Secondary Sources, Context, and Background

Chronologies, Dictionaries, Directories, Encyclopedias, Handbooks

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Subject indexed chronology with historical introduction. Tabular summaries of game laws.

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Biographical Sources

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Zoology: Biography - By Specialty


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Includes common names, anatomical and physiological terms, etc. Includes names of entomologists, with reference to biography or obituary with bibliography indicated. Includes all terms in Torre-Bueno.

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Primary Sources

Periodical Indexes

Bericht über die Fortschritte der Anatomie und Physiologie (1856-71) includes for each subject a list of publications followed by summary/discussion of the year's work. Author index. Cumulative author index for v. 1-10 (1872-81). Includes physical anthropology. Published as special section of Zeitschrift für rationelle Medicin (1856-68). Titled: Jahresbericht über die Fortschritte der Anatomie und Physiologie (1872-91).
LOCATION: Countway Medicine: Harvard Depository Serial (1856-1871, 1884-1891)
LOCATION: Museum Comp Zoology: S-J25.2 (1856-1891)
LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository Sci 3285.9 (1861-71)
LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository Sci 3285.10 (1872/73-1891/92)
LOCATION: Widener: Sci 3285.10.5 = index

Continued by:
Jahresbericht über die Fortschritte der Physiologie, 1892-1911. Author index in each volume. Indexes: 1-10 Bd., 1892-1901, with 11-12 Bd.; 11-20 Bd., 1902-1911, 1 vol.
LOCATION: Countway Medicine: Serial (1892-1964 (incomplete); 1921-1964 at Harvard Depository)
LOCATION: Museum Comp Zoology: S-J25.4 (1892-1912)
LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository: Sci 85.102 (1920-69)

Title varies:
Jahresbericht über die Fortschritte der animalischen Physiologie, 1912-19.
Berichte über die gesamte Physiologie, 1920.
Berichte über die gesamte Physiologie und experimentelle Pharmakologie, 1921-69.

Also continued by:
Jahresberichte über die Fortschritte der Anatomie und Entwicklungsgeschichte, 1892-1914) which offers citations (no summaries) arranged by subject with author index. Cumulative author index for v. 1-7 (1892-1901). Includes physical anthropology.
LOCATION: Countway Medicine: Serial (1892-1914)
LOCATION: Museum Comp Zoology: S-J25.6 (1892-1912)

Bibliographia zoologica (1896-1934) arranges articles in a subject classification, no other subject and no author access.
LOCATION: Cabot Science: PER 2330 (1896-1898; 1910-1929)
LOCATION: Museum Comp Zoology: Ref. QL45.B6 (1896-1934)

"Litteratur" section in Zoologischer Anzeiger, 1878-1895.
LOCATION: Museum Comp Zoology: ZOO 8680

Bibliotheca zoologica [I] Verzeichniss der schriften über zoologie, welche in den periodischen werken enthalten und vom jahre 1846-1860 selbständig erschienen sind. Bearb. von J. Victor Carus und Wilhelm Engelmann. Leipzig, W. Engelmann, 1861.
2 v. (2144 p.)
Location :  Museum Comp Zoology  |  Ref.    |  QL45 .B58
Location :  Widener  |  Harvard Depository    |  KF 29854

Most exhaustive source before the beginning of the Zoological Recordin 1864. Covers pre-1860 periodical articles and separately published works for 1846-1860.

Continued by:
Bibliotheca zoologica II : verzeichness der schriften über zoologie / by O. Taschenberg. Leipzig, Germany : Verlag von Wilhelm Engelmann, 1887-1923. 8 v. in 9.
Location :  Widener  |  Harvard Depository   |  KF 29855
Location :  Museum Comp Zoology Ref. QL45 .B582x 

Bibliographie anatomique (1893-1918) is largely devoted to original works, but contains a Bibliographie section with articles listed by author under subject. No indexes.
LOCATION: Countway Medicine: ZQS 4 B582 (1893-1918)
LOCATION: Museum Comp Zoology: Ref QL801.B5 (1893-1918)

Index ... to the literature of American economic entomology, 1905-1959.
LOCATION: Museum Comp Zoology: E.D.-I38 (1917-1959)

Bibliography of the more important contributions to American economic entomology. 8 v. U.S. Bureau of Entomology, 1889-1905.
LOCATION: Cabot Science: QL462.5.U4 1890 (1,2,3, 7)
LOCATION: Countway Medicine: 10.Y.1889.1 Library has 2 v.
LOCATION: Museum Comp Zoology: E.D.-U58.2bi Pt. 1-3, 1890-8, 1905
LOCATION: Museum Comp Zoology: MCZ-Henshaw
LOCATION: Widener: S 7510.89 Library has: 8 v.

Key-word-index of wildlife research, 1974- .
LOCATION: Museum Comp Zoology: REF S962.A2 K49

Review of applied entomology. Series A: agricultural, 1913- .
LOCATION: Museum Comp Zoology: REV 6300 (1913-1988)

Review of applied entomology. Series B, Medical and veterinary, 1913-1989.
LOCATION: Countway Medicine: Serial (1913-1961, incomplete)
LOCATION: Museum Comp Zoology: REV 6300.1 ((1913-1989)

Wildlife review, 1935-1995
Indexed by: Wildlife abstracts.
LOCATION: Museum Comp Zoology: Ref (1935-95)

Wildlife abstracts: a bibliography and index of the abstracts and citations in Wildlife review, 1935- .
LOCATION: Museum Comp Zoology: REF S962.W5 (1935/1951-1976/1980)

Zoologischer Jahresbericht, 1879-1913) lists titles for each subject/taxon, followed by summaries/discussions. Author index in each vol. Cumulative author indexes: 1886-1890, 1890-1900, 1900-1910.
LOCATION: Museum Comp Zoology: Ref QL1.Z6

Zoologisches Centralblatt (1894-1918) lists titles for each subject/taxon, followed by summaries/discussions. Author index in each issue or for whole volume. Title varies.
LOCATION: Countway Medicine: Serial: (1894-1918) (1894-1911 at Harvard Depository)
LOCATION: Museum Comp Zoology: Ref QL1.Z87 (1894-1912)
LOCATION: Museum Comp Zoology: Ref QL1. Z88 (1912-18)

Zoology: Primary Sources - Collections

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Pre-1900 references on taxidermy and scientific preparation, and on the history of scientific collecting and taxidermy.

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Includes catalog of materials used in mammal preparation and a bibliography.