Accessing full-text of articles

Harvard users will find the Anthropological Literature e-resource enhanced with SFX citation-linker. This is an application which, under the name "Find It @ Harvard," allows direct links from bibliographic citations in one resource to the full text of the article in another. Because access to online resources is generally governed by subscription, SFX is entirely locally specific: only those full-text resources that Harvard currently may access will be available.

The links are governed by the context; in most cases, clicking on the "Find It" button next to a citation in Anthropological Literature will link to the full text. Some journals, however, only permit linking to their home page, from which one has to select the volume, issue, and article. In still other cases, either there is no full-text available online, or Harvard does not have access to it. The "Find It" button will then link users to the HOLLIS catalog to locate paper copies of the journal at Harvard.

Users outside Harvard will only have access to SFX if their institution both subscribes to the Anthropological Literature e-resource and also has implemented SFX (or an equivalent application) to link to such full-text resources as that institution may access.

Note* Find It! @ Harvard results may sometimes include multiple links to the article you are searching.

*Note Find It! @ Harvard is not always able to provide online full text; below is an example:


For Harvard users, click on Citation Linker for information about retrieving full text of articles.

For Harvard users, click on Get It for information about obtaining full text of an article and Interlibrary loan.

For non-Harvard users, click on Lending to non-Harvard libraries for information about borrowing journals from Harvard libraries.