Resources in Japan

National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka 国立民族学博物館 (MINPAKU)
A comprehensive research museum specializing in ethnology and related fields. Its research page includes a wealth of information, including databases on costumes and clothing (documenting materials and scholarship); artifacts; Korean daily commodities; world literary materials; photographs of Nepal; and a Sumerian dictionary.

Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology 日本文化人類学会
Includes list of monographs published since 1996. Index to Minzokugaku kenkyu 民族學研究 is also available from the first issue (1935) to 2002. The English version of the site is less comprenhensive than the Japanese, but includes many major elements. The "Bookmarks" page provides links to museums, academic institutions, scholarly organizations and resources for anthropology in Japan and elsewhere.