Ohara Institute for Social Research, Hosei University 法政大学大原社会問題研究所
Provides following three resources on labor and social issues:

Bibliography of Japanese Sociology 日本社会学文献情報データベース
Comprehensive bibliography of scholarship on sociology published in Japan from 1945 to the present.

Socius ソキウス
Created by sociologist Kazuo Nomura 野村一夫, including his work and useful links.

Gender Studies

Winet, National Women’s Education Center 国立女性教育会館 女性情報ポータル
Gender/women’s studies. An extensive bibliography, statistics, directory of gender studies courses offered in Japanese universities, links to online resources, etc.

Asia-Japan Women's Resource Center アジア女性資料センター

「日本ジェンダー研究」 (1998-2008) in PDF

We learn (日本女性学習財団月刊誌) selected articles in PDF (2002-2010)

ジェンダー研究リンク集 From Ochanomizu Women's Unviersity F-Gens - Frontiers of Gender Studies

Image database of classic texts on women 女性関連資料画像原文データベース 
68 titles of Edo- and Meiji-period books for women are presented in image and text; also full-text images of three prewar journals meant for educators and homemakers.

下田歌子電子図書館 Shimoda Utako archives

"Forty Years of Japanese Feminism: What It Has Achieved … and What It Has Not" Video lecture by Chizuko Ueno, Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University

Historical journals

「栄養と料理」 (1925-1988) Full image views

家事及裁縫 東京家事講習所刊 (1927-1944)

Queer Japan Web Archive


Japanese Government Statistics portal 総務省統計データ

Historical Statistics of Japan (in English)

National Census 国勢調査

府県統計  Prefectural statistics from the Meiji period (1868-1911)

Bank of Japan Statistics 日本銀行 統計データ

Ministry of Finance Statistics 財務省統計資料
Statistics for the ast five years pertaining to the government budget, government bonds, trade, balance of payments, etc.

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Statistics 厚生労働統計一覧
Ministry-issued statistical data.

JETRO Trade and International Payments Statistics 日本の貿易・投資・国際収支統計
Trade, investment, and income and expenditure statistics.

RIETI 経済産業研究所

Economic Statistics and Public Opinion Polls / Surveys 内閣府 統計情報・調査結果
Opinion polls and surveys are accessible at the bottom of the page under the heading その他.

NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute, NHK, 放送文化研究所
Survey results provided under 研究・調査. Poll results available under 一般世論調査. Polls and surveys were conducted by the institute over the past few years. Brief English-language summaries of some reports are available under "Surveys and Research Results" at

Data Archive, Social Science Japan
The Social Science Japan Data Archive (SSJDA) collects, maintains, and provides access to quantitative data from social surveys for the academic community. Data is provided in Japanese only, but there is an English version of the website with information on how to deposit and access data. The archive is maintained by a unit within the Information Center for Social Research on Japan, Institute of Social Science at the University of Tokyo.

Minryoku 民力CD-ROM 2000 : 1989-2009
Contains statistical data in the period of 1989 to 2009 for Japan’s population, economy, industry, construction, transportation, communication and culture, etc.

International Historical Statistics ID