R : Faculty Papers

Ramsey, Norman, 1915-2011. Physics (Field of Study).


Rand, Benjamin, 1856-1934. Philosophy (Field of Study).


Rand, Edward Kennard, 1871-1945. Classics (Field of Study).


Raper, John R., 1911-1974. Botany (Field of Study).


Rawls, John, 1921-2002. Philopsophy (Field of Study).


Raymond, Percy E. (Percy Edward), 1879-1952. Paleontology and Geology (Fields of Study).


Redfield, Alfred Clarence, 1890-1983. Physiology and Medicine (Fields of Study).


Reischauer, Edwin O. (Edwin Oldfather), 1910-1990. Japanese and East Asian Studies (Fields of Study).


Reischauer, Haru Matsukata, 1915-1998. Japanese and East Asian Studies (Fields of Study).


Reisner, George Andrew, 1867-1942. Archaeology and Semitic languages (Fields of Study).


Remington Jonathan,1677-1745.


Richards, I. A. (Ivor Armstrong), 1893-1979. English (Field of Study).


Richards, John F. C., 1897-1992. Classics (Field of Study).


Richards, Theodore W. (Theodore William), 1868-1928. Chemistry (Field of Study).


Riesman, David, 1909-2002. Sociology (Field of Study).


Ripley, William Zebina, 1867-1941. Economics (Field of Study).


Roback, A. A. (Abraham Aaron), 1890-1965. Psychology and Jewish Studies (Fields of Study).


Robinson, F. N. (Fred Norris), 1871-1966. English (Field of Study).


Rochow, Eugene G. (Eugene George), 1909-2002. Chemistry (Field of Study).


Roedder, Edwin, 1919-2006. Geology, Chemistry, and Physics (Fields of Study).


Roelker, Bernard, 1816-1888. German (Field of Study).


Roethlisberger, F. J. (Fritz Jules), 1898-1974. Engineering (Field of Study).


Rogers, Francis M. (Francis Millet), 1914-1989. Romance Languages (Field of Study).


Rogers, Peter P., 1937-2018. Engineering (Field of Study).


Rogers, William A. (William Augustus), 1832-1898. Astronomy (Field of Study).


Rollins, Hyder Edward, 1889-1958. English (Field of Study).


Rollins, Reed C. (Reed Clark), 1911-1998. Botany and Biology (Fields of Study).  


Romer, Alfred Sherwood, 1894-1973. Zoology (Field of Study).


Ropes, James Hardy, 1866-1933. Theology (Field of Study).


Rosenberg, Jakob, 1893-1980. Fine Arts (Field of Study).


Rosenkrantz, Barbara Gutmann. History of Science (Field of Study).


Rosovsky, Henry, born 1927. Economics (Field of Study).


Rossi, Peter H. (Peter Henry), 1921-2006. Sociology (Field of Study).


Rotberg, Robert I., born 1935. History and Politcal Science (Fields of Study).


Rowland, Benjamin, 1904-1972. Fine Arts (Field of Study).


Royce, Josiah, 1855-1916. Philosophy (Field of Study)


Rüdenberg, Reinhold, 1883-1961. Engineering (Field of Study).


Ruggles, C. O. (Clyde Orval), 1878-1958. Business administration (Field of study).


Rulon, Phillip Justin, 1900-1968. Education (Field of Study).