A : Faculty Papers

Aaron, Daniel, 1912-2016.  Literature and English (Fields of Study).


Abbot, Ezra, 1819-1884. Theology (Field of study).


Abbot, Francis Ellingwood, 1836-1903. Philosophy (Field of Study).


Abbott, Wilbur Cortez, 1869-1947. History (Field of study).


Ackerman, James S. 1919-2016. Fine arts (Field of Study).


Adams, Comfort A. (Comfort Avery), 1868-1958. Engineering (Field of study).


Agassiz, Alexander, 1835-1910. Zoology (Field of Study).


Agassiz, George R. (George Russell), 1862-1951. Zoology (Field of Study).


Agassiz, Louis, 1807-1873. Zoology and Geology (Fields of Study).


Ahlfors, Lars V. (Lars Valerian), 1907-1996. Mathematics (Field of Study).


Aiken, Howard H. (Howard Hathaway), 1900-1973. Physics, Mathematics and Engineering. (Fields of Study).


Albion, Robert Greenhalgh, 1896-1983. History (Field of study).


Allen, F. D. (Frederic De Forest), 1844-1897. Classics (Field of Study).


Allport, Gordon W. (Gordon Willard), 1897-1967. Psychology and Social ethics (Fields of Study).


Alonso, Amado, 1896-1952 . Romance languages (Field of Study).


Altrocchi, Rudolph, 1882-1953. Italian (Field of Study).


Ames, Oakes, 1874-1950. Botany (Field of Study).


Anastos, Milton V. (Milton Vasil), 1909-1997. Theology (Field of Study).


Anderson, Robert H., 1918-2010. Education (Field of study).


Andrew, A. Piatt (Abram Piatt), 1873-1936. Economics (Field of Study).


Arnold, Weld, 1895-1962. Geography (Field of Study).


Arnoult, Emile, active 1850. French (Field of Study).


Ashton, Peter Shaw, born 1934. Botany and Forestry (Fields of Study).