Primary Sources: Repository & Regional Guides

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Theseus lists source material on Danish scientists, mainly mathematicians, but including broader sources.

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Primary Sources


Review of applied mycology, 1922-1969. Host-Pathogen index, 1 v., for vols. 1-40, 1922-61)
LOCATION: Countway Medicine: Harvard Depository Serial (1922-1940)

Collections, Herbaria

Kent, D. H. & D. E. Allen. 1984. British and Irish Herbaria: An Index to the Location of Herbaria of British and Irish Vascular Plants, with Biographical References to their Collectors. London: Botanical Society of the British Isles, 333 pp.

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  • Part 1. Plant portraits, artists A-D.
  • Part 2. Plant portraits, artists E-G.
  • Part 3. Plant portraits, artists H.
  • Part 4. Plant portraits, artists I-O.
  • Part 5. Plant portraits, artists P-S
  • Part 6. Plant Portraits, artists T-Z and Unknown.