Environmental Secondary Source Bibliographies

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Environmental History Bibliography (European Society for Environmental History), 1993- .

Environmental History Bibliography

Selected new entries are printed as Biblioscope: An Archival Guide and Bibliography, an annotated list of selected new books, articles, and theses, published in Environmental History, (1996- ) which continues Forest and Conservation History (1990-95).

Print version of earlier entries:
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Online Bibliography for Environmental History of Latin America

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Environmental Primary Source Bibliographies

Bibliography of Native North Americans contains citations to works published from the 16th century to the present, including monographs, essays, journal articles, US and Canadian government documents and other publications

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Widener | WID-LC | CS49 .H66 1997

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Bulk is from the 1960s-1970s but covers the earlier literature.

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The Evolution of the Conservation Movement, 1850-1920. Additional Resources in the Library of Congress. American Memory:
Bibliographies on:

--1.Scenic and Wilderness Travel Literature
--2.The Nature Essay
--3.Popular Ornithology
--4.Sportsmen and Conservationism
--5.State-Level Fish and Game Conservation Measures
--6.Arbor and Bird Day Observance
--7.Nature and Wilderness as Recreational Resources
--8.Hetch Hetchy
--9.State-Level Conservation Initiatives Following the Governors' Conference of 1908
--10.Juvenile Nature Literature and Nature Pedagogy

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