M : Faculty Papers

Maass, Arthur, 1917-2004. Government (Field of Study).


Mackey, George W. (George Whitelaw), 1916-2006. Mathematics (Field of Study).


MacLeish, Archibald, 1892-1982. English (Field of Study).


Magoun, Francis Peabody, 1895-1979. English (Field of Study).


Maguire, John MacArthur, 1888-1978. Law (Field of Study).

Maher, Brendan A. (Brendan Arnold), born 1924. Psychology (Field of Study).


Mangelsdorf, Paul C. (Paul Christoph), 1899-1989. Botany (Field of Study).


Marichal, Juan Augusto, 1922-2010. Spanish and French (Fields of Study).

  • Papers of Juan Marichal, 1903-1985. (35 document boxes, 7 folders, 3 flat boxes, 2 microfilm boxes, 1 audio cassette box, 1 pamphlet binder, 1 microfilm reel, 1 videocassette tape).

Mark, E. L. (Edward Laurens), 1847-1946. Zoology (Field of Study).


Marks, Lionel S. (Lionel Simeon), 1871-1955. Engineering (Field of Study).


Márquez Villanueva, Francisco. Spanish (Field of Study).


Marsh, Thomas, 1710?-1780.

Martin, Paul Cecil, 1931-2016. Physics (Field of Study).

Mason, Edward Sagendorph, 1899-1992. Economics (Field of Study).

Mather, Kirtley F. (Kirtley Fletcher), 1888-1978. Geology (Field of Study).

May, Ernest R., 1928-2009. Government and History (Fields of Study).

Maybury-Lewis, David, 1929-2007. Anthropology (Field of Study).


Maynadier, Howard, 1866-1960. English (Field of Study).

Mayr, Ernst, 1904-2005. Zoology (Field of Study).


McAdie, Alexander, 1863-1943. Meteorology (Field of Study).


McCarthy, James J., 1944-2019. Biology and Oceanography (Fields of Study).


McClelland, David C. (David Clarence), 1917-1998.  Psychology (Field of Study).


McCloskey, Robert G. (Robert Green), 1916-1969. Government (Field of Study).


McCrosky, Richard E. (Richard Eugene), 1924-2012. Astronomy.


McDonald, Christie, born 1942. French (Field of Study).


McFarland, Ross Armstrong, 1901-1976. Government (Field of study).


McIlwain, Charles Howard, 1871-1968. History and Government (Fields of Study).


McKay, Donald C. (Donald Cope), 1902-1959. History (Field of study).


McKean, Joseph, 1776-1818. Rhetoric and Oratory (Fields of Study).


McKinstry, Hugh Exton, 1896-1961. Geology (Field of Study).


McMahon, Thomas A., 1943-1999. Mathematics, Biology and Engineering (Fields of Study).


Mendelsohn, Everett. History of Science (Field of Study).

Menzel, Donald Howard, 1901-1976. Astronomy (Field of Study).


Mercier, Louis J. A. (Louis Joseph Alexandre), 1880-1953. Education and French (Fields of Study).


Meriam, Richard Stockton, 1893-1977. Economics (Field of Study).


Merk, Frederick, 1887-1977. History (Field of Study).


Merrill, Elmer D. (Elmer Drew), 1876-1956. Botany (Field of Study).

Merriman, Roger Bigelow, 1876-1945. History (Field of Study).


Merritt, A. Tillman (Arthur Tillman), 1902-1998. Music (Field of Study).

Meselson, Matthew, born 1930. Biochemistry and Biology (Fields of Study).


Messenger, Harry Knowles, 1891-1967. Greek, Latin and Medicine (Fields of Study).

Metcalf, Keyes D. (Keyes DeWitt), 1889-1983. Bibliography (Field of Study).


Meyer, A. J. (Albert Julius), 1919-1983. Economics and Middles Eastern studies (Fields of Study).


Middleton, David, 1920-2008. Physics (Field of Study).


Miller, George A. (George Armitage), 1920-2012. Psychology (Field of Study).

Miller, John Preston, 1923-1961. Geology (Field of Study).


Miller, Perry, 1905-1963. History and American Studies (Fields of Study).


Minnick, Robert Charles. Mathematics (Field of Study).


Mongan, Agnes, 1905-1996. Art History (Field of Study).


Monis, Judah, 1683-1764. Hebrew (Field of Study).


Montgomery, John D. (John Dickey), 1920-2008. International studies (Field of Study).

Moore, Barrington, 1913-2005. Government (Field of Study).

Moore, Edward Warren, 1906-1980. Chemistry and Sanitary Engineering (Fields of Study).


Moore, Merrill, 1903-1957. Medicine (Field of Study).

Moran, William L., 1921-2000. Semitic languages (Field of Studies).


Morgan, M. H. (Morris Hicky), 1859-1910. Classics (Field of Study).


Morison, Samuel Eliot, 1887-1976. History (Field of Study).


Morize, André, 1883-1957. French and Military science (Fields of Study).


Morris, Donald, born 1945. Psychology (Field of Study).

Morris, J. Carrell (John Carrell), 1914-1997. Chemistry (Field of Study).

Morrison, Theodore, 1901-1988. English (Field of Study).

Morse, Harold Marston, 1892-1977. Mathematics (Field of Study).


Morstein Marx, Fritz, 1900-1969. Government (Field of study).


Mosher, Harris P. (Harris Peyton), 1867-1954. Medicine (Field of Study).

Mosteller, Frederick, 1916-2006. Statistics (Field of study).


Movius, Hallam L. (Hallam Leonard), 1907-1987. Anthropology (Field of Study).


Moynihan, Daniel P. (Daniel Patrick), 1927-2003. Government (Field of study).

Munn, James Buell, 1890-1967. English (Field of Study).


Munro, William Bennett, 1875-1957.  Government (Field of study).

Münsterberg, Hugo, 1863-1916. Psychology (Field of Study).


Murdoch, John Emery, 1927-2010. History of Science (Field of Study).

Murdock, Kenneth Ballard, 1895-1975. English (Field of Study).

Murray, Henry A. (Henry Alexander), 1893-1988. Psychology (Field of Study).


Murray, John Tucker, 1876-1956. English (Field of Study).