local History, 1987, 135 p.
Loeb Design | E180 .D36 1987
Widener | WID-LC | E180 .D36 1987

designinform Research Guides No.1: Internet Sources of Biographical Information

designinform Research Guides No.2: Free-access, digitised art, architecture, design and craft journals on the Internet

HOLLIS number [000618325]
Traditional crafts and craftsmanship in America : a selected bibliography, by Susan Sink. Washington, DC : American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, 1983, 84 p.
Tozzer | Harvard Depository TOZ-LC | L.SOC. (11)

HOLLIS number [008689725]
A guide to artifacts of colonial America / Ivor Noël Hume. Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, 2001?, 323 p.
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HOLLIS number [012167618]
Obsolete : an encyclopedia of once-common things passing us by, by Anna Jane Grossman. New York : Abrams Image, 2009, 191 p.
Widener | Harvard Depository | E161 .G77 2009

Campaign insignia -- Catalogs.
Buttons -- United States -- Catalogs.
Their objects are:

Sewing pattern for jacket
Local corn
Material culture of Slavery
Hinge(?) from piano burned during a performance art thing
Charlie Card
Golden record on Voyager 2
Rainbow flag (Gay culture)
Morning after pill (Gender studies)
LP cover
Sermon as object
Sperm from Harvard donor

Gay? Or Lesbians or Homosexuality
Flag? Or button? Or insignia

Buttons -- United States.
Campaign insignia.
Flags -- History.
Medals -- United States.
Seals (Numismatics) -- United States -- States.
“internet commerce
Form/Genre : Artifacts.
Buttons (information artifacts).
Gem photographs.
Lapel pins.