Historical Newspaper Databases

Kikuzo Visual II for Libraries 聞蔵IIビジュアル for Libraries ID 朝日新聞 (1879-present).

Yomidas Rekishikan 読売新聞 (1874-present) ID Including Daily Yomiuri (1989-present).

Nikkei Telecom 21 日経テレコン21 ID Nihon Keizai shinbun 日本経済新聞 (1876-present) and other three Nikkei papers.

Maisaku 毎日新聞 ID (1872-Present) 

Keijo nippo 京城日報 / Kyŏngsŏng ilbo 경성일보 (1915-1935) ID Online access to full image reproductions in pdf format of an official Japanese-language newspaper from colonial-period Korea. 

Taiwan jihō 臺灣時報 ID
Coverage: 1898-1945
Keyword searching and scanned full text in .pdf format for a Japanese-language journal published by the Japanese colonial government in Taiwan. Search terms may be entered using Chinese or Japanese. Includes the earlier Taiwan Kyōkai kaihō 臺灣協會會報 (note: the texts are in Japanese and the metadata may be searched in Japanese. The website, help files, etc., are in Chinese).

Taiwan nichinichi shinpō 臺灣日日新報 ID
Coverage: 1898-1944
Harvard-Yenching Microfilm FJ-50010 (includes the earlier Taiwan shinpō 臺灣新報)
Including both Japanese (1898.5 - 1944.3) and Chinese (1905.7 - 1911.11) editions. Search terms may be entered using Japanese or Chinese characters. Texts are in .pdf format; citations may be saved or emailed. Continues Taiwan shinpō 臺灣新報 (note: the texts are in Japanese and the metadata may be searched in Japanese. The website, help files, etc., are in Chinese).

ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Chinese Newspapers Collection (1832-1953) This historical newspaper provides genealogists, researchers and scholars with online, easily-searchable first-hand accounts and unparalleled coverage of the politics, society and events of the time.

Japan Times (1897-2014) ID

Japan Chronicle Weekly (1902 – 1940) ID

The Trans-Pacific (Sep 1919 - 1921) Via Hathi Trust.

Illustrated London News Historical Archive

Japan Weekly Mail 1870 (Vol.1, #1-50)

The Anglo-Japanese Gazette (Vol. 1-2, July 1902-June 1903)

NK News News from North Kore

Guide to Newspapers and Newspaper Indexes

America's Historical Newspapers ID

Yenching Library Newspaper Search

LexisNexis Academic ID For most Western media after 1980s.

Westlaw Japan Legal news, publications, and all legal precedents and current laws are searchable in this database.

Media Web Sites

NHK News

共同通信社 Kyodo News

Japan Times

Japan Subculture Research Center

Access World News Over 5500 sources including 6 Japanese papers are searchable - full text.

Pressnet, Japanese Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association 日本新聞協会
Links to Japanese media

Asahi shinbun 朝日新聞

Asahi Japan Watch (AJW)

Mainichi Interactive 毎日新聞
Full-text is searchable for the last two years.

Mainichi photo bank 毎日フォトバンク
120,000 photos from the pre-war era and 200,000 items of visual information since 1998 are available free for searching and viewing on the site.

Nihon Keizai shinbun 日本経済新聞

Yomiuri shinbun 読売新聞


JBpress 日本ビジネスプレス

Nippon.com: your doorway to Japan

Japan Realtime/Wall Street Journal 

Genron portal for critical discourse in Japan.

Free Newspaper Resources

日本の新聞広告3000(明治24年-昭和20年) Newspaper advertisements (1892-1945).

神戸大学新聞記事文庫 Database of newspaper clippings from 1910-1943, including papers published in Taiwan, Korea and Manchuria.


Yubin Hochi shinbun #447, Feb. 1875