Wag - Whi: Faculty Papers

Wagner, Edward W., 1924-2001. Korean Studies (Field of Study).


Walcott, Samuel Baker, 1795-1854.


Wald, George, 1906-1997. Biology (Field of Study).


Walker, James, 1794-1874. Theology (Field of Study).


Walsh, J. L. (Joseph Leonard), 1895-1973. Mathematics (Field of Study).


Wambaugh, Eugene, 1856-1940. Law (Field of Study).

Wang, James C., born 1936. Biochemistry and Biology (Fields of Study).


Ward, Robert DeCourcy, 1867-1931. Meteorology and Geology (Fields of Study).

Ware, Henry, 1764-1845. Theology (Field of Study).


Ware, Henry, 1794-1843. Theology (Field of Study).

Warner, Langdon, 1881-1955. Fine Arts (Field of Study).


Warren, Herbert Langford, 1857-1917. Architecture (Field of Study).


Warren, John Collins, 1778-1856. Medicine and Chemistry (Fields of Study).


Waterhouse, Benjamin, 1754-1846. Medicine (Field of Study).

Watson, Fletcher G. (Fletcher Guard). Astronomy and Education (Fields of Study).

Watson, James D., born 1928. Biology (Field of Study).


Webster, John White, 1793-1850. Chemistry (Field of Study).


Weintraub, Wiktor, 1908-1988. Slavic languages (Field of Study).


Wells, Edgar Huidekoper, 1875-1938. English (Field of Study).


Welsh, John Henry, 1901-2002. Zoology (Field of Study).


Wendell, Barrett, 1855-1921. English (Field of Study).


Wernaer, Robert M. (Robert Maximilian), 1865-1951. German (Field of Study).


Westengard, Jens Iverson, 1871-1918. Law (Field of Study).


Westergaard, Harold Malcolm, 1888-1950. Engineering (Field of Study).

Westheimer, F.H. (Frank Henry), 1912-2007. Chemistry (Field of Study).


Weston, William H. (William Henry), 1890-1978. Botany (Fielf of Study).

Wetmore, Ralph H. (Ralph Hartley), 1892-1989. Botany (Field of Study).


Whatmough, Joshua, 1897-1964. Philology and Linguistics (Fields of Study).


Wheeler, C. S. (Charles Stearns), 1816-1843. History (Field of Study).


Wheeler, William Morton, 1865-1937. Entomology and Zoology (Fields of Study).

Whipple, Fred L. (Fred Lawrence), 1906-2004. Astronomy and Astrophysics (Fields of Study).


Whipple, George Chandler, 1866-1924. Sanitary Engineering (Field of Study).


White, Burton L., 1929-2013. Psychology (Field of Study).


White, Charles J. (Charles Joyce), 1839-1917. Mathematics (Field of Study).


White, Horatio S. (Horatio Stevens), 1852-1934.  Germanic languages and literature (Field of Study).


White, John Williams, 1849-1917. Greek (Field of Study).


White, Morton, 1917-2016. Philosophy (Field of Study).


White, Paul Dudley, 1886-1973. Medicine (Field of Study).


White, Robert Winthrop, 1904-2001. Psychology (Field of Study).


White, Sheldon H. (Sheldon Harold), 1928-2005. Psychology (Field of Study).


Whitehead, Alfred North, 1861-1947. Philosophy and Mathematics (Fields of Study).


Whiting, Bartlett Jere, 1904-1995. English (Field of Study).


Whiting, Beatrice Blyth, 1914-2003. Anthropology (Field of Study).
Papers [accessions], 1950-1983. (1 document box).

Whiting, John Wesley Mayhew, 1908-1999. Anthropology (Field of Study).

Whitlock, Charles Preston, 1919-2015. Psychology, Social Sciences and Sociology (Fields of Study).


Whitman, Cedric Hubbell, 1916-1979. Classics (Field of Study).


Whitney, Hassler, 1907-1989. Mathematics (Field of Study).


Whitney, J.D. (Josiah Dwight), 1819-1896. Geology (Field of Study).


Whittlesey, Derwent Stainthorpe, 1890-1956. Geography (Field of Study).