写真の中の明治・大正:東京編、関西編 Created by the National Diet Library of Japan, includes some 900 photos of Tokyo and the Kansai area from 1880-1920.

近代日本人の肖像 Portraits of Modern Japanese Historical Figures

国立公文書館蔵写真 National Archive of Japan's photo collection

旧江戸城写真帖 Album of Edo Castle 蜷川式胤(1835−82年)が写真師・横山松三郎と絵師・高橋由一の協力を得て、明治4年(1871)に作製

Japanese Old Photographs in Bakumatsu-Meiji Period, Nagasaki University

Hand-colored photos in 1890s, Waseda University

A Directory to Photographs at Harvard

Early Photography of Japan from the Stillman albums, Harvard.

Etz-Trudell collection of hand-colored lantern slides of Japan

Pilgrims at the sixth section of Fuji mountain.

East Asia Image Collections Open-access archive of digitized photographs, negatives, postcards, and slides of imperial Japan (1868-1945), its Asian empire (1895-1945) and occupied Japan (1947-52). Images of Taiwan 台湾, Japan 日本, China 中国, Korea 朝鮮, Manchuria 満洲国, and Indonesia are included. Maintained by Lafayette College.

大東亜建築グラフ Vol. 1-7 (1942) 

Photographic archive of Prof. Dietrich Seckel in Japan (1936-1947) nearly 1000 images are viewable.

Charles Nicholas Johnson Slide Collection 260 color slides taken by Johnson, U.S. Army non-commissioned officer, in 1955-57 while he was in Japan.

Photo archive of Japanese Religions The Nanzan Institute has prepared an open-source collection of visual images related to Japanese religions, based on a donation of over 800 slides from Ian Reader, professor at Lancaster University. 

Japanese American Relocation Digital Archive, 1941-1946 222 photos related to the relocation of Japanese-Americans in California during World War II.

Kikuzo Visual II for Libraries 聞蔵IIビジュアル for Libraries ID 朝日新聞 (1879-present).

AP Multimedia Archive: a searchable database of 700,000+ Associated Press photos, charts & graphics from the 1840s to the present

Trans Asia Photography Review An international refereed journal devoted to the discussion of historic and contemporary photography from Asia. Free access online.



歴史民俗博物館蔵錦絵データベース Some 4000 prints.

国会図書館蔵錦絵 Some 11,000 images.

立命館大学 ARC浮世絵検索システム

米国議会図書館所蔵浮世絵データベース 2,500 prints held by the Library of Congress are viewable.


Ukiyo-e Search "With a collection of over 200,000 images, the Ukiyo-e Search web site provides comprehensive coverage of images from the major eras of Ukiyo-e woodblock printing history starting from the mid-1700s and ranging up to the contemporary period. Sources of the images include major museums, academic institutions, libraries, databases, galleries and dealers."

Ukiyo-e caricatures 1842-1905 Created by University of Vienna, over 1,000 prints are searchable and viewable.

The Floating World: Japanese Color Woodcuts by Kitagawa Utamaro NYPL's Digital gallery

Japanese prints at the Pushkin state museum of Fine Arts Some 600 Ukiyo-e prints are searchable and viewable.

Tsukioka Kogyo月岡耕魚, The Art of Noh 1869-1927 University of Pittsburgh

Monsters, Ghosts and Beyond

怪異・妖怪画像データベース(日文研) Image database of Japanese monsters and ghosts.

怪異・妖怪絵姿データベース(日文研)  Scans of picture scrolls relating to Japanese monsters and weird tales.

From the Yenching collection:

Heso no Yadogae Comic books of the 19th century.

三皇五帝絵卷 Sankō Gotei emaki  From the Petzold Scroll collection.


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Over 20,000 Japanese postcards from the early 20th century are viewable.

絵はがき、東北芸術工科大学東北文化研究センター Some 30,000 postcards are searchable and viewable.

戦前土木絵葉書ライブラリー Some 3,600 pre-war postcards on civil engineering themes, including bridges, railways, dams, and power stations.

絵葉書の中の東京 Tokyo Archive, Tokyo Metropolitan Library

「宮武外骨編集絵葉書類別大集成」 Postcards collected by the journalist Miyatake Gaikotsu (Harvard-Yenching CD-ROM (J) CD-ROM J-0014).


マンガ図書館Z Provides free access to manga pubished from the 1970s to the present.

Historical Images

Visualizing Cultures MIT image-driven scholarship initiative, including the Shiseido gallery and Tokyo Modern: 100 views by 8 artists (1928-1932).

The Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895: as seen in prints and archives 235 viewable prints from the British Library, of which 179 are woodblock prints or lithographs produced in Japan, while 56 are prints and leaflets made in China.

Tokyo Archive 都市・東京の記憶

写真の中の明治・大正:東京編 500 pre-war (1868-1945) photographs of Tokyo.

横浜歴史画像集 Historical Images of Yokohama Including photos, prints, trademarks and posters.

法政大学大原社会問題研究所所蔵資料2700点で見る戦前期日本の〈モダンの力〉 2700 Labor movement posters from pre-war Japan are searchable and viewable. Also available: 1400 post-war posters.

正倉院宝物検索 Shosoin treasure hunt search.


Illustrated Books


Japanese Commercial Graphic Design in 1920s This site provides 50 graphic designs published in 1928, and were donated in 1939 by the Bishop Imamura (今村恵猛) Memorial Library in Hawaii.

 新美術海 A Japanese design magazine that was edited by illustrator and designer Korin Furuya (1875-1910).

Tokyo city hall, Competition drawing, 1966 by Isozaki Arata