C : Faculty Papers

Cabot, Richard C. (Richard Clarke), 1868-1939. Medicine and Ethics (Fields of Study).


Cadbury, Henry J. (Henry Joel), 1883-1974. Theology (Field of Study).


Cameron, A. G. W. (Alastair Graham Walter), 1925-2005. Astronomy (Field of Study).


Cannon, Annie Jump, 1863-1941. Astronomy (Field of Study).

  • Papers, 1863-1978. (31 folders, 28 document boxes, 5 glass lantern slide boxes, 4 flat boxes, 2 accordion folders, 1 portfolio folder, 1 pamphlet binder, 1 record carton).


Carleton, Nathaniel Phillips, 1929-1920. Physics (Field of Study).


Carpenter, F. M. (Frank Morton), 1902-1994. Zoology (Field of Study).


Carr, Wendell Robert, 1938-2016. History (Field of study).


Carrier, George F., 1918-2002. Mathematics (Field of Study).


Carroll, John B. (John Bissell), 1916-2003. Education and Psychology (Fields of Study).


Carver, Thomas Nixon, 1865-1961. Economics (Field of Study).


Casagrande, Arthur, 1902-1981. Engineering and Soil Mechanics (Fields of Study).


Castle, William B. (William Bosworth), 1897-1990. Medicine (Field of Study).


Cavers, David F. (David Farquhar), 1902-1988. Law (Field of Study).


Chafee, Zechariah, Jr., 1885-1957. Law (Field of Study).


Chaffee, E. L. (Emory Leon), 1885-1975. Physics and Engineering (Fields of Study).


Chalmers, Bruce, 1907-1990.  Engineering and Metallurgy (Fields of Study).


Chamberlin, Edward, 1899-1967. Economics (Field of Study).


Chang, Kwang-chih, 1931-2001. Archaeology and Anthropology (Fields of Study).


Channing, Edward, 1856-1931.  History (Field of study).


Channing, Edward Tyrrel, 1790-1856. Rhetoric and Oratory (Fields of Study)..


Chapman, Robert Harris, 1919-2000. Drama and English (Fields of Study).


Chase, George Henry, 1874-1952. Archaeology (Field of Study).


Chase, Gordon, 1932-1980. Government (Field of study).


Chenery, Hollis Burnley, 1918-1994. Economics (Field of Study).


Cherington, Charles Richards, 1913-1967.  Government (Field of study).


Chermayeff, Serge, 1900-1996. Architecture (Field of study).


Child, Francis James, 1825-1896. English, Rhetoric and Oratory (Fields of Study).


Clark, Walter Eugene, 1881-1960. Sanskrit (Field of Study).


Clarke, George L. (George Leonard), 1905-1987. Marine Biology (Field of Study).


Clifford, Harry Ellsworth, 1866-1952. Electrical Engineering (Field of Study).


Clymer, W. B. Shubrick (William Branford Shubrick), 1855-1903. English (Field of Study).


Cochran, William G. (William Gemmell), 1909-1980.  Statistics (Field of study).


Cohen, I. Bernard, 1914-2003. History of science (Field of study).


Cohn, Edwin J. (Edwin Joseph), 1892-1953. Chemistry (Field of Study).


Cole, Arthur Harrison, 1889-1974. Economics (Field of Study).


Conant, James Bryant, 1893-1978. Chemistry (Field of Study).


Conant, Kenneth John, 1894-1984.  Architecture and Fine Arts (Fields of study)


Cons, Louis, 1879-1942. French Literature (Field of Study).


Constable, Giles, born 1929.  History (Field of study).


Cooke, Josiah P., Jr. (Josiah Parsons), 1827-1894. Chemistry and Mineralogy (Fields of Study).


Coolidge, Albert Sprague, 1894-1977. Chemistry (Field of Study).


Coolidge, Harold J. (Harold Jefferson), 1904-1985. Zoology (Field of Study).


Coolidge, John, 1913-1995. Fine Arts (Field of Study).


Coolidge, Julian Lowell, 1873-1954. Mathematics (Field of Study).


Coon, Carleton S. (Carleton Stevens), 1904-1981. Anthropology (Field of Study).


Copeland, Charles Townsend, 1860-1952. English (Field of Study).


Crompton, Alfred Walter, born 1927. Paleontology and Zoology (Fields of Study).


Cross, Samuel Hazzard, 1891-1946. Slavic languages (Field of Study).


Crozier, W. J. (William John), 1892-1955. Biology and Physiology (Fields of Study).