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FirstSearch ID Includes WorldCat, Ebooks and numerous other databases.

HathiTrust Digital Library ID Searchable digital content from over 50 institutions, totalling over 7.9 million volumes.

NDL-OPAC国立国会図書館蔵書検索 The National Diet Library's main search portal for its vast collection, including over 150,000 volumes of digital books.

NDL Search A search portal of National Diet Library, which aims to be an access point for multi-format materials in public libraries, archives, museums, academic research institutions and NDL.

NDL 検索対象データベース一覧

e読書.jp Launched in April 2012, the site allows to search one million books in both print and digital.

国文学研究資料館古典籍総合目録 Union Catalog of Early Japanese Books including holdings of European and US libraries.

欧州所在日本古書総目録 Union Catalogue of Early Japanese Books in Europe.

全國漢籍データベース Union Catalog of Chinese Classic Books held in Japan.

日本漢文文献目録データベース Over 45,000 records and growing. Maintained by Nisho gakusha daigaku.

Dissertations and Theses

Japanese dissertations 博士論文 National Diet Library provides 15,000 dissertations in full-text online, and 140,000 bibliographic records of dissertations submitted 1991-2000.

CiNii Dissertations

「博士論文を探す」 How to find and access to Japanese dissertations.

ProQuest ID Full texts of dissertations and theses.

Open Access Theses and Dissertations (OATD) Metadata (information about the theses) comes from over 600 colleges, universities, and research institutions. OATD currently indexes over 1.6 million theses and dissertations.

博士論文の現況と利用方法 2016

Book Reviews/Blogs/Podcasts


New Books in East Asian Studies Interviews with authors, hosted by Carla Nappi at the University of British Columbia.

Online sources

H-Net Japan Reviews Scholarly review of contents in multi-formats.

Contemporary Japanese Literature Book reviews of contemporary Japanese fiction in translation and occasional essays on anime, manga, and video games by Kathryn Hemmann.

松岡正剛の千夜一夜 1,500 book reviews by Matsuoka Seigo

Asahi shinbun book revew 朝日新聞書評

情報工学 Passion for the Future Blog by 橋本大也

Japanese Book News, Japan Foundation

紀伊國屋書店 「書評空間」

エキサイトレビュー Reviews of all medium including books, films, anime, manga, TV programs, games, and software applications. 

Dissertation Review Offers non-critical reviews of recently defended, unpublished doctoral dissertations.

Print sources




Digitized Books/Texts in Japanese


ウラ・アオゾラブンコ The site no longer exists, but Wayback Machine, provides easy navigation of Aozora Bunko.

National Diet Library Digital Collection 国会図書館デジタルコレクション

国会図書館近代デジタルライブラリー Digital Library from Meiji

慶応大学コレクション Some 80,000 volumes of books from Keiko University are digitized and viewable via HathiTrust.

日本近代文学(早稲田大学古典籍総合データベース) Keyword search"日本近代文学" brings some 900 titles

大系本文(日本古典文学)データベース 「日本古典文学大系」(岩波書店)と「噺本大系」(東京堂)全文データベース, registration required

新編日本古典文学全集 (小学館)Enter through Japan Knowledge site ID

Yenching Books in GBS

東洋文庫 Enter through Japan Knowledge site ID

デジタルで読む福沢諭吉 55 titles of Fukuzawa's works in the first edition.  

 日本ペンクラブ電子文藝館 The Japan PEN Club Digital Library

ちりめん本データベース Crepe-paper books

Japanese Historical Text Initiative UC Berkeley

Japanese Text Initiative University of Virginia

E-Books Search

EBSCO eBook Collection ID

Project MUSE ID

Open Library Includes 4000 titles E-Books from Aozora Bunko.

Finding Full-Text Books online, Harvard's guide

HathiTrust Digital Library

Google Books Search (GBS)

Ebook and Texts Archive, Internet Archive

日本文学電子テキスト検索 Search all available Japanese literature in e-texts, created by ARC (Art Research Center), Ritsumeikan University