Secondary Sources, Context, and Background

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Human Sciences: Chronologies, Dictionaries, Directories, Encyclopedias, Handbooks


Sills, D. L., ed. 1968, 1979, 1991. International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. 19 v. NY: Macmillan and Free Press.

  • Vol. 17: Index (1968)
  • Vol. 18
  • (1979): Biographical Supplement. Includes social scientists becoming prominent after the publication of the first 17 vols.
  • Vol. 19 (1991): Social Science Quotations. Ed by D. L. Sills and R. K. Merton.

Seligman, E R. and A. Johnson, eds. 1930-35. Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences. 15 v. NY: Macmillan.

Sills, D. L. and R. K. Merton, eds. 2000. Social science Quotations: Who Said What, When, and Where. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers, 437 pp.


Spencer, F., ed. 1997. History of Physical Anthropology: An Encyclopedia. 2 v. NY: Garland Publishing.

Food and Nutrition

Kiple, K. F. and K. C. Ornelas, eds. 2000. The Cambridge World History of Food. 2 v. Cambridge; NY: Cambridge University Press.

Gender Studies, Sexuality

Baer, J. A., ed. 2002. Historical and Multicultural Encyclopedia of Female Reproductive Rights in the United States. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.

Bullough, V. L. et al. eds. 2001. Encyclopedia of Birth Control. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 349 pp.

Georges Duby, G. and M. Perrot, eds. 1992-1994. A History of Women in the West. 5 v. Cambridge, MA: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press.

  • v. 1. From Ancient Goddesses to Christian Saints
  • v. 2. Silences of the Middle Ages
  • v. 3. Renaissance and Enlightenment Paradoxes
  • v. 4. Emerging Feminism from Revolution to World War
  • v. 5. Toward a Cultural Identity in the Twentieth Century

Rengel, M. 2000. Encyclopedia of Birth Control. Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press, 285 pp.

Rosario, V. A. 2002. Homosexuality and science: a guide to the debates. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 323 pp.


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Roeckelein, J. E. 1998. Dictionary of Theories, Laws, and Concepts in Psychology. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 548 pp.

Gives historical background and bibliography.

Shorter, E. 2005. A historical dictionary of psychiatry. NY: Oxford University Press, 338 pp.
--Many biographical articles.

Street, W. R. 1994. A Chronology of Noteworthy Events in American Psychology. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association, 425 pp.


Timeline of Sociology (1600-1995; with links to related sites).
--Links to biographical sites.


Servier, J., ed. 1998. Dictionnaire critique de l'ésotérisme. Paris: Presses universitaires de France, 1449 pp.

Articles contain detailed citations to primary literature and have bibliographies of secondary sourcves. List of articles under major topics, and indexes of names, of gods, heros, and "abstractions divinisees", and of subjects.

Human Sciences: Biography

Anthropology: Biography

Anthropology Plus includes obituaries for, especially, Western Hemisphere anthropologists.

Duroux, P. E. 1975. Dictionnaire des anthropologistes. Paris : Editions universitaires, 339 pp.

Gacs, U. et al., eds. 1988. Women Anthropologists: A Biographical Dictionary. NY: Greenwood Press, 428 pp.

Gaillard, G. 1997. Dictionnaire des ethnologues et des anthropologues. Paris: A. Colin, 286 pp.

Gaillard, G. 2003. The Routledge dictionary of Anthropologists. London; NY: Routledge, 394 p.

Harrison, I. E. and F. V. Harrison, eds. 1999. African-American Pioneers in Anthropology. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 296 pp.
--13 anthropologists who started their careers 1920-1955.

Kenna M. E. and J. C. Kenna. 1973, 1975. Published portraits of anthropologists and workers in allied fields. Current Anthropology, v. 14 no. 1-2, pp. 83-100; v. 16, no. 2, pp. 271-281.

Mann, T. L. et al., eds. 1988. Biographical Directory of Anthropologists born before 1920. NY: Garland Pub., 245 pp

Ray, S. K. 1974. Bibliographies of Eminent Indian Anthropologists, with Life-Sketches. Calcutta: Anthropological Survey of India, Govt. of India, 184 pp.

Winters, C. et al., eds. 1991. International Dictionary of Anthropologists. Compiled by Library-Anthropology Resource Group (LARG). NY: Garland Pub., 823 pp.


Biographical Archive of Psychiatry

Cooter, R. 1984. Public lecturers on phrenology in Britain to circa 1860. Pp. 272- 300 (Appendix) in: The Cultural Meaning of Popular Science: Phrenology and the Organization of Consent in Nineteenth-century Britain. Cambridge; NY: Cambridge University Press, 418 pp.
--Biographical information on 233 lecturers.

Kimble, G. A., Wertheimer, M., and C. White, eds. 1991-2006. Portraits of pioneers in psychology. 6 v. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association; Hillsdale, NJ: L. Erlbaum Associates.

Murchison, C. et al., eds. 1929- . The Psychological Register. Worcester, MA: Clark University Press; London: H. Milford, Oxford University Press.
--v. 2, 1929, v. 3, 1932, vol. 1 not published. Brief biographical data and bibliographies of living psychologists.

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  • Bd. 1. Beiträge über bis Ende 1969 verstorbene Soziologen
  • Bd. 2. Beiträge über lebende oder nach 1969 verstorbene Soziologen.

Ritzer, G., ed. 2000. Blackwell Companion to Major Social Theorists. Malden, MA: Blackwell, 800 pp.
--Includes bibliographies.

Scott, J. ed. 2007. Fifty key sociologists: the formative theorists. London; NY: Routledge, 218 p.

Scott, J. ed. 2007. Fifty key sociologists: the contemporary theorists. London; NY: Routledge, 228 p.

Stewart, W. 2008. Biographical dictionary of sociologists. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co., 193 p.

Primary Sources

Periodical Indexes


Anthropology Plus provides simultaneous searching of the following two indexes, both also separately available in Harvard Libraries. Note that Anthropological Literature and Anthropological Index are produced by different organizations and have different subject heading (descriptor) systems). Be sure you have both the Anthropological Literature and Anthropological Index subject terms for your topic and redo your search using these terms, if different from your initial search.

Anthropological index (1957- ) indexes about 650 periodicals, with a regional, classified arrangement. Annual author indexes.
LOCATION: Countway Medicine: Abst & Ind Z 5111 R7i 1968-1987

Anthropological literature (19th century- ) covers articles (over 2 pages in length) in English and the Germanic, Romance, and Slavic languages in over 1000 publications. Indexes periodical articles and edited works. The online version omits the book reviews; see the print version for these.

Print version: Anthropological literature, 1979- .
LOCATION: Harvard Archives: HUF 678.804.5
LOCATION: Tozzer: REF GN 1.Z99 A5
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC GN1.Z99 A6533x

Electronic version includes:
Author and subject catalogues of the Tozzer Library [microform] 2nd enl. ed. 1122 fiche in 8 binders v. 1-4. Author/title -- v. 5-8. Subject.
LOCATION: Tozzer: REF Z 881.C3 T6 1988

Abstracts in anthropology (Feb. 1970- ) abstracts books, periodical articles, from about 300 periodicals, and conference papers. Annual indexes of authors and subjects.
LOCATION: Tozzer: REF GN 1.A15 Consult periodical rack.

Abstracts in German anthropology (1980- ) offers English-language abstracts of German-language publications (and of non-German language publications by Germans).
LOCATION: Tozzer: REF GN 1.A2 (1980-1997)

AnthroSource (Late 19th century – ) offers searchable full-text of 28 journals and newsletters published by the American Anthropological Association. Some text drawn from JSTOR. Included journals are also indexed in Anthropology Plus, but Anthrosource allows full text searching. Newsletters in Anthrosource are generally not indexed in Anthropology Plus.

Archaologische Bibliographie, 1932-1993.

Previously titled: Bibliographie zum Jahrbuch des Deutschen Archaologischen Instituts, 1913-1931.

Classified list of books, book reviews, and periodical articles published worldwide. Material for 1956 to date (excluding early Christian and ancient Near Eastern archaeology).

Bericht über die Fortschritte der Anatomie und Physiologie, 1856-1871. Leipzig.
LOCATION: Countway Medicine: Harvard Depository Serial (1856-1871)
LOCATION: Museum Comp Zoology: S-J25.2 (1856-1871)
LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository Sci 3285.9 (1861-71)

Continued by:
Jahresbericht über die Fortschritte der Anatomie und Physiologie (1872-1891) which includes for each subject a list of publications followed by a summary/discussion of the year's work. Author index. Cumulative author index for v. 1-10 (1872-81). Includes physical anthropology. 1856-1868 published as special section of Zeitschrift für rationelle Medicin.
LOCATION: Countway Medicine: Harvard Depository Serial: v.13-20 (1884-1891)
LOCATION: Museum Comp Zoology: S-J25.2 (1872-1891)
LOCATION: Widener: Sci 3285.10.5 = index
LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository Sci 3285.10 (1872/73-1891/92)

Continued by:
Jahresberichte über die Fortschritte der Anatomie und Entwicklungsgeschichte (1892-1914) includes citations (no summaries) arranged by subject with author index. Cumulative author index for v. 1-7 (1892-1901). Includes physical anthropology.
LOCATION: Countway Medicine: Serial (1892-1914)
LOCATION: Museum Comp Zoology: S-J25.6 (1892-1912)

Bibliography of Native North Americans (16th century- ) includes monographs, essays, periodical articles, US/Canadian government documents, etc.

Includes and updates:
Ethnographic bibliography of North America. 4th ed. 5 v. 1975.
LOCATION: Tozzer: REF E77.Z99 M87 1975
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC E77.Z99 M87x 1975

v. 1. General North America.
v. 2. Arctic and subarctic.
v. 3. Far West and Pacific coast.
v. 4. Eastern United States.
v. 5. Plains and Southwest.

Ethnographic bibliography of North America: 4th ed. 1990. supplement 1973-1987. 3 v.
LOCATION: Tozzer: REF E77.Z99 M87 1975, Suppl.

British & Irish archaeological bibliography (1695- ) includes literature from several previous print bibliographies.

EHRAF: World Cultures (Human Relations Area Files) includes full text of books, periodical articles, manuscripts, and dissertations/theses on selected cultures of the world.

EHRAF: Archaeology (Human Relations Area Files) includes full text of books, periodical articles, manuscripts, and dissertations/theses on selected archaeological traditions.

Index to literature on the American Indian (1970-73) lists books and indexes about 300 largely North American popular and scholarly periodicals.
LOCATION: Gutman Education: Ref. Index Z1209.I53
LOCATION: Law School: Harvard Depository US 029.64 IND
LOCATION: Tozzer: REF E 75.Z99 I5
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC E58.Z99 I52x Library has: 4 v. in 3

International bibliography of social and cultural anthropology (1955- ) is an international index of books, periodical articles, and other publications. Titles are translated unless in English or French. Included in International Bibliography of the Social Sciences
LOCATION: Andover-Harv. Theol: Ref. Z7161.I593 1957-
LOCATION: Countway Medicine: Z 7164 IN82 1956-71
LOCATION: Gutman Education: Z7164.A6 I58 1957-59
LOCATION: Social Rel-Sociol: SERIAL 1957-59
LOCATION: Tozzer: REF GN 301.Z99 I5 See descriptors list on AHS2770.
LOCATION: Widener: RR 4772.1 Latest 5 yrs. WID-LC GN315.Z99I57x Earlier 1960-

JSTOR allows simultaneous or individual searching, full-text searching optional, of many anthropological and archaeological journals from their inceptions to about 5 years ago. List of included journals available in Advanced Search.

Mura - the AIATSIS Catalogue (1996- ) includes books, articles in books and periodicals, conference papers, manuscripts and theses.

AIATSIS (Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies) formerly published:
Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies. Annual bibliography. 1975-1995. [Title varies]
LOCATION: Tozzer: REF DU 125.Z99 A5
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC GN665.Z99 A56x 1980-95

Gender Studies

African Women's literature (African Women's Database) (1986 - )includes books and government documents, articles appearing in edited books and conference papers, periodical articles, theses/dissertations, and videocassettes. Continues Davis Bullwinkle's 001637813 African women, a general bibliography, 1976-1985, 001778239 Women of eastern and southern Africa: a bibliography, 1976 -1985, and 001778894 Women of northern, western, and central Africa: a bibliography, 1976-1985. Also includes: Women Travelers, Explorers and Missionaries to Africa: 1763-1999: A Comprehensive English Language Bibliography.

Database KvinnSam (1970- ) is interdisciplinary database with citations from the Göteborg University Library collections, mainly in the humanities and social sciences. Books, journal articles, book chapters, pamphlets, research reports etc. are included.

Diotima: Women and Gender in the Ancient World includes an online bibliography.

Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index, 1994- .
--Not all articles from the years covered have as yet been included. Journals in women's studies, art history, literature, and other subjects are indexed, as well as those in medieval studies. Formerly called Medieval Feminist Index.

A Gay news chronology, January 1969-May 1975: index and abstracts of articles from the New York times.
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC HQ76.G33

An index to The Advocate, the national gay newsmagazine, 1967-1982.
LOCATION: Microforms (Lamont): INDEX Film S 3175

The lesbian periodicals index. 1986.
LOCATION: Schlesinger: Ref. 016.3067663 P86l
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC HQ 75.6.U5 P68 1986

New literature on women: a bibliography (1980- ) is an annotated list of worldwide literature. Arranged under broad subjects with subject and author indexes. 1958-1979 literature is being added to online source. Continues: Kvinnohistoriskt Arkiv: Forteckning over Nyutkommen Litteratur, 1971-1979
LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository Soc 4815.20


Bibliographie der deutschsprachigen psychologischen Literatur, 1971- .
LOCATION: Widener: Phil 5203.23 (1971-1980 at Harvard Depository).

Chicago psychoanalytic literature index, 1975-1989.
LOCATION: Widener | WID-LC | RC504.Z99 C484x

Child development abstracts and bibliography, 1927-
LOCATION: Countway Medicine: ZWS 105 C45
LOCATION: Gutman Education: Ref Abstracts HQ750.A1 C45
LOCATION: Psychology Research: Serial (1928- )
LOCATION: Social Rel-Sociol: Serial
LOCATION: Tozzer: Harvard Depository L.SOC.
LOCATION: Widener: Med 5160.44 (1927)

Dix années de psychologie française (1947-1956): recueil des articles de psychologie parus dans les revues françaises, by D. Voutsinas. 6 v.
LOCATION: Psychology Research: BF2.Z99 V68 x, 1957 Library has: v. 1-3.
LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository Phil 5231.5 Library has: pt. 1-6 in 5 (under title: Documentation sur la psychologie française

Listed by author under general subjects with author index.

History of American psychology in notes and news, 1883-1945
LOCATION: Psychology Research: BF108.U5 Z994 1989
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC BF108.U5 Z994 1989x

Index to journal sources indexes short items in the "Notes and News" sections of the following journals:
  • Science (1883-1945);
  • American journal of psychology (1887-1945);
  • Psychological review (1894-1903); Psychological bulletin (1904-1945);
  • Journal of philosophy, psychology, and scientific method (1904-45),
  • Journal of applied psychology (1917-45)

Index psychoanalyticus 1893-1926 : ein Register der Autoren und deren Werke ber die Psychoanalyse; being an author's index of papers on psycho-analysis ; un catalogue des auteurs sur la psychoanalyse, by John Rickman. London : L. & V. Woolf at the Hogarth Press : Institute of Psycho-analysis, 1928. 276 p. (The international psycho-analytical library; no. 14 )
LOCATION: Widener | Phil 6327.11

PEP Psychoanalytic Literature Search (American Psychoanalytic Association) (1920-2003) offers almost 30,000 citations, with full text, of periodical articles, books, and book reviews.

PILOTS Databaseof the National Center for PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) indexes worldwide PTSD literature.

Psychoanalytic abstracts (1986- ) offers abstracts of journal articles, books, and book chapters, arranged under broad topics with subject index. Titled PsycSCAN. Psychoanalysis (1986-92).
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC BF173.A2 P79x

Psychologischer Index (1981-1997) includes German abstracts.
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC BF3.P795x

Register der deutschsprachigen individualpsychologischen Periodika, 1914-1992.
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC BF3.L44 1994x

Covers: Zeitschrift fur Individualpsychologie, Bd. 1 (1914-1916), Internationale Zeitschrift fur Individualpsychologie, Bd. 2-20 (1923-1951), Zeitschrift fur Individualpsychologie, Jahrgang 1-16 (1976-1991),
Beitrage zur Individualpsychologie, Bande 1-15 (1978-1992).

Book Reviews

Mental health book review index, 1956-1972.
LOCATION: Countway Medicine: Abst. & Indexes ZWM 100 M45
LOCATION: Gutman Education: Z6664.N5 M49 (1971-1972)

Continued by:
Chicorel index to mental health book reviews, 1974-1980/84.
LOCATION: Gutman Education: Z6664.N5 C487 (1980-84)
LOCATION: Widener: Lit 305.65 (1978)

PsycCRITIQUES (1995- ) provides full-text book, video and film reviews. Continues the print Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books (1956-2004):
LOCATION: Countway Medicine | Serial (v.1 (1956)-v.32 (1987))
LOCATION: Baker Business | Stacks -- Serials | 2489650 (v.36 (1991)-v.47 (2002))
LOCATION: Gutman Education | Per. | BF1 .C53 (v.1-49 (1956-2004))
LOCATION: Social Rel-Sociol (v.1-25 (1956-1980))
LOCATION: Widener | Phil 12.7 (v.1-49 (1956-2004))


C.R.I.S.: the combined retrospective index set to journals in sociology, 1895-1974.
Location : Widener RR4702.12

Approximately 85,000 articles from 118 English-language sociology journals, arranged by subject. Journal codes are explained on the endpapers.

POPLINE (largely 1970- , some earlier) indexes the literature of population, family planning and related reproductive health.

Population index, 1937-2000 .
Countway Medicine | Serial
Documents (Lamont) | Ref | HB871.Z99 P662x
Widener | Econ 2400.902
Available in JSTOR (1937-1999)
Online Version (1986-2000)

Continues: Population literature, 1935-36.
Available in JSTOR (1937-1999)
Widener | Harvard Depository | Econ 2400.902.5

Annotated bibliography of books and articles on all aspects of human population studies. Arranged by subject; indexed by author and country.

Cumulative indexes:

  • Population index bibliography, cumulated 1969-1981 by authors and geographical areas. HOLLIS Record
  • Population index bibliography, cumulated 1935-1968 by authors and geographical areas; author index. HOLLIS Record
  • Population index bibliography, cumulated 1935-1968 by authors and geographical areas; geographical index.  HOLLIS Record
    • Population index bibliography includes the bibliographic citations but not the annotations from Population index.