Image Databases

Union Catalog of the Collections of the National Art Museums, Japan (掲載作品数38,488点、画像公開数14,668点/2015.10.9)

Kyoto National Museum Collections 京都国立博物館蔵品データベース
Over 5,000 items held by the museum are searchable by title, creator, type, nationality, period, etc. 10,000 images are viewable.

立命館大学 ARC浮世絵検索システム 

Art of Asia, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


早稲田大学演劇博物館浮世絵閲覧システム Image Database of Ukiyoe Collection owned by the Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum

Database of Ukiyo-e held at the Library of Congress  

東京都立図書館貴重資料画像データベース 13,800 Ukiyoe are searchable and veiwable.

奈良国立博物館所蔵写真検索システム Nara Museum Photograph search

在欧博物館等保管日本仏教美術資料データベース Japanese Buddhist Art in European Collections (JBAE)

ARTstor for Japanese works (ID)

Ukiyo-e Search "With a collection of over 200,000 images, the site provides comprehensive coverage of images from the mid-1700s up to the contemporary period. Sources of the images include major museums, academic institutions, libraries, databases, galleries and dealers."

935 digitized Japanese art exhibition catalogues

Picture Scrolls/Books 絵巻 絵本



The Levenberg Collection of Japanese Prints (日本の版画コレクション) 


『浮世絵芸術』全文データベース Full text database of Ukiyoe geijutsu 1962-present). 

Viewing Japanese Prints   Illustrated essays on the artists, designs, technique of traditional and modern prints maniteined by John Fiorillo.

Contemporrary Arts

Sogetsu Art Center  Doryun Chong's essay in MOMA's online journal "POST."

Oral History Archives of Japanese Art Founded in 2006 by a group of art historians and curators, the Oral History Archives of Japanese Art is an organization that is devoted to conducting interviews with individuals involved in the field of art, and collecting and preserving the results as historical documents.


新美術海 a Japanese design magazine that was edited by illustrator and designer Korin Furuya (1875-1910)

Japanese Art and Design digitization project 44 Modern Art and Design catalogs are viewable 

Architecture 建築

The Kenzō Tange Archive -- 丹下健三アーカイブ  Gift of Mrs. Takako Tange, 2011. Frances Loeb Library, Harvard University Graduate School of Design

雛形本 118 titles of Hinagatabon,(architecturtal and sructure design books) published between 1700 to 1913 are downloadable.

文様集成」日本建築学会編 (1911-1916) 

『コンドル博士遺作集』 (1932)