Encyclopedia of Buddhism

Digital Dictionary of Buddhism 電子佛教辭典 ID
Edited by Charles Muller at the Toyo Gakuen University 東洋学園大学, this site provides English definitions for Buddhist terms in a range of languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Pali, Sanskrit, and Tibetan, with pronunciations. It includes A Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms with Sanskrit and English equivalents, and a Sanskrit-Pali index, compiled by William Edward Soothill and Lewis Hodous.

大正新脩大蔵経 テキストデータベース

Buddhist sutras

INBUDS インド学仏教学論文データベース


International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism 花園大学国際禅学研究所
Downloadable Zen texts from the Daizokyo 大藏經 and Zoku zokyo 續藏經. Searchable full text database of Gozan bungaku zenshu 五山文學全集 (Shibunkaku 思文閣).

Soto Zen Net 曹洞禅ネット
Articles and papers on the Soto 曹洞 school from 1868-2003, searchable by title and author.


『曹洞宗全書』『続曹洞宗全書』全33巻 1970-1978

『浄土宗全書』検索システム (山喜房佛書林刊)全23巻のうち、文献の本文テキストを掲載する第1巻 - 第20巻の語句検索を行うためのシステム.

印度学仏教学研究者ディレクトリ 検索 Directory of Buddhist scholars in Japan.

法華経関係稀覯資料集成デ-タベ-ス Data-base of valuable Lotus Sutra manuscripts on CD-ROM (Hollis listing).

Guide to Shosoin Research 正倉院研究ガイド Compiled by Bryan Lowe and Chris Mayo.

明治初年寺院明細帳 Meiji shonen jiin meisaichō Compilation of pre-modern temple documents in 9 volumes. 


eBible Japan 日本語聖書検索
Three Japanese translations of the Old and New Testaments, searchable by word.

キリシタン写本 Premodern Christianity Manuscripts, University of Tokyo Library

Luís Fróis letters concerning Jesuit missionaries in Japan, ca. 1605 English translation held by Houghton Library.

Digitized contents

愛媛大学鈴鹿文庫 Extensive collection on Shinto and Japanese history books and manuscripts.


『日本霊異記』漢文 Kanbun text.

『春日権現霊験絵巻』 1-3巻

『金剛頂一切如來眞實攝大乘現證大教王經』画像 国立国語研究所所蔵

『密教図像巻』(鎌倉期) 国立国会図書館蔵

『諸尊図像』  国立国会図書館蔵 

Japanese-language Newspapers Focusing on Religious Issues

Chūgai nippō 中外日報 [microform]. 
Location :  Harvard-Yenching Microfilm FJ-50011
Library holds issues from 1897-2011.

Jinja shinpō  神社新報
Location :  Harvard-Yenching (J) BL2216 .J5672 (see also (J) BL2216 .J567x oversize)
Library holds issues from 1986-2002, 2004--, as well as scattered earlier issues.

Kindai Nihon Kirisutokyō shinbun shūsei 近代日本キりスト教新聞集成
Location :  Harvard-Yenching (J) BR1307 .K56 1992 Suppl. [Shūroku shishi ichiran] 
Location :  Harvard-Yenching Microfilm FJ-564 
Reprint of 15 Christian newspapers, originally published in 1875-1944.  HOLLIS record lists specific titles.

Kindai Nihon Kirisutokyō shinbun shūsei. Dai 2-ki 近代日本キリスト教新聞集成. 第2期
Location :  Harvard-Yenching Microfilm FJ-565 
Location :  Harvard-Yenching (J) BR1307 .K562 1993 Suppl. [Shūroku shishi ichiran] 
Reproduces 18 Christian newspapers, originally published in 1898-1944.    HOLLIS record lists specific titles.

Kindai Nihon Kirisutokyō shinbun shūsei. Dai 3-ki 近代日本キリスト教新聞集成. 第3期
Location :  Harvard-Yenching Microfilm FJ-566 
Location :  Harvard-Yenching (J) BR1307 .K563 1995 Suppl. [Shūroku shishi ichiran] 
Reproduces 16 Christian newspapers, originally published in 1880-1945.    HOLLIS record lists specific titles.

Tenri jiho 天理時報
Location : Harvard-Yenching Newspaper Japanese : after 2007 issues
Location : CRL (Center for Research Libraries) : issues from late 1960s. Please request through Interlibrary Loan.
Weekly publication associated with the Tenri-kyo 天理教 (one of the "new religions")

人類愛善新聞 Jinrui aizen shinbun

新宗教新聞 Back issues are viewable since 2010.