Bank of Japan 日本銀行 Extensive data on Japanese economy and finance as well as reports on economic and monetary policies are available. The bank’s own Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies 金融研究所 offers many full-text reports in Japanese and English published by the bank since 1997. The Currency Museum 貨幣博物館, another affiliate of the bank, is rich in information on the history of Japanese currency.

Ministry of Finance of Japan 財務省 Homepage for the major govenmental body dealing with the economy.

East Asian Bureau of Economic Research (EABER) A forum for economic research focusing on issues facing the economies of East Asia.

経済学文献索引データベース Economics paper index

『経済史文献解題』データベース 日本経済史研究所 (1933-2015)

Company History

会社史・経済団体史 検索 Catalog of Japanese Company History collection - 6000 volumes.

社史wiki Each company history book is linked to library catalogs.

澁澤栄一記念財団澁澤史料館 Shibusawa Eiichi Memorial Foundation

社史・技報・講演論文検索 神奈川県立川崎図書館



Japanese Research in Business History (2004-present)

Japanese Yearbook on Business History (1985-2004)

Research papers

日本銀行金融研究所論文検索 Bank of Japan's Internal research papers are searchable and downloadable.

NBR Analysis An occasional paper series that offers thought-provoking essays on the most important economic, political, and strategic issues in the Asia-Pacific region today.