Secondary Sources, Context, and Background

Chronologies, Dictionaries, Directories, Encyclopedias, Handbooks

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Biographical Sources

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Each article has bibliographies of major books by and of books ad articles about each subject. Many articles portraits. A chronology, Milestones in the History of mathematics, pp. 529-564; Selected Mathematics Awards and Prizes [lists of recipients], pp. 565-577, Bibliography of books, newsletters anmd periodicals, and Internet sites, pp. 579-583.

Primary Sources

Periodical Indexes

Bibliografia matematica italiana, 1950-1972.
LOCATION: Cabot Science: PER 2324

Current Index to Statistics (1974-)

International Catalogue of Scientific Literature A. Mathematics (1901-14). 14 v.

Mathematical book review index, 1800-1940, by L. S. Grinstein.
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC QA36.Z99 G75 1992x

Répertoire Bibliographique des Sciences Mathématiques (1894-1912) (Gallica-Math)

Revue semestrielle des publications mathematiques (1893-1934; Societe Mathematique d'Amsterdam) was absorbed by Jahrbuch über die Fortschritte der Mathematik. Article summaries in English, French, or German, arranged by journal, with author and subject indexes, and lists of journals by country. For 1932-34 there are no abstracts, no author index, and an exiguous subject index. 5-year cumulated indexes of authors, subjects, and journals.
LOCATION: Cabot Science: Sci 900.50

Statistical theory and method abstracts, 1964-
LOCATION: Countway Medicine: Abst & Ind Z 7551 I5 (1964-1973)
LOCATION: Littauer: Serials (1964-1976)
LOCATION: Statistics: PERIODICAL (1975- )
LOCATION: Widener: Econ 7901.14. v.5-30 (1964-89) at Harvard Depository. Unbound issues: Periodical Room - Upper Level

International journal of abstracts on statistical methods in industry, 1954-1963.
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International journal of abstracts: statistical theory and method, 1959-1963.
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LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository Econ 7901.14 (1959/1960-1963)