D : Faculty Papers

Dalgarno A. (Alexander), 1928-2015. Astrophysics (Field of Study).


Daly, Reginald Aldworth, 1871-1957. Geology (Field of Study).


Darlington, Philip Jackson, 1904-1983. Entomology and Zoology (Fields of Study).


Davis, William Morris, 1850-1934. Geology and Geography (Fields of Study).


Davison, Archibald T. (Archibald Thompson), 1883-1961. Music (Field of Study).


Dawes, Chester Laurens, 1886-1977. Electrical engineering (Field of Study).


Dawson, Alden B., 1892-1968. Zoology (Field of Study).


Dearborn, Walter F. (Walter Fenno), 1878-1955. Education and Psychology (Fields of Study).


Demos, Raphael, 1892-1968. Philosophy (Field of Study).


Derby, George, 1819-1874. Public Health (Field of Study).


Deutsch, Karl W. (Karl Wolfgang), 1912-1992. Government and Political Science (Fields of Study).


DeVore, Irven, 1934-2014. Biological Anthropology (Field of Study).


Dixon, Roland Burrage, 1875-1934. Anthropology (Field of Study).


Doering, W. von E. (William Von Eggers), 1917-2011. Chemistry (Field of Study).


Donald, David Herbert, 1920-2009. History (Field of Study).


Doty, Paul M., 1920-2011. Biochemistry and Biology (Fields of Study).


Dow, Sterling, 1903-1995. Archaeology (Field of Study).


Dowling, John E., born 1935. Neurosciences and Biology (Fields of Study).


Downey, Glanville, 1908-1991. Literature (Field of Study).


Dreben, Burton, 1927-1999. Philosophy (Field of Study).


Drinker, Cecil Kent, 1887-1956. Physiology (Field of Study).


Du Bois, Cora Alice, 1903-1991. Anthropology (Field of Study).


Duckworth, Eleanor, born 1935. Education (Field of Study).


Dunbar, Charles Franklin, 1830-1900. Economics and Government (Fields of Study).


Dunlop, John T. (John Thomas), 1914-2003. Economics (Field of Study).


Dunn, Henry W. (Henry Wesley), 1877-1958. Business administration (Field of Study).


Dziewonski, A. M. (Adam Marian), 1936-2016. Geophysics (Field of Study).