T : Faculty Papers

Tai, Hue-Tam Ho, born 1948. History and East Asian studies (Fields of Study).


Tambiah, Stanley Jeyaraja, 1929-2014. Anthropology (Field of Study).


Tappan, David, 1752-1803. Theology (Field of Study).

Taussig, F. W. (Frank William), 1859-1940. Economics (Field of Study).


Taylor, C. Richard (Charles Richard), 1939-1995. Zoology and Biology (Fields of Study).


Taylor, Charles Holt, 1899-1985. History (Field of Study).


Teeter, Karl V., 1929-2007. Linguistics (Field of Study).


Thaddeus, Patrick, 1932-2017. Astronomy and Astrophysics (Fields of Study).


Thayer, Ezra Ripley, 1866-1915. Law (Field of Study).

Thayer, James Bradley, 1831-1902. Law (Field of Study).


Thayer, Joseph Henry, 1828-1901. Theology (Field of Study).


Thayer, William Roscoe, 1859-1923. English (Field of Study).


Thimann, Kenneth Vivian, 1904-1997. Botany and Biology (Fields of Study).


Thoma, Kurt H. (Kurt Hermann), 1883-1972. Dental Medicine (Field of Study).

Thomas, Charles Swain, 1868-1943. Education (Field of study).


Thomas, Harold A. (Harold Allen), 1913-2002. Civil and Sanitary Engineering (Fields of Study).


Thompson, Dennis F. (Dennis Frank), born 1940. Government (Field of Study).


Thomson, James Claude, 1931-2002. East Asian Studies (Field of Study).


Thomson, William, born 1886. (1 document box).


Ticknor, George, 1791-1871. French and Spanish (Fields of Study).


Tillich, Paul, 1886-1965. Religion (Field of Study).


Todd, Donald P. (Donald Pearson), 1918-1998. Medicine (Field of Study).

Torrey, H. W. (Henry Warren), 1814-1893. History and Law (Fields of Study).

Torrey, Henry Augustus, 1871-1910. Chemistry (Field of Study).


Torrey, John G., 1921-1993. Botany (Field of Study).

Tozzer, Alfred M. (Alfred Marston), 1877-1954. Anthropology (Field of Study).

Treadwell, Daniel, 1791-1872. Science (Field of Study).

Turner, Frederick Jackson, 1861-1932. History (Field of study).


Tyler, Royall, 1884-1953. Fine Arts (Field of Study).