Professor Andrew Gordon's History Seminar, Spring 2016


原子力情報 原子力平和利用調査会

核時代の神話と虛像 : 原子力の平和利用と軍事利用をめぐる戦後史                                                    



日本東洋医学雑誌 Full text available

民間治療 1-4

Japanese medical manuscript notebooks 1810-1849 and undated, Duke University. The sixty-three Japanese manuscript volumes in this collection were created from 1810 to 1849, chiefly by medical students, and document Japanese medical training and practices during the Edo period, as well as the conjoining of Chinese-inspired materia medica with current Western medical practices introduced primarily by the Dutch.

Women's magazines 1920-30s

Series: 婦人雑誌」がつくる大正・昭和の女性像 ; 第 1--5卷 第 6--9卷

婦人グラフ 国際情報社  1924-1928                                           女性改造 = Virina rekonstruo 1922-1924

労働婦人 1927-1934                         愛國婦人.=Aikoku fujin. 愛國婦人會機關 1902-1942
女学世界 大正期 1913-1925                      処女の友 1918-1941                                婦人世界 1906-1933                              輝ク 1933-1941                                黒薔薇 1925                              新真婦人. 1913-1923                            廓清 = Purity. 1911-1945    

新女性.Sin yŏsŏng

新家庭.Sin kajŏng.


Visualizing Cultures MIT image-driven scholarship initiative, including the Shiseido gallery and Tokyo Modern: 100 views by 8 artists (1928-1932).

Tokyo Archive 都市・東京の記憶

写真の中の明治・大正:東京編 500 pre-war (1868-1945) photographs of Tokyo.

法政大学大原社会問題研究所所蔵資料2700点で見る戦前期日本の〈モダンの力〉 2700 Labor movement posters from pre-war Japan are searchable and viewable. Also available: 1400 post-war posters.

East Asia Image Collections Open-access archive of digitized photographs, negatives, postcards, and slides of imperial Japan (1868-1945), its Asian empire (1895-1945) and occupied Japan (1947-52). Images of Taiwan 台湾, Japan 日本, China 中国, Korea 朝鮮, Manchuria 満洲国, and Indonesia are included. Maintained by Lafayette College.