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Secondary Sources, Context, and Background

Secondary Sources

Higby, G. J. and E. C. Stroud. 1995. The history of pharmacy: a selected annotated bibliography. NY: Garland Pub., 1995, 321 p.
Location : Widener WID-LC RS61.Z99 H53 1995x
Online version

Pharmaziehistorische Bibliographie, 1952- . Founded 1952 as Pharmaziegeschichtliche Rundschau. Coverage extends back to the 1920s. Print version not at Harvard.

Biographical Sources

Hein, W. -H. & H. -D. Schwarz. 1975-78, 1986, 1997. Deutsche Apotheker-Biographie. 2 v. + Erganzungsband. (Veroffentlichungen der Internationalen Gesellschaft fur Geschichte der Pharmazie n. F., Bd. 43, 46, 55, 60) Stuttgart: Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft.

Primary Sources

Periodical Indexes

Drug literature index, 1969 -1979.
LOCATION: Countway Medicine: Abst. & Indexes ZQV 55 D794 (1969-1971)

Excerpta medica. Section 2C. Pharmacology and toxicology, experimental and clinical, 1954- 1968
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Excerpta medica. Section 2. Physiology, biochemistry and pharmacology, 1948-1964.
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International Bibliographic Information on Dietary Supplements (IBIDS) Database, 1986- .

International pharmaceutical abstracts, 1964-
LOCATION: Countway Medicine: Abst & Ind ZQV 704 I55 (1964-87)

Museum Collections

Mohr, D. 1992. Alte Apotheken und pharmaziehistorische Sammlungen. München: Callwey, 112 p.
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Widener: Harvard Depository
--Collections in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.