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An Internet library of scholarly and cultural publications from Central and Eastern Europe. Search articles, books, publishers, periodicals, and authors.

Early European books : printed sources to 1700

Central Europe


Full-colour, high-resolution (400 ppi) facsimile images scanned directly from the original titles printed in Europe before 1701, regardless of language or pre-1701 works in European languages printed elsewhere.  Includes titles in Czech and Polish.

East View E-Books (EB-EVEB)


East View UDB

The collection includes Russian books on social sciences and humanities as well as fiction and poetry. Includes various reference works (dictionaries, catalogs, encyclopedias etc.), statistical publications, as well as issues 1-15 of series Dostoevskii : materialy I issledovaniia, the Bolshaia sovetskaia entsiklopediia 1926-1947, 1992-2014 Glas magazine run, volumes from the Polnoe sobranie russkikh letopisei series and 43 volumes of Sbornik boevykh dokumentov. 

Essential Russian Classics Russia East View (UDB) A full-text searchable collection of over 6000 Russian language fiction, poetry, drama and non-fiction titles by over 300 authors. 
Legal Works of the Russian S.F.S.R. in the Harvard Law School Library Russia Harvard Law School Library Harvard Early Soviet (R.S.F.S.R.) law preservation digitization project digitized a collection of Russian legal works published between 1917 and 1922. Harvard Law School Library’s holdings include both primary law (laws, decrees, executive orders, and regulations) and secondary sources from this period, and range from pamphlets tor multiple volumes sets.

Popular Literature, Fiction and Songs in Imperial Russia Online.



The collection illustrates the chief genres of Russian popular literature and includes chivalric tales, historical fiction and updated fairy tales, as well as stories of adventure, banditry, detectives, success, war and empire, women and gender. The collection follows the evolution of the Russian language in its popular commercial print form, an evolution that the Bolsheviks interrupted, but one that has now resumed.

Primary sources, Russian Avant-garde, 1904-1946.



Represents works of all Russian literary avant-garde schools. Comprises almost 800 books, periodicals and almanacs most of them published between 1910-1940 and thus offers an exceptionally varied and well-balanced overview of one of the most versatile movements in Russian literature. The books in this collection can be regarded as objects of art, illustrated by famous artists such as Malevich, Goncharova and Lisitskii.

Project Muse

All Slavic

Johns Hopkins University Press in collaboration with The Milton S. Eisenhower Library

Full-text versions of peer-reviewed journals from many of the world's leading university presses and scholarly societies, as well as thousands of ebooks, with emphasis on humanities and social sciences. Journal articles indexed directly in HOLLIS.

Russian Old Believer books Russia Harvard Library 6 fully digitized Old Believer books with imprints from 1651 to 1916, from the Harvard Library collections.
Slavic Poor Paper Digitization Project All Slavic Harvard Library A collection of over 430 titles from the Harvard Library collection published before 1922 and digitized by the Library.

Soviet Union political reports, 1917-1970, Cambridge Archive Editions Online 


East View UDB

Reports and dispatches from the British diplomatic representatives in the USSR as well as reports and memoranda emanating in the Foreign Office and the War Office in London, and other British diplomatic sources.

Ukrainian Materials Digitization Project

Ukraine Harvard Library A collection of over 325 items from the Harvard Library collection including maps, books, scores and archival documents.

University press scholarship online (UPSO)

All Slavic

Oxford University Press

UPSO aggregates monograph content from partner university presses, making disparately published scholarship accessible, discoverable, and fully cross-searchable via a single online platform. All titles are searcheable in HOLLIS.

World Communism: Pamphlets from McMaster University


Gale Archives Unbound 

This collection contains un-catalogued pamphlets pertaining to communism, socialism, and class struggle. The pamphlets are global in scope, although they are all in English unless otherwise noted. The bulk of the collection originates from China and Soviet Russia during the post-WWII period, although Cuba and Britain are strongly represented as well.  Date range: 1901-1969.







Беларускія аўдыякніги Belarus audiobooks.by An online portal to Belarusian audiobooks.
Chtyvo Ukraine Chtyvo Digital Library

An online library of Ukrainian-language publications. Researchers can explore works by genre, browse by author, or search by keyword.

CIUS Archives Ukraine Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies The library includes the digitized collection of the CIUS publications including books, journals, newsletters, reports and audio-visual materials.
Culture of Ukraine: digital library Ukraine Yaroslav Mudryi National Library of Ukraine

The library consists of four major collections: culture, art, ethnography, and cultural institutions. Each collection is further divided into various categories and includes thousands of entries.



Ukraine (diaspora)

Klasychnyĭ pryvatnyĭ universytet 

(Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine)

An electronic library of Ukrainian diaspora books and periodicals published across the globe. Open access.

Elektronekrasovka Russia, USSR Biblioteka im. N.A. Nekrasova (Moscow, Russia) Digitized collections of N.A. Nekrasov Library. Included are 1564–2017 imprints, unique collections of books, magazines and newspapers.

Electronic library "Ukrainica" (ЕЛЕКТРОННА БІБЛІОТЕКА "УКРАЇНІКА") 


Nat︠s︡ionalʹna biblioteka Ukraïny im. V.I. Vernadsʹkoho

A full-text digital national information resource providing access to archival, manuscript and printed sources documenting Ukrainian national heritage, drawing on the Ukraine’s National Library collection and other collections. Open access.

Electronic library of the Institute of History of Ukraine Ukraine The Institute of History of Ukraine

The library contains published works, archival and other collections pertaining to all periods and themes in Ukrainian history.

Electronic library (St. Petersburg State Theater Library)  Russia St. Petersburg State Theater Library A collection of digitized books, serials, images and archives related to the the pre-revolutionary Russian theater. Includes M.M. Fokin's archive.
Электронная библиотека ГПИБ  : Книжные издания Russia State Public Historical Library of Russia Includes e-copies of books from the collections of the State Public Historical Library of Russia, both multivolume (digitized in whole or in part) and individual monographs. Open access.
Elektronnaia biblioteka Belinki  Russia Sverdlovskaia oblastnaia universalʹnaia nauchnaia biblioteka im. V. G. Belinskogo An electronic library of various monographs and periodicals.
Электронные публикации Института русской литературы (Пушкинского Дома) РАН Russia Russian Literature Institute (Pushkin House) Full-text of monographs, journals and monographic series published by the Russian Literature Institute (Pushkin House). Open access.
Электронные коллекции Российской национальной библиотеки Russia Russian National Library Topical collections of full-text open access scans of books, periodicals, maps, ephemera as well as audiorecordings from the collection of the Russian National Library.
Elib.tomsk.ru (Electronic library of Tomsk oblast A.S. Pushkin library) Russia Tomsk oblast A.S. Pushkin Library A collection of open access books and periodicals, mostly published in Siberia.
ELibUkr: Electronic library of Ukraine Ukraine ELIBUKR

Links to digitized publications of major research institutions and universities in Ukraine.

Fundamental Digital Library of Russian Literature and Folklore (FEB-web) (Фундаментальная электронная библиотека "Русская литература и фольклор" (ФЭБ))


Fundamentalnaia elektronnaia biblioteka foundation

A full-text digital resource. FEB-web accumulates information in text, audio, visual, and other forms on 11th-20th-century Russian literature, Russian folklore, and the history of Russian literary scholarship and folklore studies. Open access.

Goncharov Russia Russian Literature Institute (Pushkin House) Official site of the Task Group for publication of the Academic Complete Works and Letters of I. A. Goncharov of the Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkin House) of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The site offers the complete full text of the edition and additional content (the latest bibliography, visual materials, criticism, memoirs of Goncharov's contemporaries, etc.).
Institut slavianovedeniia Rossiiskoi akademii nauk : biblioteka / Институт славяноведения Российской академии наук : библиотека Eastern Europe Institut slavianovedeniia (RAS) An online catalog of monographs and journals published by the Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, with full-text PDF versions of many titles.
Izbornyk: History of Ukraine IX-XVIII centuries: Sources and Interpretations Ukraine Izbornyk

Books and other documents from the 9th through 18th centuries. Sources include chronicles and annals, classic literary works and poetry, historical and political works.

Mykhailo Hrushevsky Digital Archive Ukraine Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine

An ongoing online project that aims to compile and make accessible the complete works of Ukrainian historian Mykhailo Hrushevskyi. The collection includes works by and about Hrushevsky, personal documents and other archival materials.

Natsionalnaia elektronnaia detskaia biblioteka USSR, Russia Russian State Children's Library A open access archive of digitized copies of books, periodicals and slide strips.

National Electronic Library (NEL) (Национальная электронная библиотека (НЭБ))



Russia's Federal State information system bringing together digitized collections of Russian libraries of all levels. Partially open access. Includes a selection of early Slavic manuscripts.

NGONB Electronic library / Электронная библиотека НГОНБ Russia Novosibirsk State Oblast Academic Library A searchable electronic libray of digitized holdings of the Novosibirsk State Oblast Academic Library. Incudes monographs, journals and videorecordings. Browsing by thematic collections is also offered. Siberica and other subjects.
Old Printed Books

Eastern Europe Ukraine


Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

The collection includes digital copies of old and rare books from the 15th through the late 19th century from all over Europe, including many culturally significant books from Ukraine. 

Open Book Ukraine OpenBook An electronic library of classics of Ukrainian and world literature
Periodika IMLI RAN / Периодика ИМЛИ РАН  Russia Institut of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences The page presents journals as well as monographic series published by the Institut of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Many of the periodical issues and monographs have a PDF version available for downloading.

Project Guttenberg



Open access web-based Project Gutenberg offers over 57,000 free eBooks. Titles searchable directly in HOLLIS.

Rehabilitated by History


Soviet Union

Ukrainian Institute of National Memory

Digital collection of the "Rehabilitated by History" book series includes published archival documents, biographies and memoirs pertaining to political persecution in each region of Soviet Ukraine.

SKER / СКЭР (Сводный каталог электронных ресурсов) Russia LIBNET An all-Russia cumulative catalog of digital resources, with links to e-copies of books and periodicals. Selecte СКЭР from the top menu.