Noh/Kyogen 能・狂言

能楽への誘い An introduction to Noh & Kyogen

Shimai インターネット仕舞




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Theatre Nohgaku "Our mission is to share noh’s beauty and power with English speaking audiences and performers."

The nō plays of Japan by Arthur Waley. (New York, A. A. Knopf, 1922)

Twenty plays of the Nō theatre by Donald Keene, Royall Tyler ( Columbia University Press, 1970)

Ten kiogen in English, translated by Yone Noguchi (Tokyo : Tozaisha, 1907)

Tsukioka Kogyo月岡耕魚, The Art of Noh 1869-1927,  University of Pittsburgh 


Experimental Art

Sogetsu Art Center  A veritable epicenter of avant-garde artistic experimentation in Tokyo in the 1960s, the Sogetsu Art Center was a remarkable phenomenon that remains understudied.

Film Performances by Iimura Takahiko in the 1960s by Julian Ross

Drama 演劇

近代演劇上演記録データベース (1912-1945) 7,383 records of performing arts are searchable.

現代演劇上演記録データベース (1945-present) 71,774 records of drama performances are searchable.

Butoh 舞踏


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