Petzold Collection

Petzold Scrolls Collection  (HOLLIS listing)
424 scrolls held by Yenching Library are viewable.

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Selections from the collection:

Kōyasan saiken ezu / Tachibana Yasuharu zu. 高野山細見絵図 (1813)

Sankō Gotei emaki 三皇五帝絵巻

Kasuga Gongen genki emaki 春日権現験記絵卷

Nota Bene

Kigoshi Osamu Collection Rich in contemporary culture, donated in 2019
鶴見俊輔旧蔵書  Some books owned and read by Tsurumi Shunsuke '42 as a Harvard student are found in the Yenching collection. 
Take Note exhibition 2012: The Education of Shunsuke Tsurumi. #31  #67  
Yoshimasu Gozo's poem "Zuno no To"  Andrew Campana's video homage to the book.
Annotated Falcon (Harvard Magazine, March-April 2013)

繪本どんきほうて Ehon Don Kihote (Illustrated Don Quixote) Kōjitsuan,1936

Harvard Art Museum holds Serizawa's stencils for making this book. 

大正震火災木版畫集. Taishō shin kasai mokuhan gashū; Great Kanto earthquake [1924] 36 sheets of color wood-block prints

Japanese prints The library holds a few hundreds sheets of the 19th century wood block prints.

Aum shinrikyo collection in 4 boxes

Rock music scores 

Band Score = バンド・スコア. a collection of rock music scores published in Japan in 179 volumes.


Prange collection in microform

Gordon W. Prange Collection magazines 13,783 magazines published in Japan  during 1945-1949, in microfiche (in 62,977 sheets)

Contents of these magazines are searchable here. Zassaku Plus dētabēsu ざっさくプラスデータベース ID

Gordon W. Prange Collection of newspapers and newsletters 18,047 newspapers and newsletters in microfilm (in 3,826 rolls)